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Anything to do with booting recycles ? ep35c-ds3r

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      06-03-2008, 02:06 PM
I have it with my ep-35c_ds3r when I have 4 ram sticks in. Not with 3
og 2 sticks.

Ram: 2 Gb mushkin pc6400 DDR2, 4 of these.
The phenomenon:

PSU: 510 watt Chill Innovation
CPU: E8400
Graphics: asus geforce 8600 gt with 512 Mb
Sata2 harddisk with 250 Gb
Bios: F2

I have tried to let it reboot several cycles, but it does not come
I have tried of bios settings:
-standard for ram instead of turbo
- +0.1 volt and +0.2 volt for ram
- +0.1 volt for fsb
- plus and minus 0.1 volt for the cpu
- disabling speed variation

It does not like mushkin ram, I suppose. It is cheaper for me to buy
another motherboard, than changing the ram brand.

I want 8 Gb ram, due to linux and virtualbox (with windows vista).

Any ideas ?

best regards

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      06-13-2008, 09:41 AM

I have now tried with a MSI P35-Neo2-FR. It has mushkin ram as
recommended ram. But it does the same ! booting recycle with 4 sticks.
It can boot with just 3x2Gb=6 Gb ram. But since it cannot either wake
from S3 with graphics, I do not like it.

Do you know any combination of a P35 chipset motherboard and 4 sticks
2 Gbyte ram DDR2 that can boot with four ??

best regards

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