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  1. Best Prometric and Pearson VUE Test center in Bangalore ( For the certification of Microsoft, Sun, CISCO, Exin - ITIL, IBM,*HP, Citrix, etc.)
  2. OT - is there any decent DVD burning software? (+RANT)
  3. Plant_Optimization_Embedded_c_Architecture
  4. mb-gcc: Crosscompiled or any pachages availabe?
  5. Why use Logo for businesses?
  6. Best Prometric and Pearson VUE Test center in Bangalore ( For the certification of Microsoft, Sun, CISCO, Exin - ITIL, IBM,*HP, Citrix, etc.)
  7. Re: ARM IDE
  8. Chinese antique
  9. [VERY OT] Is everybody here over 35? If not, do you know what Usenet is?
  10. What latency is needed in a RTOS?
  11. Sound Wave kindly help
  12. Comp science student and Embedded
  13. GNUPro Development, v850
  14. Best Prometric and Pearson VUE Test center in Bangalore ( For thecertification of Microsoft, Sun, CISCO, Exin - ITIL, IBM, HP, Citrix, etc.)
  15. Announcement: New version of C-Code generator from UML state charts
  16. When does it become a "new project"? (was FreeRTOS / SafeRTOS in a Medical Device)
  17. What about uC/OS-II? (was: FreeRTOS / SafeRTOS in a Medical Device)
  18. FreeRTOS / SafeRTOS in a Medical Device
  19. USB basics
  20. STBLIT
  21. Ethernet: How/where to start? (Microchip)
  22. Power PC 555 -- tpu
  23. AVR ADC multiplexer
  24. Re: Reliability of components
  25. How could i play svf file correctly ?
  26. Re: How to turn the PID parameters of the motor driver when the speedis low
  27. ANN: New ARM Cortex-M3 in Arduino format
  28. USB - using endpoints with ping-pong attributes (dual bank)
  29. Re: Connect an Intel strataflash P33 with an intel processor IXP465.
  30. Re: Cash Register Receipt Forgery?
  31. AVRStudio questions
  32. FPGA board - Avnet's $39 board?
  33. Quatech SPPXP-100
  34. Re: Setting ARM CPSR to C variable
  35. Want some tools.
  36. Re: Cash Register Receipt Forgery?
  37. Overclocking a Freescale 9S12DP256C MCU
  38. USB - CDC - ACM - but without UART involved
  39. Re: Connect an Intel strataflash P33 with an intel processor IXP465.
  40. transition from software to embedded programming
  41. USB - Enumerate AT91xx as a CDC device
  42. how to share this interrupt vector.
  43. porting ucos into 8051using keil???
