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AN8 SLI gone buggy after 18 months

Rich Lanz
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      01-03-2007, 02:57 AM
My system worked perfectly for 18 months and has begun to go crazy.
Here are the symptoms:

1. restarts on its own upon shutdown , anywhere from 1 to 30 seconds later
(if I pull the power plug out while it is shut down it will not restart on
its own.)

2. hangs on boot up at code 90, no video. sometimes it hangs earlier in the
boot process.
(if I clear the CMOS and leave it unplugged for a few minutes, it will
fully reboot)

3. I was getting the " running in Fail Safe Mode" message, it stopped when I
cleared the CMOS.

4. My SATA drive have disappeared, which was a bummer since that was my
system drive, therefore it could not find the boot files. I had to install a
fresh OS on a Parallel drive.

The system worked perfect for 18 months!!!

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

System Config:
MB: Abit AN8 SLI v1.0, BIOS rev 20 (latest)
PSU: Antec NEO 0480 480 W , Full specs +5V (38A), +12V 1 (38A), +12V 2
(15A), +3.3V (30A), -12V (1.0A),
+5Vsb (2.0 A)
CPU: AMD 64X2 4800 , 939 pin
Graphics: (2) Nvidia 6800GT in SLI mode
RAM: 2 X 1 GB DDR (Kingston)
Case: Antec Performance 1


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