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  1. Sata Drives not recognized
  2. IS7-G won't save bios
  3. N00b question
  4. Need to Squeeze a Little More Life Out of an Abit Fatal1ty AN9 32x With Chipset Fan Replacement
  5. Another NF7-S v2.0 troubleshooting thread
  6. Abit AV8 stops working after latest MS security update
  7. IS-7 mobo, repeating long beeps on startup
  8. http://LongPathTool.com - Fixer for "Cannot delete file" error
  9. NF7-S V2 Memory Upgrade Question
  10. Download registry cleaners
  11. issue with si3210
  12. Drivers for KT7A-Raid
  13. What about this group then; is it ...
  14. Showing wrong CPU Speed
  15. POST problems
  16. ABit HEX Error Codes
  17. install windows on abit vt7 sata add on
  18. One of the Dual Gigabit LAN port in IP35 Pro stoped working
  19. Hmonitor released
  20. Bios settings for Abit KT7A-Raid - can't boot into XP after Bios update
  21. Abit kv8-max3 sata help needed
  22. Abit ip35 Pro restarts automatically after shutdown
  23. IP35Pro and Windows 7
  24. friend needs help
  25. my ddr 400 mzh not all recognized
  26. VT7 and X-fi problems
  27. KT7A- Which drivers in what order when doing a WinXP clean install?
  28. VT7 Motherboard: adding SATA Drive
  29. Abit va10
  30. Re: Abit Driver Installation
  31. ABIT Fatal1ty AN9 32X AM2 small burn mark and 8.6 post code
  32. ABIT AV8 - no boot - please help!
  33. KG7-RAID 200Gb drive is 137Gb in Windows XP??
  34. IP35 Pro - Graphics card physical compatibility?
  35. AS8 freezes, reset button also freezes
  36. Largest Hard Drive for IC7-G Max II Advance?
  37. NF7S 2.0 rebuild
  38. ITB HD Not Recognized
  39. KT7A RAID
  40. Wont boot
  41. Re: IP43 support
  42. Re: IP43 support
  43. KV8-MAX3 7f hang?
  44. code 2A error during POST
  45. Memory question
  46. AN8-SLI Won't Start
  47. Genuine Motherboard scrap supplier
  48. Re: Help with motherboard choice?
  49. new marketable site
  50. KN8 vista drivers
  51. AN52 Killing video cards and hard drives?
  52. Re: KN8 Mobo manual.
  53. Catalyst settings not sticking?
  54. AB-AH6 manual or front panel connections
  55. Suggestions for replacing old motherboard?
  56. Re: BH6 and ISA scanner interface card SF-600CC
  57. POST error 7F
  58. SATA expansion cards?
  59. Motherboard Manufacturer Abit Dead (Sort-of)
  60. Re: KG7 Raid, 160GB HD
  61. PhoenixBios, D686 Bios issue please help
  62. abit IS7-E error
  63. USB fuse ?
  64. ABIT mobo - RAID crash
  65. abit kd7 raid
  66. Re: So Long Abit
  67. Dr PCs Overseas Repair Service
  68. abit an9 post error code
  69. Problem with NF8 Raid Setup
  70. Re: So Long Abit
  71. Re: So Long Abit
  73. Issue with SATA connectors on Abit I-N73HD
  74. IT7 Motherboard wanted
  75. AB9 Problems - PLEASE HELP!!!
  76. ABIT IP-35 BIOS ROM checksum error (and solution)
  77. hi to community
  78. Motherboard Abit IP35-E
  79. Is VIA Motherboards is better?
  80. Re: KX7-333 won't accept more than 512M
  81. Is the CORSAIR CMPSU-550VX 550W PSU compatible with the IP35 Pro?
  82. ABIT forums down again...
  83. Hmonitor released
  84. can't install Vista 32bit on KR7A-RAID..Help.
