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  1. [CM] Teardown of 1983 IBM PCjr: one of tech's biggest flops
  2. BIOS batt dead, asks pswd?
  3. Testing usb ports
  4. Dimension 4 Clock Software
  5. My ABIT VA-10 motherboard and clock
  6. Maxi Magic EMS EV-165A Drivers Question
  7. Industrial UPS
  8. Photo editing: monitor options
  9. Problem with cpu speed, suddenly turning off.
  10. Best mobo, CPU and VGA combination?
  11. HDD is slowest
  12. Pc mother board suggestion
  13. Probably OT - How do I set up a system restore point for my XP-running desktop?
  14. mouse scroller repair
  15. how do you transfer photos from iphone to pc?
  16. quiet cooler for LGA775
  17. 14v 3a adaptor powering a 12v 3.5a monitor...is it safe?
  18. MFM Miniscribe HDD does not spin, how to repair??
  19. All in one
  20. Jumper Settings Needed for Magitronic
  21. comparing 2.5G with 2 DIMMs (2 + 0.5) vs 2G (single DIMM)
  22. Onboard or pci-e ethernet adapters better
  23. Will changing memory type cause issues
  24. Networking - adding pci-e network adapter cards
  25. Power supply
  26. Dell 2950 with SAS - switching to SATA possible?
  27. off-topic: help finding intel cpu
  28. Won't boot with two DDR 2GB modules
  29. The Great Downsizing of comp.sys.ibm.pc.*
  30. ibm api-6043 power supply-switching on?
  31. best board for Xeon W3680
  32. How does PC power-on work ?
  33. can XP run from a usb external IDE?
  34. Re: Upgrading my current computer system parts: AMD or Intel?
  35. I really want to know on how to enable my hyperthreading and install my second Cpu
  36. DC-in ATX supplies
  38. Need Mouse Recommendations
  39. Re: Antec Basiq 500 Watt ATX Power Supply/PSU (BP500U) making loud noises?
  40. Re: Antec Basiq 500 Watt ATX Power Supply/PSU (BP500U) making loud noises?
  41. IBM 300PL 6862-82U Troubleshhooting
  42. Re: Antec Basiq 500 Watt ATX Power Supply/PSU (BP500U) making loud noises?
  43. Re: Antec Basiq 500 Watt ATX Power Supply/PSU (BP500U) making loud noises?
  44. Found these fantastic deals on Amazon for Computer Cases! GREAT PRICES!!!
  45. can my computer sort of break????
  46. ASUS System Crashes under stress
  47. Cannot Use ChkDsk from CD because lost Administrator password
  48. CFP for Student Research Symposium (HiPC)
  50. Asus X51L boot freeze
  51. Need USB card with enough power for external hard drive
  52. change fan in t43p
  53. Seequa Chameleon -- "Non-masked interrupt" and dead floppies
  54. Draft paper submission deadline is extended: HPCS-10, Orlando, USA
  55. Asus P6X58D will not boot
  56. 2010 Reliability and Service: Technology's Most (and Least) ReliableBrands
  57. Are They Compatible?
  58. Re: BIOS
  59. LPC quad UART garbling 8th bit in TX data - difficult to reproduce -any ideas?
  60. Firefox crashes the box on Athlon 2 x64
  61. Re: best socket 775 Intel cpu?
  62. ThinkPad 2656E2G: failing number keys 1-2-3-4-7-8-9-0-
  63. Re: Test ATAPI hard drive
  64. Re: Test ATAPI hard drive
  65. Re: installed Windows 7 and my stereo became right speaker only!
  66. computer memory at reasonable price
  67. Re: Do we really need optical drives any more?
  68. Re: Do we really need optical drives any more?
  69. Re: Upgraded to Windows 7 - now I can't print anything!
  70. Re: Upgraded to Windows 7 - now I can't print anything!
  71. My PC powers on but that's about all!
  72. Notebook keyboards ?
  73. what computer memory is usable
  74. Do I need a video card?
  75. is computer memory effects on speed?
