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  1. GPS for range testing radio devices?
  2. Tiny block ciphers for embedded systems
  3. Write custom flash programming function for TMS320F2812?
  4. Help!! M16c/62p hex
  5. Which T32.cmm batchfile runs when Trace32 starts?
  6. PIC32 starter kit impressions
  7. ANNC: Display System Embedded Design with FPGA Webcast
  8. MSP430, IAR, BSL: different start addresses
  9. Best embedded board
  10. Compact Flash problems on embedded system
  11. Look In Your Parts Bins
  12. Single vendor tool chain, or mix & match?
  13. "Dear Amazon.com Customer"
  14. advice on occasional memory error
  15. using C/C++ with microblaze
  16. GSM module + microcontroller, video through GPRS
  17. CRC versus CheckSum
  18. VIVEK
  19. RAD techniques and tools
  20. Embedded Linux & Code Security
  21. Web Services for Embedded Systems
  23. Programmer for HC705P6A
  24. Programming to USB / RS232
  25. IAR Embedded Workbench, Zuken Cadstar, Proteus, Altium Designer, Xilinx.EDK.v9.1, Xilinx PlanAhead, Xilinx ChipScope Pro, Cadence OrCAD, Agilent Genesys, MENTOR.GRAPHICS.MODELSIM, other ...
  26. Where do I connect to the board?
  27. gcc for M16C/M32C
  28. programming atmega48/168's
  29. PPC Linux
  30. Image compression with a 8 bit microcontroller
  31. Problem booting BF-532 using SPI AT45DB041B
  32. USB multipleclass enumeration
  33. atmel AT89C5131 development environment
  34. An important message to all jobseekers ,and internet users
  35. (US) Free 2 axis 2G accelerometer eval board
  36. AKM4552 Sample rates
  37. malloc and friends
  38. LCD ( pcd8544 ) with LCP21xx
  39. a revolutionary principle > please read that
  40. A question about Luminarymicro LM3S1968 and OpenOCD
  41. FTP and TFTP
  42. SPI questions.
  43. Special FAT filesystem questions [Was: Multiple files with same filename on FAT]
  44. TFTP and FTP
  45. Test Software for a GMII Interface
  46. Samsung S3F8275 C Compiler / tools
  47. Embedded systems publishers
  48. Atmel T89C51RD2
  49. Ethernet Card Suggestions Anyone?
  50. Ember EM250 views anyone?
  51. where can I get touch screen to interface with my microcontroller
  52. No way to program a Spartan 3 FPGA with a1,8V Digilent cable?
  53. Determining lagging or leading signal - [Algorithm]
  54. [OT] X3J11 contact(s)?
  55. New Microchip PIC32 Family, a MIPS M4K Core with Enhancements
  56. hi friends
  57. IRIG-B over IP
  58. Cache validity granularity
  59. Linux capable free/GPL SOFT CPU for XC3S500E?
  60. Book recommendations about PWM motor control
  61. 32bit PICs announced
  62. TMS34010 User Guide -WANTED
  63. KEIL uvision3 path for toolset undefined
  64. novice - embedded linux
  65. Defining Heap Segment in external ram in IAR M32c Renesas
  66. Enough Space
  67. Microcontroller Family Selection Guide
  68. FINAL CfP, Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe 2008
  69. Part Time Home based Jobs, No registration fee required
  70. Active filter stage as driver for ADC good or bad?
  71. new pictures gallery
  72. using trf7960 IC help
  73. Half a Century of Crappy Computing
  74. Analysis of vendor's example FIR subroutine
  75. turn your expensive oscilloscope into a $5 clock
  76. AVR32 availablilty ?
  77. High frequency PWM generation
  78. USB device question
  79. Fault finding on an S3C44BOX ARM7 application
  80. Video capture
  81. Optimizing Instruction Cache
  82. embedded ICU
  83. ucos-ii port for the Freescale MC9S12XEP100
  84. camera c3088
  85. Embedded system design question
  86. yu
  87. Bluetooth protocol stack
  88. Maximum safe continuous charhe current NiMH Batteries
  89. CFP SMART'08 - 2 WEEK DEADLINE EXTENSION - 2nd Workshop on Statistical and Machine learning approaches applied to ARchitectures and compilaTion
  90. Ampro MightyBoard USB issues?
  91. PIC18 Pseudo-Instructions
  92. GPU Computing: Intel's Larrabee - NVIDIA's Tesla & CUDA - AMD's Fusion
  93. Call or Send SMS to any phone anywhere in the world Free!
  94. Information about Zigbee
  95. OT -- Problem with Pan
  96. about uclinux network setting???
