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A8N SLI Premium eating CDROM drives

Bill Stock
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      03-31-2008, 12:15 AM
I've had this board for a year or so and it has been OK. It was running with
4 Sata drives, two singles and a RAID 0 pair and two IDE CD-Roms. Then I
built a new system and moved this board to another case. All was well, with
one IDE HD and one IDE CD-Rom. Then I upgraded the BIOS (1302) and the
system stopped seeing the CD-Rom in Windows or Boot mode. I went back to
1009, but the system still would not see this drive. So I switched to the
other IDE CD drive I had in the old system and life was good again. Until
today that is, now it can't see that drive either. Nothing has changed
(Drive still visible in BIOS) , in fact the system has been off for a week
or so. Could it be the battery or some other weirdness? I've read about the
odd IDE problem with this board, but no pattern seemed obvious. Drives are
stardard LG multis.


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