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9CJS slower than expected - via IDE ?

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      11-19-2009, 07:17 AM

I've been given an old PC, built around a 9CJS motherboard with a 2.6 Ghz processor.

I'm rebuilding the PC to give to a local club.

Originally it had a couple of 120Gb configured via SATA as RAID 0, but I had trouble finding drivers for this (none on the chaintech web site) so in the end I disabled SATA and installed an old, but working IDE drive. Installed XP SP3 + all patches, installed the drivers for the extra network card and sound etc. basically it's working fine. It has a nVidia 5700 AGP card in it. It all works, no errors in the system logs

My main problem is that it's feels just rather slow. I have another PC which is a non HT 2.6 Ghz dell dimension with a PCI card and it appears much faster.

The IDE drive is running in Ultra 5 mode. The background processes are around 32, I installed AVG for anti virus, but the other PC has the same. In the end I ran 3dmark03 and the Chaintech scored 2997. My PCI machine regularly scores 5000 plus. Now the PCI card is an 8500, but I assumed that the AGP, while old, would still show the newer PCI card a clean pair of heels ? 3d graphics asside I cannot account for why the chaintech, which on paper seems the faster machine ( hyper Threaded CPU - dual channel memory) seems to be slower ?
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