  44. Riisikourallisen hinta..
  45. how to install Modelsim 6.4a in Fedora 9
  46. Help installing proc_common_v3_00_a
  47. counter 0 of atmega48
  48. Re: J-Trace
  49. dsp-fpga.com- user comments welcome
  50. not enough code space to debug
  51. PHY Configuration
  52. Chinese antique
  53. ftp addresses
  54. Virtex5 XC5VFX70T
  55. Re: ARM IDE
  56. Re: Implementing Real Time Clock in the ATmega128
  57. Re: ARM IDE
  58. Re: Implementing Real Time Clock in the ATmega128
  59. Re: HCS12 development under Linux
  60. H8S23XX decompiler
  61. Microsoft redefining the term 'Netbook'
  62. Re: pic16f877a uart c code problm
  63. Re: pic16f877a uart c code problm
  64. Re: pic16f877a uart c code problm
  65. Re: pic16f877a uart c code problm
  66. Endianness of Data...
  67. hello
  68. Did Intel screw up big time by selling its embedded processors?
  69. Fixed width font
  70. New to Embedded Software
  71. Embedded USB. Do I have to get my own product and vendor ID?
  72. Re: J-Trace
  73. US Software Patents
  74. Re: bit file fpga to pc
  75. RapidiTTy
  76. Re: Debugging Atmel SAM7: Lauterbach or OpenOCD+Amontec JTAGkey?
  77. High-end AVR vs. low-end ARM?
  78. Atmel, ATMEGA88-20AU. 32 TQFP package.
  79. Re: 16C752 Problem
  80. Debugging data bus access problem after addition of peripheral
  81. Re: Interfacing a pic18f2520 microcontroller with a cell phone
  82. JTAG connection for ARM TMS470R1
  83. Intel IXP435 kernel issue
  84. Engineer Jobs
  85. Re: 16C752 Problem
  86. Adobe flash question
  87. Xmos now shipping sillicon
  88. Web Browser ThreadX
  89. Delta-Sigma noise and bandwidth
  90. BGA soldering and ground plane
  91. EDK 9.1, Lwip stack, Microblaze, Generate Library and BSPs error
  92. Something is crashing in my asm and I cant track it down
  93. Low-cost ARM processor board with 4 (or more) UART
  94. NAND flash Interface
  95. Final CFP: Special Issue of the Scientific Programming Journal
  96. Re: Soft-Core Processor - obsolescence mitigation a reality?
  97. Re: interfacing with ISA or PCI soundcards
  98. Testing ARM/FPGA with IAR EWARM and ModelSim (with Tcl Interface)
  99. Re: Hardware handholding
  100. Why D flip flop is widely used in ASIC?
  101. CFP: SMART'09 - submission deadline extended until Nov 21 - 3rdworkshop on statistical and machine learning approaches to architecture andcompilation
  102. start your earning from 5 $ to 100$ per day
  103. How does priority inheritance work?
  104. ARM AMBA Designer licensing cost
  105. Dixcuxx.com Worldwide Forum
  106. Interrupt Control Register of Renesas M16C
  107. Re: Unusual timer behavior on LPC-2378
  108. New to C51: large loop counter
  109. mpeg encoder for Davinci
  110. Programming problems in multi-core
  111. A race problem in driver development.
  112. Most powerful microcontroller in a DIP package?
  113. Knuth stops giving "bug" checks
  114. Re: Driving TFT over SPI bus
  115. Moving average filter ...
  116. Did You Try this Bright option
  117. ARM7 16 bit LR move
  118. SPI comunication
  119. QDRII memory question
  120. Turbo51 - Free Pascal compiler for 8051
  121. Do I have to configure the South AHB??
  122. Re: PICC Compiler cant compile
  123. Windows loading tool?
  124. TimingAnalyzer beta version 0.90 -- beta testers wanted
  125. pageup/pagedown implementation using C language
  126. Window-Mounted Intercom Systems
  127. synchronize two measurement boards through a wireless connection
  128. XP Embedded in dual core
  129. Request, data,....please... LTA035B0Q0A
  130. pageup/pagedwn implementation
  131. Implementing pageup pagedown feature using C language
  132. Re: PICC Compiler cant compile
  133. Re: how to make 5V tolerant pins out of 3.3V tolerant pins?
  134. Re: Examples of different types of ADC converter chips?
  135. Make free phone calls
  136. IDEA of the day
  137. GPIF problem with EZ_USB FX2
  138. Lantronix Xport Direct - Unix development environment
  139. NGW100 - store root and /usr images for later restore
  140. looking for low cost SBC with small touchscreen, RS232, USB and someI/O's
  141. Sensirion RH sensor Temp Compensation using an 8 bit PIC
  142. Re: It was not intentional to post it twice!!!
  143. Which ARM-7 with 4 32-bit counter, 4 pulse generator & USB
  144. Microprocessors for Java or MPEG4
  145. Create device ram in uClinux
  146. Embeded Dining table Project
  147. Re: Automatic Pill Dispenser
  148. Re: Automatic Pill Dispenser
  149. Re: Automatic Pill Dispenser
  150. AT91SAM9261-EK
  151. Re: ov6630 slave mode operation
  152. Re: spam
  153. Re: conversion of voice to frequency domain using fft
  154. Politics
  155. Re: spam
  156. Re: spam
  157. Welcome to E-IDEA
  158. Information Technalogy News portal
  159. The world,s first powerfull lock
  160. Trace32 Logging Buffer
  161. cmos image sensor master and slave mode
  162. print help
  163. PCI Bridge / Expansion in x86
  164. Re: Help for MCU/DSP selection
  165. Linux on Microblaze
  166. Re: Help: a handheld image processing device
  167. Re: ARM development board
  168. 1mm BGA virgin
  169. Announcing Mkernel 0.7.4
  170. Re: ARM development board
  171. iohw.h - anyone using this?
