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[ANN] IJW Soft Announces Eureka! Personal Edition Version 1.1.2 Update
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      02-03-2007, 12:59 AM
IJW Soft introduces an update for the best program for personal file
management on any platform.

Eugene, OR.. – 2 February 2006 – IJW Soft (
announced today that they will be immediately releasing Version 1.1.2
of Eureka! Personal Edition. . Eureka! Personal Edition is the
premier file management and search utility for any platform, allowing
the user to manage their files efficiently and in a meaningful

Eureka! is a search utility which allows the user to easily add files
to categories and use the categories for a dynamic, powerful search.
The program also allows easy launching of files found in searches.
The program allows the database to be used both internally and
externally with other SQL based programs.

Items Updated In Version 1.1.2
• Integrated the help files into the program
• Fixed appearance of the program icons for Application and Dock
• Fixed Maximize and real time window stretching
• Fixed minor issues with the search function
• Other minor GUI related items changed

What is Eureka!?
Eureka! is the ultimate file classification utility, allowing you to
add any file that you create or put on your system to a metadata
search database. The database allows you to search for files based on
content of the file. With an 8tb capacity for your database of your
files, the average user will fill their HDD before they fill up the
database to capacity. The difference between this system and other
systems on the market is that the database is not encrypted thus
allowing you to search the database from outside the utility program.

Why Should I Use Eureka! Personal Edition
While there are many search engines out there for the desktop, there
are few that offer the security and the ease of use that Eureka!
Personal Edition offers. The portability that the program offers is
also a feature that will not be lost on those who want fast search on
whatever platform they are using. Users such as photographers,
writers, and graphic designers will find that they no longer need to
wade through tons of old files searching for a single file. Now they
can find the file they are looking for quickly and by the exact words
associated with the particular file.

Program Features
 User Definable Categories
 Easy to use, Single Window Interface
 Fast, Easy to read search results
 Double-Click to open files.
 Auto-addition option for files not found in the Database
 Open databases, allowing ease of data export to other programs
Eureka! Personal Edition version 1.1.2 for Mac OS X Intel and PPC,
Mac Classic, Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. Eureka! Professional
Edition to be available first quarter 2007.

Eureka! Personal Edition and Eureka! Professional Edition will always
be reasonably priced to meet every users demands for inexpensive
quality software.

Eureka! Personal Edition $24.95 (Demo version lasts 30 days)

More Information
For more information about Eureka! Personal Edition and Eureka!
Professional Edition, contact the IJW Soft media relations department
at: (E-Mail Removed) or at 1-425-329-3314

About IJW Soft
IJW Soft was established in 2004 with the purpose of creating and
distributing easy to use software applications for all platforms and
is a leader in producing software for data management projects. The
company is a registered Oregon General Partnership with developers
around the globe. IJW Soft can be reached at: (E-Mail Removed) or
at 1-425-329-3314 or at its web site at

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