  97. Urgent!!!Need Porgram for ADC for RMS100 Board
  98. IEEE 754 Implementations -Guy Macon
  99. [ANN] Timing Diagram Font - free
  100. wich freescale 8bit uC with 4 pwm ouputs,IIC and serial interface?
  101. Free & open source USB STAPL Player
  102. IBM, AMD, Nvidia and Intel Talk The Future Of Gaming Processors
  103. ColdFire QADC for voice audio?
  104. MC68HC908GP32CP Changing output on TIM interrupt
  105. FPGA & FLASH in a JTAG chain
  106. Multiple files with same filename on FAT
  107. How to buy Industrial Grade Intel based computer
  108. Urgent!!! SST Support Engineer for UAE
  109. Serial Flash Protected Area
  110. Booting Linux from CompactFlash on AT91SAM9260
  111. WTB: (USED or NEW) Nortel, Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel, Lucent, Foundry, Extreme, F5 Big IP, Tellabs, Microsoft, Adobe & more. We buy Telecom, Networking and Software. Look below at my current want to buys and email me with any offers that you have.
  112. Looking for high-speed serial protocol (FPGA implementation)
  113. Program LCD HD44780 with 68HC11 in Handyboard
  114. Embedded DDR2 DRAM Reference Designs
  115. AHB-APB bridge between normal peripheral and processor
  116. porting tcp/ip stack from one rtos to another
  117. GTK on LH75401
  118. Openssl for uclinux
  119. Problems in Embedded System Development
  120. Software Portability in Real-Time System
  121. Software Portability in Real-Time System
  122. 90c51 download problem
  123. More friends more money,get friends while get paid
  124. Ada-Europe 2008 submission deadline approaching
  125. Calibration Utility for 3M Touch screen
  126. We will copy & produce any design!
  127. Developing CPCI board, doesn't receive IO commands
  128. CRC_CCITT 16-bit assembly language code
  129. CRC_CCITT 16-bit assembly language code
  130. Micro controllers with UHF transceivers?
  131. PIC wav player
  132. What is the sense of a RTOS on a single-chip microcontroller?
  133. WiPort problems
  134. MSP430 and Atmel AVR in one JTAG chain?
  135. strange behavious on AVR Simulator
  136. Fried my atmega
  137. Stack - OS and Application
  138. ATmega8515 Fuse bits newbie
  139. How to burn any program in controller?
  140. Boot Block and Uniform Block Flash Memory and Executin In Place(XIP)
  141. how to test BT.656 TEST model
  142. PDA cache sizes
  143. IDA CODE Segment 16/32 Selection
  144. 1-Way Hash
  145. (MS-)DOS PC on a microcontroller??
  146. writing a linker script
  147. XILINX CDs
  148. Bluetooth module for audio xfer ?
  149. 128x64 KS0107/08 LCD
  150. Embedded Ethernet with dsPIC30f4011
  151. where do the extra bytes go while using Malloc ?
  152. Changing refresh rate for DRAM while in operation?
  153. Atmel AT91SAM7S-EK evaluation board
  154. Languages for embedded
  155. Problem connecting to VxWorks Target Agent
  156. Processor Obsolescence.
  157. Direction of Stack Growth
  158. Differentiate the numbers as either data or instructions
  159. thin-client style case for micro-ATX?
  160. More friends more money,get friends while get paid
  161. Parallel Programming, Math, and the Curse of the Algorithm
  162. uC/OS-II port for the Freescale MC9S12XEP100
  163. is this feasible??
