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AN7 POST code 0A

Benjamin James VanderSluis
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      11-12-2004, 03:55 PM
My POST code display shows 0A all the time. It goes through the normal boot
sequence but after the machine has successfully booted it still shows 0A.

This does not seem normal to me. I would expect it to show FF as my last
motherboard did (an epox), as that is the final step in the boot sequence.

Since the computer boots fine and runs stable, I don't know how long this
has been the case. I just noticed after an as of yet unidentified alarm
woke me up this morning, prompting me to take the side of my case off.

The 0A is the first thing I noticed, but like I said the computer is working
fine so I thought to try and trace that alarm I'd start there.


Ben VanderSluis
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