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Abit AV8 stops working after latest MS security update

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      01-16-2012, 02:37 AM
I have an Abit AV8 motherboard which has Trend Micro virus checking
incorporated in the BIOS.

The other day I downloaded and installed the latest MS security
updates for Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit N edition.

During the required reboot, the computer failed to start.

I checked the POST codes on the built-in LED display as it went
through its paces - the process stopped on "83", which seems to be the
code for boot sector virus checking.

It then went to an orderly system shutdown and powered off. At no
point did the boot process proceed to actually attempting to load the
HD O/S image, i.e. ntldr...

There was no video or other feedback, except for a beep code of 1
long, 1 short, which I gather is used to denote a RAM error. However,
I moved and reseated the DDR1 modules on the board, without achange. I
still suspect the boot virus checking portion of the BIOS code was
thrown by something in the latest MS updates.

Is it worth buying obsolete DDR1 RAM to check out the beep error

Or does anyone have another suggestion?


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