  76. Remove disks or other media. Press any key to restart
  77. USB Speakers
  78. usb port question
  79. ASUS P4-P5N9300 (DDR2-800MHz) Memory
  80. Compaq laptop: Touchpad doesn't work!!
  81. Attention Rod Speed: Your head is firmly implanted in your (well-used) rectum. Please seek medical assistance at once!
  82. error 1962: no operating system found
  83. Upgrade your pc memory
  84. Using laptop HD on desktop, no power felt.
  85. Camcorder to record Indoor Concert
  86. Dell 1600n multifunction parts...
  87. AT&T Usenet Netnews Service Shutting Down
  88. NTLDR Error
  89. Re: Freeware CDs available very cheap ;-)
  90. Freeware CDs available very cheap ;-)
  91. mouse: blue-flash ?!
  92. Old PS/2 55sx - going free
  93. Motherboard RAID vs Windows RAID
  94. Re: Is CD inconsistent for different readers like floppies?
  95. Re: Is CD inconsistent for different readers like floppies?
  96. Find out the model name of existing and not any more existing physical DVD drives?
  97. Pentium 4 computer won't boot past BIOS
  98. Re: Is CD inconsistent for different readers like floppies?
  99. Re: Is CD inconsistent for different readers like floppies?
  100. Philips
  101. custom computer, and i need usb 2.0, help?
  102. Buy AMD NOW!
  103. Assinging new USB laser printer to LPT1 port?
  104. Press <shift-tab> key to display . . . . . .
  105. Dell laptop memory issue
  106. A Failing Memory Problem?
  107. It's the power supply...or is it? >:)
  108. Lacking HD Data
  109. removing loud audio hum from voice recording
  110. Lidl blew pill and Taliban! : )
  111. S-Video as system display
  112. memtest86+ error count
  113. memtest86+ stopped
  114. test old hardware
  115. Re: Jussin puuropuhe
  116. Re: XP on a preloaded system
  117. Re: XP on a preloaded system
  118. Intel corp: computer OWNERS are the ENEMY and we must protect ourchips from them.
  119. Re: Wireless Mouse Troubleshooting
  120. Memtest86 - do I need new memory?
  121. Colorado Jumbo 250 Tape Drive
  122. Re: Is IDE to CF viable to archive ?
  123. HP Laserjet III via USB/LPT dongle to Windows XP?
  124. Re: Newsproxyn käyttöön apua
  125. Re: Is IDE to CF viable to archive ?
  126. Re: Is IDE to CF viable to archive ?
  127. Adsl-modeemi
  128. XP's "Undock" feature doesn't work anymore - Windows XP Pro SP3 on Sony Vaio laptop
  129. disc drive disabled?
  130. AMD Athlon 64 and XP64
  131. DVD drive disappeared surprisingly
  132. How to manage lights in Operator information panel?
  133. MS Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 Sticky/Stiff Spacebar Fix
  134. An Odd Time To Crash
  135. Windows restarts. CPU overheating?
  136. p5e3 deluxe motherboard and 1333 2GB memory modules.. best bet?
  137. asus p5qe premium 16x video card question/opinions on board
  138. seeking hard to find motherboard (for fsx and other purposes)
  139. 6-pin Mini-Din...What's Inside?