  164. Processor Obsolescence Solution.
  165. Re: TILE64 embedded multicore processors
  166. Booting ATMEGA2560
  167. Software for FPGA - is it required?
  168. cyapi and download firmware
  169. PIC & Ethernet
  170. CFP reminder: SMART'08 - TWO WEEKS to Submission Deadline - November 2nd, 2007
  171. difference bitween ARM 7 and ARM9
  172. Some miscellenous questions
  173. PCMCIA Problem
  174. "default" or "startup" .config file for arm linux
  175. how to choose the bus topology
  176. Windows XP management
  177. PICKIT2 Programming Problem
  178. MSP430 mcu: Display characters on terminal I/O __ IAR simulator
  179. is it possible to implement soft modem v.34 with at91sam9261?
  180. Is 'for' better in Vxworks ?
  181. Hysteresis current controller in TMS320F2812
  183. want to find a startup kernel configuration
  184. How to read/write an 'address' from a memory location......
  185. Looking for 9 bit RS485 solutions
  186. 32 bit uart
  187. Serial Flash for RCM2020
  188. application possible by socket programming
  189. Active Low or Active High
  190. How to Interface Touch Screen with Microcontroller
  191. ARM instruction problem
  192. instruction cache or data cache
  193. Longest path length from SDRAM controller to DRAM?
  194. FPGA quiz: what can be wrong (AVR MCU related)
  195. Altium 6.x pricing
  196. uclinux on lpc2294
  197. Wireless Computer Monitor - Monitor's video connection is wireless
  198. What really happened on Mars? Priority Inversion and Mars Pathfinder
  199. Clearing RAM in PIC18Fxxx
  200. opensource WiMAX BTS and WiMAX CPE
  201. Avoiding priority inversion with software design
  202. Sine wave generation
  203. Design of uC/OS (uCOS-II) kernel
  204. Task deleting itself in VxWorks
  205. Delete itself in VxWorks
  206. How to Design a Self-Balancing Multicore CPU for Fine-Grain Parallel Applications
  207. how to program external flash through 9s12 and BDM ?
  208. GPIO : Reading when configured as O/P
  209. Philips/NXP AN10358 - anybody?
  210. The Age of Crappy Concurrency: Erlang, Tilera, Intel, AMD, IBM, Freescale, etc...
  211. TILE64 embedded multicore processors - Guy Macon
  212. Cannibal Politicians? Introducing The Dourties, Chelsea, Bill, Hillary, Barrack, George Bush, Jr., Barbara Bush, Jr., Al Gore, And Capital Hill!
  213. Problems with Olimex LPC-2106 (random crashing)
  214. TFT: DTMG signlas from Vsync and Hsync
  215. microcontroller over wireless network
  216. How to design a bidirectional bus?
  217. DiskOnChip 2000 problems
  218. Tilera to Introduce 64-Core Processor
  219. STx5119 Software reset
  220. elements required to interface the microcontroller with ethernet
  221. Varying Checksum failures in WiMAX uplink
  222. MSP-FET430UIF msp430-gdbproxy won't initialize device in Ubuntu
  224. PIC controller for a motor (PWM)
  225. Maximum Memory Usage?
  226. elimination of intercharacter gap in RS232 stream?
  227. Ciscotutorials.info is your gateway to the best
  228. ISO 15693
  229. commercial AES package
  230. powerpc jtag/cop
  231. USB frames synchronous?
  232. All USB & only USB
  233. Reg:: Error handling in CAN Protocol
  234. Delay Routine: Fully-portable C89 if possible
  235. xdata/idata/data differences
  236. how is the thread/process awakened after it slept?
