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7NJL1 northbridge fan noise

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      07-26-2003, 02:41 PM
The fan on the Northbridge has recently started making a vibrating rattle.
(As an aside I first thought it was the cpu fan so I replaced that and have
now reduced the temp by 12 deg C - but the noise continued...)
I have tried moving it about for a better fit, swapping the screws around,
tightening and then loosening the screws in differing order and so on
without much noticeable effect...except when I removed the golden cover. Now
it just makes a noise at the start up and then reduces to a still audible
and annoying hum...
Do these fans go faulty in this way? Is it likely to be the fan?
I have noticed that the actual heatsink the fan sits on top of appears to be
a very loose fit but I cannot figure out how to tighten it...the two
fasteners seem to have springs wrapped around them and any amount of turning
and/or pushing does not have any effect. It could be that it's the heatsink
that's vibrating against either the board or the fan.
Any ideas or help please anyone?

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