  140. Where's My Hard Drive?
  141. PS 1.1 ?
  142. No Power
  143. free antivirus
  144. CPU overheating (ASUS A7A266, AMD Athlon)... need new PSU?
  145. WHat does a cheap par code reader cost and where do I buy one (USA)
  146. Asus A7V400-MX motherboard memory problem
  147. Re: Can I Format My SATA Drive Using XP's Disk Manager If DM Sees It?
  148. Panasonic Maps the Course
  149. Re: Intel DP965LT BIOS keyboard input crashes
  150. Re: Intel DP965LT BIOS keyboard input crashes
  151. LCD TV and monitor makers
  152. Help - new PC doesn't have parallel port!
  153. Re: Can I Format My SATA Drive Using XP's Disk Manager If DM SeesIt?
  154. Re: Can I Format My SATA Drive Using XP's Disk Manager If DM Sees It?
  155. Mouse stops working
  156. my computer keeps booting and going to the recovery programme
  157. LCD monitor
  158. Re: BIOS CPU tests
  159. see all hardware books
  160. Replacing Capacitors
  161. Re: 9633 DIMMs
  162. USB over current change on boot
  163. Suggest a printer
  164. hi there
  165. new hardware found not popping up
  166. pci usb ieee1394 adapter card
  167. Re: VDU clicks/flashes to start-up in cold weather.
  168. Re: VDU clicks/flashes to start-up in cold weather.
  169. Re: VDU clicks/flashes to start-up in cold weather.
  170. IBM 51xx
  171. WLAN Ad-hoc with ICS in Vista - Internet access problem
  172. Processors
  173. best monitors for the money?
  174. PC Question
  175. KVM - 4port and up - cabling styles
  176. Dead RAM???
  177. Recognising USB v2.0 devices
  178. buying new laptop, need help asap
  179. hard drives and PCB
  180. Case fan
  181. Conduct security audit from single console
  182. Re: Computer won't start up - help?
  183. Registry,cdrom or Bios? Help
  184. Best Hardware
  185. Fix for P4 boards?
  186. Really stumped: PS inoperative
  187. Re: See the important patch for Windows
  188. POST beep absent in working IBM Intellistation M Pro 6230-41U
  189. digital out cdrom to receiver
  190. FA (USA): Belkin OmniView 4-Port KVM + 2-Port KVM + cables + MORE(ends 4/14/08)
  191. case power switch replacement
  192. Boot won't start
  193. Installing RHEL4 to x Server 3650
  194. KVM - can I choose what to connect?
  195. question on building something similar to edrum!
  196. When mainstream laptops with 64-bit Vista and > 4GB RAM????
  197. media mc 1539
  198. Rambus says wins memory chip patent case
  199. laptop video card
  200. Use 3GB or 4GB RAM in 32 bit OS?
  201. M50: Do you get audio passthrough line-in to line-out?
  202. Looking for a software "oscilloscope" to show waveforms going OUT of audio port
  203. what is the processor you have? and how is your computer speed.check
  204. new MSI video card missing red
  205. Case reviews
  206. upgrading p3 from 700mhz to 1.1ghz
  207. Bridge Sound from TV Tuner Card to onboard Sound Card?
  208. Motherboard fan connections
  209. Dell Inspiron freezes--- anyone had similar problem?
  210. Enabling IRQ Steering on Toshiba Satellite A100
  211. Re: Mysterious System Shutdown
  212. nec vs lg
  213. replacing ddr2 ram with ddr ram
  214. 1333fsb & ddr2-800 ????
  215. Hard drive boots in Master/Slave mode, but not by itself
  216. Possible Upgrade
  217. USB hardware problems. Microsoft keyboard and mouse with ASUS motherboard.
  218. strange question for you guys...