  237. implementing ethernet server on FPGA or other choices
  238. Architecture question
  239. Ethernet driver and BSP for DM9008 on 5307C3
  240. interfacing with system bus
  241. pic16f627 with different baudrates
  242. Problems on Quad UART TL16C554A
  243. Endianess problem
  244. PROBLEM with MSP430F2121 and BSL
  245. bcopy
  246. Accessing external I2C EEPROM with Cypress EZ-USB dev kit
  247. "signaling" interrupts in WinCE 5.0
  248. Windows CE training courses?
  249. Licensing Fonts for Graphic LCD???
  250. Electrical schematic entry software / Subcontracting cabling
  251. STR9 COMSTICK is not getting recognized in WinXP-SP2
  252. PDIUSBD12 USB odyssey,help
  253. Small MPEG4 video encoder + Ethernet output needed
  254. I find parallelized MiBench applications
  255. Parallel bus
  256. OV7620 RGB demosaicing problem
  257. pic18f452 interrupts
  258. data pool and system pool
  259. SPI Clock pulse problem on ARM Processor
  260. OT: Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset Up For Grabs
  261. Depleted CMOS device with integral battery repair
  262. Enabling instruction cache
  263. miniature crosspoint matrix switch?
  264. SHARC vs ARM dev board, audio
  265. watchdog interrupt
  266. Should the first instruction always be a branch in ARM?
  267. Printf statement used on IAR compiler / MSP430 processor
  268. cannot run test program while cross compiling.
  269. looking for MSP430 forum using IAR tool
  270. Computer Security Information (Free Articles and eBooks)
  271. AT91M55800 UART interrupt + pdc, empty buffer
  272. ARM9 choices
  273. Decoding an analog PAL video signal with an i.MX31
  274. Crossing Clock Domains in CPLD
  275. Cypress EZ-USB help
  276. Problems with vDelayTask (FreeRTOS.org)
  277. Newbie help needed
  278. want to find a patrner for yourself?
  279. How to use 3DES in a micro?
  280. Basic VHDL Development kit
  281. ISP and JTAG Headers for AVRs
  282. Newbie: want to learn ARM9.
  283. debugging arm core using code composer studio
  284. How to write an ISR in UCOS-ii
  285. Transmitting over SSC using PDC at AT91SAM9261
  286. How to call I2C driver in 18f4550?
  287. Micrium/ARM software development partner sought
  288. MIMO and AAS
  289. active, neighbout, serving, target
  290. look for computer parts to upgrade embedded PC
  291. AVR to ARM
  292. LCD USE
  293. Xbee Series 2 Modules. Availability Problem
  294. Seeking alternative to Telelogic Tau (generate code from SDL)
  295. atmel arm
  296. CFP 13th Conf. Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe 2008
  297. OT A google pic
  298. Firewire interface with MPC8347
  299. LH75401 + 800x600 colorTFT
  300. which micro to pick
  301. jtagice mk1
  302. Breakpoints in "unrolled loop"
  303. Teach online turn your wisdom into wealth at WisdomMarket.com
  304. what does "!" do here?
  305. INNOVISION 07- PIC/AVR Challenge -NSIT, Delhi
  306. hc12,can i return from interrupt and jump elsewhere?
  307. Found: The perfect dev board
  308. Museum piece
  309. Re: PC Analysis and Repair
  310. System Building Help
  311. C89 compiler for Microchip 16F684
  312. 78K0 programming
  313. Watchdog Timer
  314. how to initializatize/re-configure usart?