  172. 1 sec delay in 8051MC using 8 bit auto reload mode
  173. Unique Opportunity To Join The Elite Group Of Project ManagementProfessionals
  174. web browser / web server embedded for ThreadX
  175. how to separate ground potential
  176. MC68HC705C8
  177. free cpu 8051 verilog code
  178. Partition table or boot sector?
  179. Literature on 100Base-TX request
  180. ElectricFence Exiting: mprotect() failed: Cannot allocate memory
  181. How do you like Freescale Codewarrior compared to other IDEs?
  182. Re: Motor Control using tms320f2812
  183. XMOS XC-1 kits are shipping
  184. A stranger problem
  185. Any way to change ARP retry count and interval in Windows XP?
  186. fasttrack 378 specification (specifiche)
  187. CFP: SMART'09 - 1 month to the submission deadline; NEW PANEL INFO:Can machine learning help to solve the multicore code generation issues?
  188. Want a FFT sample code for PIC18XXXXX?
  189. Lattice vs Altera (Mico32 / NIOS)....or?
  190. DHCP client code not retransmitting DHCP discovery
  191. Virtex-5 clocking
  192. PCI 104 Express
  193. About ADC driver.
  194. TRANE Clean Air Systems
  195. failed to maount file system on boot
  196. internet capable PIC
  197. Latest Mobile Phones
  198. Re: Ethernet implementation on Spartan3E
  199. Looking for high temperature ethernet cable
  200. STM32 ARM toolset advice?
  201. high impedance capacitive cable, what is it
  202. ARM7 optimizations
  203. Hex file not working
  204. DLP-2232PB Firmware
  205. Accelerometers for Earthquake Detection
  206. The time it takes to travel between 2 linux machines !!
  207. Fate of PIC32 If Microchip buys Atmel MPU business.
  208. Re: Linux for ARM7TDMI
  209. Change the built in demo PIC
  210. Problem with SMAC, MC13213 and single port
  211. Questions on LED PWM
  212. Recommended GUI framework for embedded monitor?
  213. Re: WTB: LCD controllers chips SED 1335 or RA8835
  214. Re: Linux for ARM7TDMI
  215. Compiling source code question.
  216. Re: WTB: LCD controllers chips SED 1335 or RA8835
  217. Re: Which development board and LCD? [ Openpandora ? ]
  218. Re: Registration of MAC addresses
  219. State of the art in stable accelerometers?
  220. GALEP 5D programmers
  221. ISR in SoC
  222. Re: Registration of MAC addresses
  223. programming atmega48
  224. Microchip & OnSemi want to buy Atmel?
  225. Re: Seeding a Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG) from Sources that Aren't Random
  226. malloc causes SIGSEGV signal with SEGV_MAPERR si_code
  227. How do I measure signals in the GHz range?
  228. looking for audio (compression) project
  229. programming atmega48
  230. Embedded Linux Developers - Full-time / San Diego, CA
  231. Re: libjpeg + cortex m3
  232. C6713 DSK issue
  233. Top 10 Things To Look For In A Web Host
  234. IPC-2581
  235. (US-NY) PowerPC NAS development kit for trade
  236. Great New Linux UMPC & Handheld Console!!
  237. Great New Linux UMPC/Console!! - Plays Playstation/Jaguar/SNES/NES/MS/MD/GBC/GB/GBA!!
  238. $99 XMOS Dev kit
  239. Need good quality Audio output through LPC21xx controller
  240. Error: internal_relocation (type: OFFSET_IMM) not fixed up .....HELPNEEDED
  242. Looking for Dot.Net C# Developer 2 To 8 Years Exp_Bangalore/Hyderabad/Chennai
  243. Error: internal_relocation (type: OFFSET_IMM) not fixed up
  244. U-Boot: memory configuration
  245. How connect PC Embedded to MDB (Vending Machine)
  246. Error: internal_relocation (type: OFFSET_IMM) not fixed up
  247. Taiwanese PCB Manufacturer: how to find it from UL code
