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4GB for "Sebring API" in a Thinkpad T42p???

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      03-29-2005, 01:45 PM
While doing something else in "Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs", I
noticed a listing under "Currently Installed Programs" something called
"Intel(R) Sebring API" using 4,095MB! That's no typo! This seems like
alot, and, though the machine works fine, I can't help wondering if
something's amiss. Searching for files/programs yields nothing much; same
with Internet search. Anyone know what's going on? - - - Rich M.

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      03-29-2005, 03:36 PM
Stumbled upon your post while searching for what it is actually.
I had problems connecting to wireless at my college.
I uninstalled it and everything works fine.
I also uninstalled:
Intel Pro Set
Two intel drivers that deal with networking and wireless. Now
everything works fine.
Ofcourse all of those were installed with Thinkpad Software Installer.
Why? Its beyond me. Sebring API? What the __ is it? Google's only
meaningfull hits are on IBM site in the following context.

Version - 1RWC25WW

* (Fix) Error when uninstalling Intel Sebring API in preload.
* (Fix) R40 restarts intermittently by repeating Suspend/Resume.

IBM installs (and develops) so much junk software. I wish they did not
invest in Java so heavily. IBM software is the biggest POS I've seen on
any laptop. Everything barely works. And if it does it is INCREDIBLY
slow, as is java. I wish they moved on to something else. The .NET
framework or open source if they wish, but stop wasting money on Java
technology. Such great hardware with such poorly executed software. Its
a shame...

Anyone actually know what the hell this Sebring API is?

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