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8KRAI CPU temperature display problem after suspend

Roy Zimmerman
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      01-05-2006, 04:30 AM
I have a shiny new Epox 8KRAI PRO motherboard that runs great. I do have
one problem, however, with CPU temperature monitoring after the system
comes out of S3 suspend.

The temperature normally runs around 45 degrees (as measured by the PC
Health Status, USDM and Motherboard Monitor). After coming out of S3 (or
S1/S3) suspend state, the temp display jumps to 74 degrees and stays
there -- doesn't budge (both USDM and MM). I don't think that's the
actual temp of the CPU -- I can do an immediate reboot and check the
temp (in the BIOS setup) and it's back to 45 degrees.

Only the CPU temp display is affected. Voltages, fan rpms are fine.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any fixes you know of? I'm reluctant
to upgrade my bios since this problem is not listed as a fix on either
of the two upgrades I've seen.

Any help/suggestions is appreciated.
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      04-11-2006, 02:32 AM
hey sorry i don't have the answer to your question but i have the sam
motherboard as you and i was wondering what your setup was for u
cables such as the pwr sw, hdd led, reset sw, etc. My other post ha
more details about my problem but right now i just can't get m
computer to start and i believe it has something to do with thes
cables. Sorry again i can't help you out. Any details about you
cable setup on your motherboard would be appreciate

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