  85. Re: Alienware abit av8 939 Motherboard after upgrade to abit 28 BSODs
  86. FF Error
  87. Re: Suggestions for SATAII Hard drives
  88. ATTN: Richh, how is that AB9 QuadGT 45nm bios coming?
  89. Re: New video card
  90. Re: New video card
  91. IS7-G question on hard drive
  92. AV8 & Hard Disc Capacity
  93. Adding memory to NF7-S
  94. ABIT IC7-MAX3 Raid Issue
  95. ip35 pro cant get bios screen
  96. KT7 Raid historic board, problem occured
  97. 2cpu and 1 screen ??
  98. Quad Core CPU's on AW9D-MAX?
  99. previously, on MOBOS
  100. Ic7-G and ATX 2.2
  101. Low on power, IC7-G
  102. MB Recomendationsd
  103. IT7 RAID-1 losing mouse/KB during WinXP install
  104. Will Abit NF7 v2 support high density 1GB memory?
  105. Abit BX133 with two processors
  106. RAID Integrity Question
  107. Windows Kernel Utilization Using WMI or PerfomanceCounter Classes
  108. Speaker question
  109. NI-8 SLI lm-sensors
  110. NF7-M - DVD drive won't run using DMA?
  111. Motherboard dead? I need help!
  112. an7 and new video card problems
  113. Anyone experienced NF2 BIOS corruption?
  114. TH7-II RAID shutdown/standby problems?
  115. ABIT IP35 Pro, RAM
  116. Older Abit AI7 homebuilt acting oddly
  117. New Motherboard Question
  118. Cyber Crime Evolution
  119. Abit board for AMD Athlon X2 Dual core
  120. No DVD Support
  121. PC shuts down immediately after POST
  122. Pls suggest suitable server chipset
  123. Installing XP-M Athlon in KT7A
  124. IS7 problem
  125. Where is secondary Afterburner when we need him?
  126. Looking for Awdflash for files before aug 2001
  127. The current state of computer games development --- telling it like it really is.....
  128. Computer Security Information and What You Can Do To Keep Your SystemSafe!
  129. ABIT NF-7-S v2.0 motherboard for AMD socket A
  130. NF7-S v2.0+1.2
  131. Old Vaio and Mouse Problem
  132. Avoid AMD's Phenom ( or Barcelona ) for at least the next 3 months...
  133. Looking for Bios for BH6 rev 1.02
  134. Computer Security
  135. Abit AN8 AMD freezing
  136. <IS7> why is there a cable from AUXFAN1 to PSU?
  137. Celeron 1.1A@1466MHz on BF-6 not cutting it any more
  138. <IS7> installing case fans
  139. AN8 Ultra Power Supply
  140. KT7A Ver 1.0 and GeForce FX5500
  141. Hello, Good To Be Back!
  142. Because you want to save money and make it too!
  143. Onboard Audio ChipSet, Please Help?
  144. IP35 Pro experience here
  145. AN7 Mother Board Sounds
  146. OT: Ping Jef (1 "F")....Did the Fires Burn You Out ?
  147. OT: Bad Sectors on Drive
  148. cannot boot from SATA DVDROM
  149. Memory upgrade
  150. possible temp problems on my IS7
  151. Abit KV7-V odour
  152. Does AV8 support X2 Toledo 4400+?
  153. Abit VL6 socket 370 board
  154. Ethernet driver name NF7-2?
  155. GMCFESIL: (Guy Macon's Cure For Electronics Soaked In Liquids)
  156. BIOS FLASH Gone bad - IC7-G - New BIOS Chip
  157. AA8 duramax gives post 9.0 after BIOS upgrade
  158. Who has experience with the IP35 Pro?
  159. IP 35Pro - one or two LAN connectors
  160. BIOS Show Laptop's Model Part Number Wrongly
  161. IP35 Pro and MSI Video Card?
  162. Memory Requirements
  163. got "code 12" after installing creative sb X-Fi xtreme gamer
  164. Migrating Operating System from a PATA drive to a SATA drive.
  165. NF7-S troubleshooting (no beeps)
  166. My computer wont read my ram
  167. Boot from Sil-3112 controller when there's another
  168. VP-6 and Large Hard Disk
  169. KV8 Pro 3rd Eye stops at post code 52
  170. no detection of SATA HD
  171. Case fan control
  172. Continuous BIOS Beep on AV8 Socket 939
  173. Does anybody work at Abit anymore??
  174. VA-10 problem saving BIOS settings
  175. Abit AS8 won't boot
  176. AB9 Pro DDR2 Problems
  177. SATA won't boot in current computer.
  178. Onboard NIC Its Disapeared !!!
  179. Re: Still can't boot from old drive with new SATA drive installed.
  180. ABIT IP35 Pro - disc boot sector is to be modified - warning msg ?
  181. Need Suggestions !!!!
  183. ABIT IP35 PRO + heat & power
  184. 775 socket + AGP ??
