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510 XL Shuts itself off

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      03-09-2007, 04:21 PM
Hi all

My computer has started to shut itself off. It seems to do it mostly
when cold. All I know, when it does, I have to physically unplug the
120V to get it back on. The power switch does not work till after I
unplug it for for a few seconds. I do have a hard time believing it
is the power switch on this issue since you have to remove the 120v to
make it start again.

It can not be a operating system issue since I have it stopped at the
BIOS password screen, and it still shut it self off. I have tried
reseating the memory, processor and cards as well as the power supply
connectors. All the fans seem to be running too.

Anyway what is your best guess, motherboard or power supply??

I think this is the link to the power supply.
and the motherboard is

Will a off the shelf power supply work in these Gateways? I never had
a PS issue before, but I know back many years ago, they were
propritary to the manufacturers.



You know what to do: shdb at slip dot net
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