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  5. arm9e: how do I invert sign of a halfword?
  6. Re: STR912 bitfield access to memory mapped peripherals
  7. New Yahoo Group for Blackfin DSP/MCU
  8. OTT - Software Developer (Embedded Graphics)
  10. computer-driven fans II
  11. Re: Calculate Interrupt Latency of FreeRTOS with LPC23xx
  12. FPGA Central eNewsletter - LinkedIn, Write Articles, Post FREE Jobs,FPGA for Mobiles
  13. How to create .bin flash file for ARM-based mobile phone?
  14. Re: Virtualizing QNX 6.0
  15. Two kind of device with one report descriptor
  16. porting FreeRtos to atmega2560
  17. Europe's Best Computer Enthusiast Website, Eurotechzone is now Open!
  18. Connecting FLASH memory device on printed circuit board
  19. Re: Virtualizing QNX 6.0
  20. RKS Fax - Fax Software for Windows
  21. Re: 32-bit Microcontroller for $1.00
  22. Hicom Embedded Telco Switch
  23. Mini USB cable with all 5 pins + shield = 6 wires?
  24. Finding power - gnd shorts
  25. max. number of mapped spaces for ARM 926ES
  26. Reg programmable Luma delay in Video encoder
  27. Cheapest USB microcontroller?
  28. ARM/Linux: Is this a cross-compiler bug? (memcpy doesn't work as expected)
  29. Linkedin Group for DSP - Digital Signal Processing
  30. Re: 32-bit Microcontroller for $1.00-Guy Macon
  31. Re: 32-bit Microcontroller for $1.00 -Guy Macon
  32. Questions regarding the SAA7105 / SAA7108 / SAA7109 encoder
  33. Possibly OT but may be of interest (link to news story)
  34. Bluelab environment for CSR chips Bluetooth
  35. GPS receiver question
  36. LCD controller programming concept
  37. Solutions Fast Track - Monitoring and Intrusion
  38. Re: -- Laptop Battery Vendor
  39. Engineering Jobs
  40. Need RTOS & SSH for ARM-based remote terminal
  41. ANNOUNCE: TimingAnalyzer version beta 0.87
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  43. computer-driven fans
  44. Re: Problem creating the ML403 project using Xilinx tool
  45. CompactFlash write speed
  46. Alternate supplier for dallas/microchip 1-wire memories
  47. USB host + FAT32 filesystem
  48. Micro-SD card initialisation-problem
  49. Re: Nucleus OS
  50. Offers on 1 GB Pen Drive
  51. Offers on 1 GB Pen Drive
  52. Samsung 997MB Computer
  53. Using GoAhead Web server 2.1
  54. Good hobbyist VGA camera module?
  55. Multiple USB 1.1 devices in USB 2 Hub speed ?
  56. constructions
  57. 2 GB Pen Drive For Rs.399
  58. 2 GB Pen Drive For Rs.399
  59. Computer Hard Drives
  60. crazy internet! status bar advertising sale!
  61. Re: CMOS Image Sensor FPGA USB - Is CY7C68013 good?
  62. Toronto, Canada - Embedded Software Developer (OpenGL)
  63. Mansikka sato...
  64. Re: calling a c function from assembly ISR
  65. HMC1052 range and consistency control?
  66. powerPC linux boot sequence
  67. Re: Q: Embedded Database Recommendations?
  68. USA: Free HCS08/12 dev hardware & Codewarrior
  69. Programming languages than can be compiled to C
  70. Help corrupted Usb file tranfer to embedded device????
  71. C/SDL programmer needed
  72. Want to study abroad
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  74. About GSM project
  75. Discuss health related issues
  76. Make 1000$ per day
  77. Re: CMOS Image Sensor FPGA USB - Is CY7C68013 good?
  78. The Code One
  79. Re: Embedded Database Recommendations?
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  83. Re: CMOS Image Sensor FPGA USB - Is CY7C68013 good?