  185. Upgrading 10yo old pc, possible??
  186. SATA on IS7-V2
  187. WD Raptor on NF7s 2.0?
  188. KV-80 two SATA drives
  189. ABit AB9 Mobo - Can I install XP Pro ? can i heck....
  190. NF7 keep giving ambulance sound
  192. IL-8 freezes when using USB flash card reader
  193. soundcard abit au10
  195. Speedfan, MBM on NF7-S2
  196. Socket A, anybody?
  197. Strange loss with transition to new OS using AW8-Max
  198. BIOS doesn't support CPU speed
  199. Does the NF7-S ver 2.0 support a bootable USB pen drive?
  200. KN8 Ultra not posting (or not letting on that it has posted)
  201. Any Abit Intel-775 with just IDE sockets ?
  202. Code 9F explained
  203. Checking continuity between hot and neutral checks fuse?
  204. Replacement for a TH7II Raid
  205. New RAM
  206. TH7 II Post code 00
  207. Find a New ABIT KD7A MB?
  208. PING Jef: Can I Combine 2 Drives in a RAID, and A 3rd Drive Stand-Alone(KT7-RAID) ??
  209. Lightning
  210. What kind of Northbridge fan should I get for an IC7 G mobo
  211. Alarm sounding when playing Diablo 2
  212. Abit AB9 QuadGT SATA optical with RAID?
  213. memory for IS7
  214. Help with Nf7-s v2
  215. IS7 and noise problem
  216. NF7-s 2.0 not showing 500 gig drive in XP.
  217. More info for post
  218. Additional for "Computer has stopped and I need some advice on fixing it"
  219. Computer has stopped and I need some advice on fixing it.
  220. Abit AN52 any good?
  221. Is this correct driver for IS7 ??
  222. KV8 Pro - Wont boot after holiday :-(
  223. resource conflict
  224. Question about upgrading bios on IS7
  225. problem installing HD on IS7
  226. Problems with four 1G sticks in AW9D Max
  227. HELP. Dead in the water.
  228. Looking for proper Abit ic7g motherboard raid driver
  229. Abit IC7-G Overheating - Chipset Fan?
  230. Trouble with low voltage limits
  231. FP-IN9 - overclocking advice?
  232. ABIT USB 2.0 Driver
  233. memory on M2N E-SLi
  234. CPU On NF7-S v2 Started Overheating But Fan Speed OK ?!
  235. Abit AN7 parallel port does not work.
  236. BD711 - beeping
  237. Code Info
  238. Fatality AN8 SLI USB 2.0 Hard Drive problems
  239. Will IC7 work with WD 5000AAKS drive?
  240. AN52 memory max voltage is?
  241. Ping Jef
  242. AL8 Nortbridge fan - how to remove ?
  243. ABIT NF7-S Cmos Temp is -61.99
  244. upgrading from IS7, I need some advice
  245. USB suddenly died, system started to freeze a lot
  246. Kingston RAM incompatible with ABIT AV8 Third Eye?
  247. allocating disk space for RAID by using partion magic 8
  248. Abit KN8-Ultra
  249. AB9 Quad GT, DDR2 voltages
  250. AB9 Quad GT Boot From IDE DVD does not work with Raid
  251. Abit KN9 series, good board?
  252. ABIT AU10
  253. Abit BH6 - PCI modem card not seen
  254. Does the NF7-S ver 2.0 support a bootable USB pen drive?
  255. computer turns itself on after shutdown
  256. AL8 Northbridge fan - are they needed ?
  257. No monitor display while agp card insert into slot
  258. BE7 dvd drive problem
  259. Cant get BIOS screen AN9
  260. Consoles vs PCs --- stating the very obvious... but from an interesting source.....
  261. need help out of ideas
  262. IL90MV and PCI...the pc not working
  263. KG7 RAID and VIA busmaster IDE drivers
  264. KN9 Ultra and AMD X2 4800
  265. RAM for KG7
  266. Is my ABIT BH6 DEAD? Can it be SAVED? HOW?
  267. NF7-S EPS connector or what?
  268. KN8 SLI Memory Problem
  269. KN8 SLI Memory Problem
  270. HD Upgrade: U320 SCSI or SAS?
  271. CD Lost with AB9
  272. abiteq Tool
  273. abit b7raid
  274. AV8 - BIOS checksum error
  275. eBay, stop tinkering!
