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Anybody got this case part ?

Robert E. Watts
Posts: n/a
      04-20-2006, 10:34 PM
Hi Gang !

I just got another Packard Bell today, and it's missing the front case lower
trim piece. You can see it here:

Sorry about the size of the images, I just posted them real quick before
editing. But at least you will get a real good look. :-)

If anyone has a spare trim piece like this for sale, please contact me.


By the way, just like my last post about that other Packard Bell, ( which is
right beside the one missing the trim piece, you can see what I'm looking
for ) this is another L2 cacheless wonder. Running a Pentium 133MHz ( for
now), it's a little sluggish with Win98SE.

Thanks !

Whizzbang®© Computers
Watts Carburetion Service
EartH ®©

Always looking for old computer stuff:
Intel Pentium III CPU 1133/256/133/1.75 COPPERMINE not TUALATIN
^^^^^^^^^^ OFFERING A CASH REWARD !! ^^^^^^^^
Certain Socket 4 Pentium motherboards
Pentium Overdrive 120/133 Socket 4
Packard Bell Pentium 66MHz tower computer
486SX-16MHz CPU
486SX-20MHz CPU
Certain Socket 2,3, or 6 motherboards

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