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AMD/Intel Price cuts on the MidRange CPUs - DRM tech

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      10-02-2007, 06:25 PM
Here is a question that I am wondering about.. I guess I should do some
in depth searchings into AMD and Intels websites to discover about DRM
tech into the current crop of Mid Range CPUs going on sale now.

[My question is simple though. As far as Intel, I know they have DRM
tech built in. But what about the AMD X2's now going on price cut,
which CPUs start with the technology incorporating the dreaded DRM

[My second question is about the Intel performance enhancements in their
CPUs. I have noticed in the Anandtech reviews of performance between
AMD and Intel that AMD still corners the market for a gamers PC, as a
gamer I would prefer AMD over Intel with the Anandtech reviews. My
question is for the purposes of buying a future desktop gamers PC but I
don't like the DRM tech. However I am wondering about laptops too since
I am a musician and am thinking about getting a Apple/Mac and DRM tech
incorporated at the chip levels with the laptops. So which should I get
an older Winblows laptop that doesn't DRM or is there a Apple/Mac laptop

Long questions huh? hehe

I have 2 source website referrals, one from AMDZone and the 2nd from
Anandtech. In the 2nd website URL it has a AMD/Intel in depth price

1st AMDZone Oct. 1st 2007:

X2 5000+ Newegg current price $109.99
X2 5200+ Newegg current price $119.99
X2 5600+ Newegg current price $139.99
X2 6000+ Newegg current price $169.99
X2 6400+ Newegg current price $239

2nd Anandtech Sept. 28th 2007:

Nice review by the way from Anandtech!
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