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$270 Emachine Desktop PC - Win7

Postman Delivers
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      11-04-2009, 02:56 PM
Today my local computer shop has a Computer with Win7 for $270... And
Linux is free to download...

Yes it has a lightweight single core CPU, running 3GB of memory with a
DVD burner and a 320GB hard drive...

Not the greatest specifications for a computer, but one we would have
loved 5 years ago... If this system lasts 12 months it cost you $22.50 a
month... 2 years and it cost you $11.25 a month to let your mother check
e-mail and see the photos of her grand children while your she tries to
decide on her groceries for the next few days...

Maybe these two silver surfer stories will make you smile...

Tis an interesting read about a silver surfer...

Desktop Adapted for Dad... is a three part posting

JR the postman
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