  248. Can Boundary Scan be used for Analog?
  249. SMP on ix86
  250. Best low cost uP for full Linux
  251. Re: An RTOS without Memory Managment
  252. GCC compiling- help needed
  253. Need LCD datasheet.
  254. Implementation details of semaphore objects in RTOS
  255. little embedded architecture with Display
  256. 40 core embeddified processor
  257. Re: An RTOS without Memory Managment
  258. Re: Design Doc for Scatter/Gather DMA Engine
  259. FPGA Lab Liquidation Sale
  260. BUG_ON in __get_vm_area_node
  261. Extract program from old mask-ROM 80C51?
  262. Keyboard task in RTOS; how to deal with long keypresses etc.?
  263. Re: Seeding a Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG) from Sources thatAren't Random
  264. Re: Seeding a Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG) from Sourcesthat Aren't Random
  265. ONSITE-Embedded Testing with QNX- for TOP MNC-CMM Level Company
  266. Urgent openings for Microsoft Technologies Bangalore
  267. i wanna know how to calculate baud rate for my UART program
  268. Has anyone on CAE upgraded to Eagle 5 yet?
  269. Re: Ethernet MDI termination
  270. Atmel
  271. Avalda's Parallel F# to RTL FPGA Compiler
  272. Hardware I2C block on PXA (XScale): Hangup??
  273. Re: Which development board and LCD?
  274. Source Control - Again
  275. "ROBOTS.PRO" domain name auction on EBay (http://robots.pro)
  276. Turbo51 - 8051 Pascal compiler now with OMF-51
  277. Re: Which ARM9 with LCD controller, ethernet, etc
  278. Re: Serial port problem on ARM board
  279. Atmel NGW100 - Linux and other OSs, and debugging?
  280. Green Energy Employment Options for an Embedded Engineer?
  281. shirts & t-shirts, jerseys, jeans, jackets, sweaters, sunglasses,belts,
  282. Where does Code Composer Studio store configuration data?
  283. PCI problems
  284. Querys regarding Flash File system
  285. Cypress EZ-USB FX2 firmware downloading
  286. SCM tips
  287. Code security on modern 32bit embedded processors
  288. multiple soldering tips
  289. How to design non blocking device drivers?
  290. Memory Test algorithm
  291. BGA reflow soldering profile
  292. Experience with Lantronix XPort Internet-Protocol-to-serial device?
  293. Need Change Password in User Authentication
  294. configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compilercannot create executables.
  295. Re: Luminary eval boards, USB serial, and Linux
  296. uC/uP-Evalboard with modern bus interface??
  297. Instruction dump?
  298. Costas Loop
  299. Open Source AVL project
  300. Milenko Kindl pulls out
  301. Structures with variable length array known at compile time
  302. Top 10 Things To Look For In A Web Host
  303. Network Processor
  304. Embedding MATLAB
  305. RTFlow - New free development tool for embedded systems
  306. Re: How to create a sine lookup table...
  307. AVR tiny13 ADC0 syntax problem
  308. Doubt about TSB12LV32
  309. Seeking several async. SRAMs at 8ns ( IS61LV51216-8T or GS74116TP-8)
  310. Re: Cy7c68013 hangs computer
  311. Suggestions for a rugged color TFT LCD module?
  312. Re: How to create a sine lookup table...
  313. IPv6 vs. IPv4 for embedded devices
  314. How to share data between threads
  315. [OT - FS - Toronto] Tens of Zilog z8001 and support chips + others
  316. Changing default for dirty_expire_centiseconds
  317. Initial Conditions
  318. Re: Problem with SDRAM SAMSUNG K4S511632D-UC75
  319. Has anyone heard of corepcb?
  320. Travel and Adventure Media Project Lapland Documentary Filmproduction
  321. How can i solve this ADC device driver problem.
  322. can u Help me?
