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      07-12-2007, 08:01 AM
It's 0300 hrs and I'm sitting with my computer again. So I don't have a

I was thinking about adding another exhaust fan to my computer case. I have
(of course) the one in the pwr supply, and one case fan at the lower rear.
If I add another fan to the lower rear, could I set up a condition, in which
so much air is being drawn across the lower half of my case, thus creating a
negative air pressure in the upper half of the case(were the pwr-supply
lives), and since there is no air to drawn through the pwr-supply, and out
of the case. Will this cause my pwr-supply to over heat, and fail

This is kind of long winded yes, but I didn't want to design in a possible

The more I thought about the more it bugged me...
R. Brooks ASEET A+ MCP 136/140 BSCS

R. Brooks ASEET A+ MCP 136/140 BSCS

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