  276. CPU fan at 100% on cool cpu despite faneq
  277. IC7-G Issue with Adaptec 29160
  278. VA-10 voltage problems
  279. ABIT SG-80DC LGA 775 SiS 661FX Micro ATX = question
  280. PING : Patty (and Jef (1 F)) RE: KT7-RAID mb
  281. Problems with reboot
  282. No onboard LAN
  283. NF7-M: Why doesn't my 1GB memory work?
  284. Overclock settings for E6600 CPU with AW9D-Max?
  285. abit ab9 pro - 6 beeps during windows logon
  286. opteron 175 on kn8 SLI pro and powernow-k8
  287. memory - 2 modules versus 4
  288. AB9 Pro and AHCI
  289. Looking for a replacement for the Chipset Fan on my KR7A-133R
  290. New AB9 Quad GT bios when?
  291. Abit IC7:need the manual please help
  292. DVD playback blue-screens XP on KT7A-RAID
  293. AL8 no longer works with PCIe
  294. Abit KV8-MAX3 Error State
  295. cpu temp on KN8 SLI
  296. OT: Tools of the trade
  297. Abit IC&-Max 3 Motherboard and Raid 0 setup for WinXP professional SP2
  298. Abit IC&-Max 3 Motherboard and Raid 0 setup for WinXP professional SP2
  299. NF7-S and SATA: Random file corruptions - please help!!
  300. GD8 Pro DVD problem
  301. Serial port card in AW9-Max?
  302. KT7A - best processor upgrade?
  303. Abit IL9 vs IB9 -- which to choose?
  304. IS7 raid setup
  305. problems with new mobo ABIT SG-95
  306. Will memory work
  307. Help ... Abit SE6 won't POST
  308. IC7-Max3 Problem
  309. Trying to Create a RAID 0 volume with ABIT/KU8 motherboard
  310. Motherboard PCIe/PCI slot allocation (WAS: Re: Abit QuadGT is almost ready for prime-time.......)
  311. Calling TomG,Richard Hawkins, anyone who knows!
  312. post code
  313. Abit QuadGT is almost ready for prime-time.......
  314. LAN problem on NF7-S2 ..Please help..
  315. NF7-S v2: mixing RAM CAS types okay ?
  316. Difference between Normal IDE' & Highpoint channels'?
  317. Re: Upgrading to WIN XP on an Abit BE6
  318. Lost my "Driver & Utility CD" for ABIT/KU8 motherboard
  319. AB9 Pro Boot Issues
  320. Went from Win2k XP Pro, now it won't boot
  321. KN9 Ultra SATA Info Required
  322. Boot from Cdrom does not work
  323. Wake On LAN On AV8
  324. Vista on an Abit Fatal1ty AN9 32X?
  325. Ho do Connect 5 x 5v LED's
  326. adding RAM to KX7-333
  327. Abit Fatal1ty AN9 32X - Soundblaster PCI Won't Work - No Parallel Connector
  328. VIA on-board SATA and add-in SATA problem - KV8 Pro
  329. Onboard USB ports not working
  330. Abit AW9D-Max SATA question
  331. CD-ROM Drive Not Recognized, yet BIOS recognizes it
  332. OT: PSU Hacking
  333. How can I get a Barton 2500+ working with a KG7-Lite mobo ?
  334. Better than ticketmaster
  335. BE7 and Vista
  336. Two question about the KV8 Pro SATA and Latest BIOS
  337. What's the best chip type & motherborad
  338. Re: attn: ivett - extremely colorful premium news server access - ir vun meghi wen - (1/1)
  339. BE6-IIv2 -- Adding 80GB WD only mirrors existing drive
  340. Abit NF-7 v2 mobo - Won't power up (looks like damaged micro-capacitor chip)