  219. I186 Accelerator from Orchid
  220. Replace DDR RAM with DDR2 RAM
  221. Organising partitions/Transfer files from (C:) to (D:)/etc.?
  222. xc164cm16ff
  223. Problem with emachine s1940
  224. OfficeJet 6210
  225. embedded discussion
  226. CPU upgrade question
  227. New system with supermicro X7DBE-0 motherboard often wont show biosscreen or boot up
  228. How to make SATA drives visible?
  229. Re: Father of DOS
  230. File Backup System
  231. What inkjet printer prints the best text?
  232. Advice on multifunction printer
  233. 70 year old's final build
  234. Protect your system from black hacker
  235. Required depts and modes for LCD monitors
  236. Re: ESC key problems
  237. PSU compatability
  238. ESC key problems
  239. Grafikkarte mit DVI - mit Sub-D-Adapter für anlogen Bildschirm ?
  240. IS there anywhere that I can find ecoupon for ThinkPad T61 that has bigger discount than 13% before Dec 10?
  241. Computer Spares Price List
  242. motherboard #ID
  243. Need Help!!
  244. BIOS copyright protection schemes?
  245. New cooler/"power usage program"
  246. Installing Adaptec scsi driver on W 2003 server
  247. FA: Seagate Momentus 100gb SATA drive (ST910021AS)
  248. Need Help in MBR
  249. Fresh Air
  250. PCI a Bottleneck in USB 2.0 for Audio?, IRQ Sharing for USB
  251. Gift/Toy???Asus 7" eee PC $399.95
  252. Xbox360 gamepad on PC
  253. USB card connectors
  254. memory access slows down when video card installed
  255. 32bit OS cannot see 4GB of RAM on modern chipset
  256. Specials of OCZ Memory at PCV
  257. $99 Amazing price on WD500G SATAII Harddrive
  258. IBM Aptiva 2144 Riser Card
  259. Silverstone TJ06 mounting rails
  260. talking to CTK 571 synthesizer
  261. ThinkCentre M51 heat?
  262. What does TFSC stand for?
  263. Spec a Core 2 Duo
  264. Looking for Asus A7N8X-Deluxe driver kit for the 3COM NIC (w2k)
  265. ATX_12V_2X and PCI_EXPRESS_16 power leads
  266. What HD should I look at for Audio Editing?
  267. int 13h, ah = 41h
  268. windows xp
  269. Death Watch Beetle on the motherboard?
  270. Re: Anyone Know of a Program Using a Hot Key to Display a JPG?
  271. Re: redirect keyboard press
  272. Anyone Know of a Program Using a Hot Key to Display a JPG?
  273. power down
  274. Computer to Stereo system?
  275. mainboard wanted: dual cpu socket + dual pci-express x16 + ecc
  276. Stand-By button disabled? SB-5101
  277. Quadcore???
  278. IBM Product Recovery Disc Question
  279. Is FREEDOS a real time OS?
  280. Hard Disk Boot Failure
  281. No hard disk boot on Wake on Lan
  282. SATA and PATA: compatible or not?
  283. Re: what does xp do when system is copying
  284. "Pre-boot" applications
  285. Does this mean that the sound card is dead?
  286. CD burning
  287. Please help recommend a 600w+ PSU with 30amp on the 12V rail!!
  288. redirect keyboard press
  289. redirect keyboard press
  290. Re: redirect keyboard press
  291. Slowing DOWN a PC
  292. Service manual to dismantle and replace power supply on HP Pavilion ZT3380
  293. Myths about booting
  294. PS/2 keyboard locks up after sleep
  295. Laptop With Dual Monitors
  296. CF/SD/flash on a mini-PCI?
  297. Computer won't boot
  298. HP Pavilion 6635 died
  299. PSU for A7N8X mobo ?
  300. PC died - looking for advice on a rebuild
  301. memory problem
  302. Observations on a UPS - follow up to a previous post
  303. keyboard and buttons
  304. How hard is it to build your own PC?
  305. How hard is it to build your own PC?
  306. Bug in Toshiba Phoenix bios
  307. Problem recognizing presence of keyboard.
  308. Are normal PCI cards compatible with the PCI Express Slot?
  309. Why did Pea Seas changed to USB for keyboards and mice?
  310. n key on laptop
  311. the third light
  312. Missing system32\drivers\ntfs.sys
  313. motherboard fitting in my computer case... PLEASE HELP!
  314. Thoughts, tips, suggestions on what UPS to use?
  315. a Case for installing 16 HDD ?