  323. Creating a pure binary image using binutils ?
  324. look at my vagina
  325. data sizes in Keil RV ARM C compiler
  326. Cache reported in top and my board crashing
  327. Re: New sub-$2.00 60MHz Piccolo C2000 Family from Texas Instruments
  328. OT New keyboard s/w, looks good
  329. Re: SD card in 4-bit mode
  330. Re: SD card in 4-bit mode
  331. task, process and thread.
  332. AD device driver.
  333. ST semi RTC M41T94
  334. A Lange & Sohne Grand Lange 1 Prices
  335. 32-Bit Microcontroller for New Project
  336. Does Cypress World Tour Kit docum,entation still exist?
  337. TO ULF SAMUELSSON: Why "sigh" at uCLinux?
  338. <> Rexsy - Beautiful Relaxing Music <>
  339. Re: SDR SDRAM 16-bit vs 32-bit
  340. Used interrupts on both 68k & PIC, want 68k w/onboard memory & JTAG/BDM
  341. new discussion with new computer post ur comments here
  342. ARM9 boot up
  343. CFP: SMART'09 - 3rd Workshop on Statistical and Machine learningapproaches applied to ARchitectures and compilaTion
  344. MPE news
  345. Embedded crypto library
  346. Re: Cheap ARM Board?
  347. timing accuracy of a Yamaha keyboard's MIDI sequencer
  348. Re: Cheap ARM Board?
  349. Re: handling interrupts
  350. request for beta testers -- TimingAnalyzer Program
  351. Re: Problem running the example
  352. with PSOC
  353. Re: Cheap ARM Board?
  354. Re: handling interrupts
  355. Need help programming a PIC16F72 in C
  366. ULINK2 USB-JTAG with Gnu ARM toolchain
  367. Nokia N85 and N79 official, no surprises
  368. Compiling code
  370. att:all psoc users
  371. att:all psoc users
  372. What is the preferred way of doing a context switch on the ARM?
  373. Latest software update for iPhone is out, but how would you know?
  374. Where is the ARM Instruction Set Manual? (the one with bit fieldencodings)
  375. VxWorks for PC?
  376. Easiest Way To Get Part Library Templates For Pcb?
  377. Schematics for a small form factor motherboard?
  378. Semiconductor/Hardware Career Opportinity in Telecom Giant (top 5)-Santa Clara
  379. Mass storage device on ML403 board
  380. GNU ARM Assembler - no support for SRS and RFE instructions?
  381. (New York) Trade ARM9 EVBs for ARM7
  382. Re: QUERY : ARM mode inline instructions in C Thumb mode file?
  383. Xilinx bitstream encryption
  384. FPGA/CPLD Design Group on LinkedIn
  385. Re: QUERY : ARM mode inline instructions in C Thumb mode file?
  386. Prodrive MCCB-3
  387. AT commands
  388. Feedback on PIC32MX USB ?
  389. Re: rs-232 to i2c converter using 16f88
  390. i need help
  391. AES encrytion (ASIC)
  392. Intel D101GGC Motherboard AUDIO DRIVER /M.BOARD A7VBX-X
  393. Intel 8280 1BA/BAM AC 97 Audio Controlle
  394. ARM assembler: labels
  395. Writing data on CF card using EDK 10.1 and xilfatfs
  396. Embest UnetIce with Gcc / Insight
  397. Cheap way of mounting a BGA chip
  398. see my blog give me ur suggestions
  399. Orcad is a total piece of dog crap!
  400. Top 10 Things To Look For In A Web Host
  401. Simulating USB 2.0 device
  402. Intel HEX format: extended segment address
  403. Re: Java Microcontrollers
  404. Re: Affordable PCB Layout Software ???
  405. FTDI USB and MIDI
  406. Re: declaring an array in embedded C
  407. ARM9 & Wifi & webcam
  408. Why HMAC better than just hash function?
  409. Re: Embedded Software Engineer/ DSP/ Not PC/ WI
  410. spam
  411. PIC18f452 Program Memory Problem
  412. PIC18f452 Program Memory Problem
  413. eee pc? no eee box!