  84. SPAM
  85. Pic18f252 usart problem
  86. GPS +8051+GSM modem
  87. Low cost solution to program Spartan 3AN DSP development boardAES-SPEEDWAY-S3ADSP-SK Opzioni
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  89. Re: can demo
  90. Timestamps in libraries created by GNU ar
  91. AVR, polling INT0 IRQ bit - help?
  92. Dallas DS18B20 CRC
  93. Multiple audio input/output streams with i.mx31
  94. Senior OpenGL Application Developer
  95. AVG Version 8 Antivirus software loading web sites badly.
  96. RecruitingMadeEasy
  97. CAN question ???
  98. CAN question ???
  99. MBR or not in SD cards?
  100. Re: 8051 baud rate
  101. Timer ticks occurring much more faster
  102. MBR or not? (on SD cards)
  104. monthly earning $1000 to$5000
  105. Using priorities as a sequencing mechanism.
  106. Processors with remote programming / debugging
  107. problems while mixing C with asm
  108. SSC PLCEFN datasheet
  109. Challenge: Motorola SC85370P
  110. SBC with ADC, 1GE, and SATA2?
  111. Re: RS422 interface
  112. ANNOUNCE: TimingAnalyzer version beta 0.86
  113. MONTHLYearning$1000to $10000
  114. Embedded processor selection for long-life product
  115. I'm a bit lost on WinAVR (make problem?)
  116. Re: Can You Guess Which Micro This Is?
  117. Re: small data area and zero data area
  118. Re: lpc2378
  119. Re: Priority among T0 & T1
  120. Laptop for engineering without OS
  121. Free Webinars on PMP Certification Awareness and Roadmap
  122. User Authentication dialog is not coming
  123. USB short packets and physical data packet length
  124. Re: 8051 baud rate
  125. convert 16 bit port to Char
  126. code for SPI test for MSP430
  127. Re: In MPC555 processor what happens when reset occurs
  128. Faster than TI C2000?
  129. Opinions on Atmel Studio4 sw?
  130. Serial Flash
  131. AC spike go pass XFRM and regulator to reset CPU [Part 2]: It is irradiated?
  132. SMSC USB3311 manual
  133. New release of Cheddar, a GNU GPL real time scheduling analyzer
  134. Home Shop 18 - Frontech LCD Monitor 17 inch BL JIL-1952
  135. Best buy linux comp. CPU ??
  136. config for USB peripheral mode device
  137. Embedded DOS
  138. IDE 'emulator' with Ethernet or USB
  139. Good SVN client?
  140. lwip for FPGA
  141. Help with Zilog ZDS II: need debugging tips
  142. OFF TOPIC: Google Groups Censorship Of My Post About Gordon Sauck Being A Police Agent
  143. Re: Developing Application software for a USB host
  144. Compaq C765TU Laptop
  145. High end training in Bangalore
  146. I-map Websolution...turning possibility into reality...
  147. PCB Manufacture in UK
  148. Internet secrets:The nobody know of place
  149. Re: Thermopile Detector Voltage Amplification Module
  150. Architecture Overview
  151. Re: [OT] Text Editor that Does Tables?
  152. NAND flash misery
  153. Hot mangas:Naruto 406, One Piece 505, Bleach 328
  154. New ICI for MILEPOST GCC (machine learning based research compiler)
  155. Intel rejects Vista, and will stay with XP and wait for windows7
  156. V850 Flash / Flashprotection
  157. Re: Wireless cables replacement technology?
  158. Re: Wireless cables replacement technology?
  159. Re: LPC2138 Flash Write Problem
  160. I recently found a Japanese AV website! It's Very good!
  161. [HELP NEEDED] PowerPC and ICE BDM
  162. Add static library with the Ecos Executable
  163. Re: Could any one clarify the below codes.
  164. Re: LPC2138 Flash Write Problem
  165. Re: Sleeping PICs Lie ? - WDT + GIE <> ISR but Just Resumes Main Code
  166. Input needed: Embedded systems training in Bangalore
  167. RE: AT91SAM7: C-startup
  168. Re: Sleeping PICs Lie ? - WDT + GIE <> ISR but Just Resumes MainCode
  169. edk peripheral communication
  170. AT91SAM7: C-startup
  171. Re: Looking for Video Overlay Board
  172. Build Application for eCos
  173. Re: 24 bit math on 8 bit micros
  174. Linked Group For FPGA & CPLD
  175. Re: 24 bit math on 8 bit micros
  176. ANNOUNCE: Draw timing diagrams with TimingAnalyzer beta0.84 --new version
  177. Re: 24 bit math on 8 bit micros
  178. Re: 24 bit math on 8 bit micros
  179. AT91SAM7: C-startup
  180. Is Rigol Good ?
  181. which PC Based Logic Analyzer ?
  182. buffer address problem
  183. tiny inductor with every bypass cap?
  184. The Right PCB House
  185. a PC Based Oscilloscope?
  186. Re: Hardware before SPI interfacing
  187. which oscilloscope?