  316. WTB very badly 500GB SATA 3GB/s HDD-recommend me one please!!!!
  317. need strange ATX power supply
  318. How to convert floppy drive to something useful?
  319. Belarc Question
  320. MicroATX mobo in a Full Tower Case?
  321. benchmark whitepaper
  322. USB cables: Difference between 1.1 and 2.0 ???
  323. ooling fans, can they be fitted either way round?
  324. Does HP RILOE-II lights-out card work in non-HP PC's?
  325. Driver programming question
  326. Difference bewteen Epson Expression 1680 and 1680SE
  327. No beep from bios
  328. Can i upgrade my processor?
  329. xeon 5160 3 GHz and gigabyte GA-7VCSV-RH board problems
  330. System Fans: Blowz-in or Blows-out?
  331. BeQuiet Black Power Pro: Not good...
  332. Re. PSU & on/off inter-operation ?
  333. PSU & on/off inter-operation ?
  334. motherboard
  335. Can't use onboard sound for P5B-VM
  336. Re: Thinkpad 600 Error Codes
  337. Re: Thinkpad 600 Error Codes
  338. Re: Thinkpad 600 Error Codes
  339. Thinkpad 600 Error Codes
  340. IBM Thinkpad 755CE serial ports not responding
  341. [Asus P4S800 + Win2003] No sound
  342. Upgrading a scientific instument computer
  343. trackball use
  344. Problems with computer
  345. Connector Question
  346. ** One Million FR.EE Visitors **
  347. IBM NetVista Freezes?
  348. Help Please
  349. keyboard not detected on boot
  350. IRQ11 shared by a number of devices on a ThinkPad notebook (IO-APIC disabled?)
  351. Saitek wirelss joystick at same time as logitech wireless keyboard
  352. Suggestions for All-In-One Printers
  353. computer turns itself on after shutdown
  354. USB Power questions.
  355. Help: Maxtor Shared Storage crashed, need new boot sector (Correction)
  356. Help: Maxtor Shared Storage Crashed, need new Boot Sector
  357. Sound card help needed
  358. G80 Cherry keyboard question
  359. Which USB -> serial converter is this...?
  360. How to partition & load new notebook IDE ?
  361. Intel 82845g -- can I add PCI graphics card?
  362. Most commonly available business PC
  363. How much faster would SATA be
  364. I need help with Keyboard
  365. My Dream PC -- Silent, Cold, and Motionless
  366. Bucking Spring bs ALPS Sliders?
  367. Software to identify keysrokes.
  368. CMOS Problem
  369. model m not working
  370. Lga 775 Vs Socket 775
  371. PCI Vs AGP
  372. ** One Million FR.EE Visitors **
  373. Speed up a 2158-240? reference manual?
  374. fan on Compaq Presario 3000 - model 3045US
  375. no usb
  376. graphics card help needed
  377. Antec Power Supplies Failing
  378. USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adaptor
  379. Do we (nearly) all use totally oversized power supply units ?
  380. how ignore the bios of a PCI card
  381. Very annoying noise problem
  382. Problems with my ATI graphic card
  383. Regressing a system's BIOS
  384. Netvista Windows Problem
  385. Random reboots question
  386. HDD never stops running fast
  387. disc in cdr drive
  388. Virtual Memory Low
  389. Love my old keyboard, want to make it wireless.
  390. Stuck printer pins ?
  391. sleep/hibernation
  392. Boot Problem: Mobo/Power?
  393. Keyboard problem
  394. MD5 errors installing software linked to hardware?
  395. Trouble entering BIOS setup
  396. USB 2.0 problem
  397. Is my proccessor bad?
  398. Will Virus Infect Ext. Harddrive?
  399. booting troble
  400. Measure a disk's health...
  401. Software for immediate shutdown of PC
  402. Low voltage shutdown?
  403. Gaming mouse and keyboard
  404. Question about adding more memory
  405. USB external storage disk power on
  406. ? low power CPUs =
  407. What to do when a computer starts making noise.
  408. Need advice on Internal DVD/Cdrom Combo drives
  409. Replacement Monitor for 2647 (T3) Can't do > 1024x768 - the original did
  410. Mirrored SATA Drives in BIOS - How tell one bad?
  411. Vanishing Partition
  412. 5 1/4" floppy drive question
  413. Power Problem
  414. wont boot from a cd
  415. Overclocking failed ?
  416. 256MB vs. 512MB?