  341. Plug-In Profit Site
  342. A very sad tale.........
  343. abit aw9d-max
  344. Ping Jef (and the NG) : KT7-RAID Rebuild
  345. AW9D Max cpu cooler
  346. AB9 Pro & Intel RAID...
  347. abit nf7-s v.2.0
  348. KT7A-RAID V1.3 and a AXDA2100UT3C Athlon XP
  349. NF7-S Can't Clear CMOS
  350. OT USB or 1394 thoughtput
  351. Reset To Start
  352. Question about boot sequence in BIOS on AN8
  353. KT7A RAID mobo or CPU dead?
  354. that can give Google and other searching systems
  355. Richard Hopkins -- please see inside richard, thanks Use the MSD utility to create your RAID 1 array
  356. Ping Jef (1 F): Was ("Strange KT7-RAID MB Problem")
  357. Strange power up/down problem with AI7
  358. si3132 disappears after standby raid disk unavailable
  359. AN8 SLI gone buggy after 18 months
  360. NF7S fails to power on
  361. Migrate to RAID1 without losing data. Possible?
  362. AN8 hangs identifies processor, but not memory
  363. How long for capacitors??
  364. KT7A, Video card, and power....
  365. KT7AR -same ol' question -- report
  366. Flashed bios, now system wont boot
  367. AN8-Ultra - System Running Fail-Safe State Message?
  368. memtest86+ reports errors - Which stick with dual-channel?
  369. no video on power up -- KN8
  370. SATA problems
  371. > WD 74GB RAPTOR 16MB CACHE INCOMPATIBLE, Previous generation with8MB of cache work fine.
  372. Which processor for IS7-E2?
  373. Abit NF7 With 160 GB Hard drive
  374. Video card with DVI for Abit BH6?
  375. New AB9 Pro hangs with code 2A and won't boot into BIOS
  376. Should this video card work with kt7a-raid v1.3?
  377. OT: Please help these families...
  378. Abit Fatal1ty SLI RAM
  379. 'fail safe' after bios flash - Abit AB9 PRO
  380. KG7-RAID help needed!
  381. Second issue
  382. Error message on boot up
  383. Vote for your favourite IT product
  384. ic7-g
  385. IT7-MAX2 V2
  386. aw9d-max raid question
  387. Same ol' KT7A Raid question
  388. ic7-g n-chipset fan
  389. USB Mouse problem on BX 133 Raid
  390. looking to aquire ...
  391. AW8D problems
  392. Vista and Dell Reinstall CD
  393. Abit BE6 and Windows XP Setup
  394. Maximum Memory - CPU Related?
  395. AN8-SLI - Fail Safe State.
  396. User name
  397. Alternative to Ghost?
  398. Wake up lan with VH6T
  399. using a nic AND USB/PCIMA wirless internec connection simultaneously
  400. slow outlook syncronisation
  401. Northbridge Fan for KT7A RAID V1.3?
  402. How to find an IDE compatible Mobo
  403. ACPI Multiprocessor problem
  404. IC7 - Raid vanished -Please Help?
  405. Intel CPU - EM64T
  406. Memory for ABIT IS7-G?
  407. Abit IC7-G SATA problems
  408. Want to Upgrade from IC7-G
  409. bios and safe mode
  410. bios and safe mode
  411. Having problems with an IS7-G MOBO...
  412. What's up with the NG?
  413. Looking to buy another HD for my ABIT IS7-G
  414. Strange KT7-RAID MB Problem
  415. Mnior upgrade 3.06 Ghz P4.
  416. ic7-max 3 wont boot...
