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???? AM I A CROOK ????
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      05-22-2005, 01:41 AM

Collins & Aikman Products Corp.

Former CEO of the company David A. Stockman has quit his postion and given a tidy 20 Million Dollar going away present for his gallant efforts to ruin the company.
Shortly after his "retirement" the company is forced to file bankruptcy and now is on the verge of bringing the automotive industry to a grinding halt !!
Collins & Aikman owes millions of Dollars to small suppliers who can scarcely operate in this political environment and now the automotive supplier giant is taking them to the cleaners in bankruptcy !!
Previous CEO Jerry Mosingo was similarly retired several years ago and was promised payments on his retirement...... when these NEVER came he also filed suit against the corporate giant.

We here in the UAW would like to ask our fellow workers to petition their congressman for an investigation into Stockmans Financial affairs and those of His wife Jennifer, who is the Nation Co-Chairman for the republican Majority for Choice. and also a BlackStone Partner, former owners of Collins & Aikman !!
Stockman lives on an 11 Million Dollar estate on Conyers Farm Road in Greenwich Connecticut.
We in the UAW believe that Stockman has falsely represented his company and has dishonored his alliance with the UAW and should be made to forfit any bonus earnings while CEO.

Remember ..... the JOB you save could be your OWN !!!

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