  414. Re: computer architecture- VLIW vs superscalar
  415. Embedded dlls or linkable modules question
  416. Re: computer architecture- VLIW vs superscalar
  417. 68705U/R , misc register function
  418. Large drive without partitions
  419. Gordon the robot controlled by living brain
  420. WANTED: Motorola 68000 In-Circuit-Emulator (ICE)
  421. computer-driven fans IIII
  422. Need a bit of hand-holding for simple board design
  423. 8051 with USB 2 High Speed 480Mbps variant ?
  424. Opensouource embedded database ?
  425. Multiple Embedded/ Firmware positions full time
  426. Does anyone know hndtools-mipsel-* maintainer?
  427. Looking for a free compiler for GreenHills Integrity
  428. spam
  429. Linux on a PLC?
  430. Government regulations
  431. arm11/armv6 right shift signed packed values
  432. Re: Micro Controller Advice/Help Needed
  433. Virtual Registers
  434. new e-book on multicore programming
  435. Delayed Branching
  436. Two port implementation for a USB application consuming more than 2.5W
  437. Re: Contract Employment Weekly forging my email address
  438. Node guarding and Heartbeat in CanOpen
  439. FOC: Switching from wye to delta
  440. Task priority problem.
  441. Genital Hair Removal
  442. Student loan
  444. new technology of the world
  445. embedded processor with large memory support
  446. Can PIC/AVR serve as minimal USB host?
  447. PIC/AVR PWM + RS232 simultaneously?
  448. I need 1 USB to many RS232 Convertor?
  449. Licensing on FAT16
  450. Re: MAX3421EUSB Peripheral enumerates as low speed
  451. low pass digital filter on a fixed point microcontroller
  452. Need Texas Instruments TMS34010 development board for upgrade project
  453. USB Power
  454. home shop 18 - online computer shops
  455. Embedding BScan with the DUT
  456. timers alignment
  457. google maps street view
  458. Re: communication between PC and LED display
  459. Best solution to count RPM
  460. Re: WinXP
  461. Re: WinXP
  462. Re: WinXP
  463. Re: Affordable PCB Layout Software ???
  464. PC undefined for WINAVR???
  465. Re: OT: Buzzing on iMac Driven by APC UPS
  466. What happens to board when run over temperature?
  467. Re: Affordable PCB Layout Software ???
  468. CAREER
  469. Driving a DVI monitor from a 32bit micro
  470. Urgent openings for J2EE WITH CMML @ PUNE....!
  471. implement asp API on GoAhead WebServer ?
  472. Re: Gigabit Ethernet
  473. raisonance plus Rlink - any issues?
  474. 16550 UART Initialization Routine
  475. Re: Affordable PCB Layout Software ???
  476. USB enumeration
  477. Re: interfacing 89S52 to Winbond 29c020
  478. Re: Affordable PCB Layout Software ???
  479. Re: Affordable PCB Layout Software ???
  480. arm9 memory throughput
  481. Microwave communications
  482. using the mex file model for xfft_v5 Xilinx core-generator
  483. Re: Affordable PCB Layout Software ???
  484. PIC 18F4550 - EUSART does not generate interrupts
  485. Re: Affordable PCB Layout Software ???
  486. Re: How to use a 4x20 lcd.
  487. Loop-dedicated benchmark suites?
  488. Variable reluctance motor drive?
  489. Flushing EP2IN on MAX3421E and WinUSB
  490. A missing PPC405 instruction
  491. abt acquiring emg signals..
  492. Recommendations for a Quadrature Decoder IC or MicroController
  493. Re: How to use a 4x20 lcd.
  494. Chip Gracey Interview
  495. AVR bootloaders
  496. NOR flash erase failures - what do they look like?
  497. Looking for DAQ system, 0Hz to 1kHz
  498. Re: arm9e: how do I invert sign of a halfword?
  499. RJ45 case
  500. Hai you looking Real Esate Agents in India