  417. Upgraded CPU with mixed results
  418. KN8 SLI & Memory problem
  419. Re: How find if new motherboard chipset supported in Linux kernel
  420. Memtest and NF7 v2.0
  421. NF7 v2.0: S. Bridge heatsink?
  422. Mobo die after Battery Replace
  423. Can't save to CMOS + CPU is unworkable or has been changed.
  424. nf7 v2.0 hypertransport: unidirectional or bidirectional?
  425. Replacing BH6 v 1.01 "caps"
  426. bm6 boot after new battery?
  427. Kt7 Raid and AMD 1600 Palomino
  428. bm6 check sum error?
  429. NF7 v2.0: can I use the NF7s v2.0 BIOS?
  430. Abit BG7 Power Supply Supply
  431. an8-sli deluxe: how can I get hibernate options to show?
  432. av8 boot up msg
  433. FC Sporting vs FC Bayern - 3:0
  434. BE6-II 2.0 (I know - ooooold) :)
  435. HPT374 to SATA?
  436. P5W DH Deluxe cold boot problem
  437. KW7 freeze with DVDRW drive
  438. No video after beep on Abit il8
  439. The dreaded Ni8-SLI
  440. ahhh...hurry b4 I fry it!
  441. av8 boot usb flash disk
  442. SATA boot problem on AX2.0
  443. VERY low CPU mark scores, whats going on?
  444. IC7-Max3 MB RAID "Smart Event"
  445. North Korea vs Australia - nuclear stress
  446. Abit NF7-S 2.0. how to turn on with keyboard ??
  447. Untold World Corruption 14OF
  448. Monitor flicker dilema.
  450. Anyone aware of AGP problems on the NF7 series ?
  451. F/S NEXTEL I930,,,,,,,,.$120 and Ps3...$205
  452. Latest Silicon Image 3112A driver required.
  453. Export Computer Motherboard (shenzhen) Ch
  454. BIOS programming(imp)
  455. for Doug (pigdos): Win98SE and memory management
  456. NF7-M Video Card
  457. Abit Boards Lacking PCI Slots?
  458. Abit NF7-S v2 mobo and Thermaltake Sonic - Will they work together?
  459. Why are mainboard boxes already opened?
  460. Athlon 64 FX-55 & 7600GT... which mainboard?
  461. Abit KN8-Sli problems
  462. KV7 RAM problem
  463. PC NEWS
  464. I have a question for any AW9D-MAX owners Ref silent otas
  465. having a boot up problem with Abit AN8 Ultra
  466. Re: Re: mobo boot menu
  467. Desktop Motherboards supporting Kentsfield (Intel Core2 Quad-Core)
  468. IC7/IC7-G question
  469. Need Computer Help?
  470. mobo boot menu
  471. AN7 and IDE hdd
  472. NF7-S v2 SATA Raid 1 error
  473. Need help with your computer?
  474. AGP upgrade
  475. IT7-MAX2: no way to see memory over 512M in 1G RAM boards
  476. AN8-sli error code 5
  477. ABIT AS8 Support for DDR2
  478. Help in choosing a motherboard
  479. KD7A motherboard
  480. AV8 IDE interrupt problems
  481. Is7 And Sata
  482. Crayeon3 Worldwide - Buy Computers, Electronics, Mobile Phones, Gadgets, Accessories and Peripherals
  483. AV8 3rd EYE and SATA-300 problem
  484. Boot from USB drive
  485. Abit AN8 double shutdown problem resolved
  486. I need to upgrade an Abit KT7 hard disk.
  487. Do modern motherboards have space for RAMsinks?
  488. AN7: Sata and Vista
  489. AI7 NB fan
  490. Hard Drive for my Abit NF7-S2 motherboard
  491. Does the IC7-G monitor NB temp?
  492. Real hot: Athlon 2600+ on Abit NF7-S
  493. Abit Core Duo 2 Mobo any ???
  494. New Install Order?
  495. Replacement Northbridge Cooler for IC7-G Max II
  496. AN8 Ultra with Athlon X2 4200 Dual core 2.2GHZ - Problem Solved
  497. AV8: after standby, keystroke locks up keyboard and mouse
  498. AV8 3rd Eye max speed chip
  499. KT7A-RAID + 300GB Maxtor + Win98SE = no joy :(
  500. KX7-333 memory question