  315. Synchronized SPI communication
  316. Zigbee Stack Code
  317. cmos image sensor to usb
  318. Strange GSM modem behaviour
  319. MSP430 JTAG over USB for Linux?
  320. Re: PC Analysis and Repair
  321. JTAG ICE mkII
  322. PTP Vs GPS
  323. propagation delay, impedance and voltage drop for STP cable
  324. efficient software n language to program ATMega32 microcontroller
  325. OSEK Scheduling
  326. Interrupts on a PIC18
  327. Convert to avr-gcc
  328. YARDstick custom processor design tool homepage updates
  329. The Big Secret inside your Laptop /Computer
  330. Firmware and device drivers
  331. Disable the RTC?
  332. JOB TITLE: Sr. Embedded Software Engineer (DSP/audio)
  333. Sr. Embedded Software Engineer (Operating system)
  334. CFP with new publication info: SMART'08 - 2nd Workshop on Statistical and Machine learning approaches applied to ARchitectures and compilaTion
  335. Want suggestion for a microcontroller for capstone univ. project
  336. I want simulator for FreeRTOS to implement SSL for it
  337. Trace32 Breakpoints
  338. your experience with non-functional requirements
  339. what is CCIR-565
  340. DRAM modules - RIMM, SODIMM,UDIMM..etc
  341. Ethernet Gaskets - I need to be educated
  342. Cypress FX2 AUTOIN mode
  343. Automotive Electronic Control
  344. CAN Nodes and Termination question!!!
  345. the AIM of LIFE
  346. ANNOUNCE: Embedded hw/sw developer freebies by Nikolaos Kavvadias
  347. on ARM: "Unknown signal 64"????
  348. Latest software downloads!!!!!
  349. Turn 12 dollars into thousands
  350. WLAN card for embedded power pc
  351. Tips 4 Win XP
  352. :::::::::corebld : applet not found::::::::::
  353. USB protocol and uC ,Help needed
  354. ::::::corebld : applet not found::::::
  355. Searching simple waveform viewer
  356. CCS and Imagecraft
  357. development board
  358. Suggestions for cheap handheld for serial port access?
  359. [ANN] XSD/e 1.1.0 - validating XML parser generator for embedded systems
  360. What is the best embedded systems simulator
  361. Reg CAN Protocol
  362. Excel-RS232 via Cheapcomm: Where?
  363. AMD developing ATI R700, R800, R900, R1000 architectures
  364. Turning off memory chip to save power
  365. PC SW tools for an Samsung S3C44B0X
  366. MAX 7000 Dev. Board
  367. DDR memory. Connect DM pins to GND
  368. Quantum Framework ? Or something else?
  369. Asynchronous I/O problems and Operating systems
  370. In Fairness to Mentor Graphics
  371. ANNC: PCI Express and Ethernet Gaskets Webcasts
  372. New Cortex-M3 parts - This time CAN and Ethernet
  373. Programming an App, need Simple USB support
  374. Mentor Graphics Demanding Money with Menaces
  375. i2c eeprom.c driver supports 2 address bytes?
  376. NVIDIA GeForce 9800 ~ G92: over a billion transistors, 512bit memory bus ?
  377. Reasonably-Priced Small LCD Panel For Smallish Production Quantities
  378. RS232 Development Board
  379. [ANNOUNCE] YARDstick - custom processor development toolset
  380. Two 433MHz based systems in same environment?
  381. ASAP 2008: Preliminary Call for Papers
  382. AT91sam9263 running at 800*600 full screen
  383. Attn: Ulf, Atmega169P-16MU
  384. FPGA power optimize! Help!!!
  385. WINCE booting using UBoot
  386. Searching for music videos
  387. IAR CCxx10 files
  388. Latest software here!!!!!
  389. New GCC ICI (with plug-ins for dynamic pass reordering)
  390. World's most popular traveling destinations
  391. Boot loaders in Microcontrollers
  392. SingleStep OnChip Debugger under Windows Vista
  393. MSP430F1611 SPI Interface w/ADC
  394. MSP4310F1611 SPI Interface w/ADC
  395. MSP4310F1611 SPI Interface w/ADC
  396. Another vga device question
  397. dsp with a vga driver
  398. Z16F2811 based boards
  399. IT News
  400. MCB 900 Verification of Running Program
  401. Help with gcc and ld relative linking
  402. How to distribute a clock source?
  403. Microchip PicKit Serial Analyzer Crash
  404. error on loading the module
  405. How do you interface C328 Camera with HyperTerminal software
  406. Job Interview Questions
  407. Variable Temp Soldering Iron
  408. Free guitars
  409. New for IAR C Compiler for P89C51RD2
  410. rotation counter
  411. why does uC/OS2 use __asm int 0x30 to handle an intterrupt?
  412. Hardware (FPGA) Software(MCU) Interface
  413. QNX RTOS Source Code Released!
  414. precision errors. microblaze vs matlab single precision... huh?