  417. what 64 bits PC with upgradable motherboard should we choose?
  418. cant format my hard drive
  419. FREEDOS on server
  420. keyboard prob with KVM
  421. Standard AGP slot on IBM 300PL PIII 667MHz 6565-97U?
  422. HP 1755 monitor, computers balk when adding another 512M
  423. weird problem
  424. one last dead system question
  425. capacitor replacement question
  426. pc starting fun
  427. wont read blank disks
  428. NetVista booting to wrong speed?
  429. Please help with dead system
  430. No Power!
  431. Memory for Thinkpad 755CV
  432. Adding 2nd Hard Drive
  433. floppy
  434. What does it mean when PC powers up as soon as power cord is plugged in? - Motherboard?
  435. usb to atapi
  436. Problem with Belken USB to PS/2 Adapter
  437. ALSA configuration confusion
  438. SCSI Problem w/ Dell Precision 670
  439. Made a mess of purchasing new memory - please help!
  440. Disconnecting energized USB2
  441. problem with network adapter
  442. ibm xseries x330
  443. ibm xseries x330
  444. USB Stick recovery
  445. can T40 handle bigger disk (100 GB)?
  446. AMD computer
  447. system battery
  448. Help with download corruption problem
  449. PC Powering off automatically
  450. ibm preps ?
  451. System locked
  452. new hd setup?
  453. Quick, quick, Slow!
  454. IBM T21 won't start - trying to trace hardware fault
  455. diagnosis of continuous rebooting when it isnt a virus on Presario 5108US?
  456. Laptop memory question
  457. usb promblem
  458. new video card showing no color
  459. PCI-VGA Card without hardwired address requirements
  460. Install SATA or IDE Hard Drive into IBM xSeries 330
  461. excessive number of disk accesses?
  462. Power Jack Problems with Laptop, Especially HP!
  463. Go with Conroe
  464. F/S Nokia N Series, Nokia N70,N71,N72,N73,N80,N90,N91,N92,N93
  465. Need to replace IBM CPU Fan
  466. Stop dead after the RAM check
  467. NLX motherboard ?? AMD / Pentium 4 ??
  468. keyboard layout - install
  469. Stop dead after the RAM check
  470. type of RAM
  471. Cannot for the life of me get the system to boot from any CD/DVD
  472. Re: Setup/Config Utility for Wyse 386/16
  473. Which are the fastest USB pen drives? What type are they?
  474. NVidia NForce4 SATA drives not found
  475. Setup/Config Utility for Wyse 386/16
  476. Socket 939 CPUs - drop in replacement?
  477. 1st home built computer
  478. firewire PCI card recommendations?
  479. Parting Out My APTIVA 2159-S90
  480. Power up problem
  481. Software USB Emulator
  482. ibm thinkpad R51e, graphic problem
  483. Freeze-ups with 6600 card
  484. New PC Troubles
  485. COM port question...
  486. Motherboards and RAM size
  487. Suggestions for a max hard drive size for an older Compaq portable
  488. PC Setup Q
  489. Mothballs and PC hardware?
  490. Olivetti M300 Disc configuration
  491. Replacing disk in IBM TP600
  492. Soundcard
  493. MBR Error
  494. x335 Requires two DIMMS at least
  495. SIMM Module
  496. Memory
  497. Plextor and Hard Drive on a single IDE?
  498. x335 memory options
  499. Windows not recognizing USB 2.0 external drive.
  500. Mouse crashes computer?