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Abit BX133 with two processors

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      02-22-2008, 10:28 AM

I have this motherboard which apparently is an Abit. It has one Pentium II in a slot and also a vacant PGA370 socket which i'd consider using. Here it is:

It has "BX133 REV 1.01" on it as well as this on the back sticker:
INV.990930R - FR212B

The only BX133 i found in Abit's page is BX133-RAID (PGA370 only). Similar ones would be BP6 (dual PGA370) and BX6 (Slot 1), all viewable from here:

1) what particular motherboard is this?
2) given the position of the slot and socket, somehow i don't see another processor there 'cos of the cooler and all; is it feasable to use two?
3) if so, how can i know which revision is the 370 socket (there are 3 apparently, electrically incompatible)?

Any constructive feedback would be welcome.
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