  415. Wireless USB Bridge
  417. Is PCI Express not for embedded designs??
  418. FPGA & Softcore Vs FPGA & MCU
  419. PCI byte enalbes in read cycles
  420. Whay is a C compiler ANSI compatible?
  421. GPS time module
  422. Go Here to win a free guitar
  423. RTOS, Virtualization and Paging
  424. Abstracting the operating system for unit test
  425. ACM SAC 08: DEADLINE EXTENSION (16 Sept, 2007)
  426. Uses of Gray code in digital design
  427. MSP430F1611 SPI.
  428. Wrong return address in ISR with GCC
  429. Any RTOS to report latencies?
  431. SiLabs C8051F34x and baud rate generation from internal oscillator
  432. getting started on C programming on PIC16F628A, PIC16F690, OR PIC18F2620
  433. Find Out How the Neocons Staged a Terror Attack on 9/11 Which Killed Thousands of Americans
  434. Processor selection
  435. AT91RM9200 - Vector 6 for dataflash boot woes
  436. AVR Harvard architecture -- worst of both worlds?
  437. Atmel atiny11 internal clock range
  438. Jtag CPLD configuration.
  439. MCU with 3 UARTs
  440. PDIUSBD12,non sense interrupt 0xC3?
  441. ARM Patch for separate IRQ Stack (CONFIG_4KSTACKS)?
  442. Cypress FX2 uc + Xilinx FPGA +windows system
  443. Handheld Device with Display and WLan
  444. sending data from a USB cell phone to UART Zigbee device
  445. Any news on the AT91SAM9XE?
  446. take a look on thiz and give me solutions
  447. PDIUSB12,non sense Interrupt value
  448. Netowrk Join Time
  449. how to compile device driver program
  450. Google pack of softwares
  451. assemblers created in C lanuage.
  452. errors while compiling device drivers
  453. header files including other files
  454. Old Version of Quanser 2DOF helicopter
  455. PIC18F2620 sample code in a sample project in MPLAB
  456. Compensating for mechanical play
  457. PCB mfr recommendations
  458. LED Display
  459. Small embeddable and OSI compliant language?
  460. CF/SD/flash on a mini-PCI?
  461. interesting puzzle......try this you will be rewarded...
  462. Win Runner Tutorial
  463. AT91SAM7S256: USB & PWM
  464. bug-fix release of MiBench sources for MiDataSets
  465. high bandwitch ethernet communication
  466. microcontroller to microcontroller one as slave & other as master using I2C
  467. inline
  468. How to encrypt TCP data?
  469. Floppy emulator with flash media
  470. Building an ARM-GCC toolchain
  471. CompactFlash for storage
  472. Embedded CPU.
  473. New embedded design best-practices website.
  474. Extract the parity bit in serial communication
  475. SD Card woes
  476. Olimex USB JTAG query
  477. recommendations for system with CF,AUDIO OUT,NIC or USB
  478. PICKIT 2 development help on MPLAB or Piklab or any other IDE on a PIC18F2620
  479. I will autograph it for you.
  480. 16/32 bit processor for OS development
  481. Opinions Requested - "Nagging" the user
  482. Zilog Encore project
  483. Embedded USB Hosts
  484. Do you have a c code for PIC18F8720 to drive the LCD?
  485. Rek. Reg for 3G protocol developer
  486. Web services in an embedded environment
  487. New best-practices website
  488. MSP430 post RETI behaviour
  489. Typical flash-based storage features and performance
  490. rom to ram compression
  491. ARM926ej s context save and restore, Trying to power off arm after saving context and restoring it back.
  492. Advice on Actel Silicon Sculptor II/III
  493. usb to midi cable
  494. Wiggler with OCD Commander and WRT54GL
  495. thread safe fat
  496. CFP: 2nd Workshop on Statistical and Machine learning approaches applied to ARchitectures and compilaTion (SMART'08), Goteborg, Sweden
  497. which colour LCD C-STN/TFT/TFD?
  498. Intel's Quad-Core Yorkfield is a Ray-Trace monster
  499. Safe way to write interrupt driven circular buffer tx rx?
  500. [OT] Freescale English?