  188. police
  189. How to reset an Atmel AT90CAN128 from software?
  190. Fraud Warning to Electronic Companies.
  191. How do I get 'gettext' in a embedded Linux target?
  192. Re: developing Application software for a host to communicate with a USB device
  193. Using the spi_bitbang linux driver
  194. Re: C code generation from Matlab (m-file)
  195. unable to suspend process xilinx
  196. Xscale development support - forum/example code?
  197. Identify microprocessor from code.
  198. embedded system development environment
  199. Re: Difference between ARM9 and ARM11
  200. LPC2138 I2C
  201. LPC2138 AD converters
  202. Re: a race car system development
  203. Re: C code generation from Matlab (m-file)
  204. messenger plus! live
  205. mips-linux-g++
  206. Re: Global Variables
  207. Re: Global Variables
  208. at91sam7: garbage on DBGU output
  209. How workable is Vista?
  210. Sample DOSFS disk image file for testing
  211. ROMmable / diskless OS ?
  212. PXA270 USB host port 2
  213. Re: Graphic LCD programming
  214. Barracuda Spam Firewall System
  215. Locked out of ATmega48
  216. Re: Graphic LCD programming
  217. Parallel port Interfacing
  218. Ryhmn sfnet.atk.linux virallinen kuvaus
  219. Link for Joining the FPGA/CPLD Design Group on LinkedIn
  220. Driver chip that supplies a path to Vcc?
  221. Re: Graphic LCD programming
  222. Dlp-2232pb
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  224. Dog Grooming
  225. Access Control Systems from Cansec
  226. Bounceless switches?
  227. Re: voltage regulator configuration
  228. Re: voltage regulator configuration
  229. Flash retention in uC at higher temps, experience?
  230. Re: Modular AX series tiny pc or thin client
  231. HCL, Aricent, Infosys and many more companies hiring fresh &experienced engineers ,
  232. jtag/cop interface
  233. SDR DSP Development board
  234. SCI Interrupt on freescale HCS12XDP512 - CodeWarrior + ProcessorExpert
  235. Caps needed across LM7805?
  236. Shrinking the IBM Roadrunner Supercomputer to desktop form factor -Wafer Scale Integration
  237. Please suggest USB to RS232 adapter that works 100%
  238. Shrinking the IBM Roadrunner Supercomputer to desktop form factor -MacroProcessors on MacroChips
  239. Re: Lantronix Matchport and the PIC
  240. (Slightly OT) Get a cake made to look like a product?
  241. MIL-STD-1553B
  242. BIOS authoring tool ?
  243. Adding USB thumb-drive support to existing product
  244. DLP-2232PB adc not working
  245. Commercial Embedded Linux Vendors
  246. lookig for a way to visualize data memory overlays
  247. Help to get good ADC system design tutorial
  248. Windows Driver for USB to RS232?
  249. Serial driver error handling
  250. Re: Programming AVR from ARM using CAN Bus interface
  251. Re: How to Un-Hang a DS RTC Chip Stuck in I2C La-La-Land ???
  252. Re: How to Un-Hang a DS RTC Chip Stuck in I2C La-La-Land ???
  253. Re: Adding USB Interface to Low-Cost 8-Bit Microcontroller
  254. HET errors
  255. initialization steps that I have learned
  256. ActiveSync connection
  257. Sorry,not a technical question.But need a help
  258. How to modify startice.cmd to load into SDRAM of SMDK 2410
  259. AT921SAM7: jump to address in flash
  260. Serial driver - abandon FIFO data on error?
  261. Connecting buttons with MSP430F2013 for Input Output with software
  262. how to prevent timer code firmware running on Microblaze from beingoptimised
  263. Simple but reliable checksum for small controllers
  264. Free PC Anti-Virus Scan
  265. Newbie questions on ARM
  266. Re: ST Microelectronics STM8 Programmer?
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  268. XbeePro (Zigbee radio) : repeated TX Status messages
  269. 1 Pin MTE Cable
  270. length compensation for RocketIO channels
  271. CAN J1939 protocol
  272. FPA in ARM
  273. Seagate ST1 questions
  274. Re: Simulation of Microcontrollers
  275. Development tools comments
  276. Re: ST Microelectronics STM8 Programmer?
  277. Any C/C++ Embedded Tool Chain Developers in the Houston Area?
  278. AT91SAM7S64: flash programming
  279. Take 5-10 min survey on animals, technology, and nature for a $20Barnes&Noble gift certificate
  280. MISRA-C++
  281. Hello Kernel
  282. Can't subscribe to PICList@MIT.EDU mailing list
  283. ZigBee gateway
  284. Are there any FAQ for this group?
  285. Microcontroller-related engineering jobs
  286. USB to Parallel port
  287. Re: Data to fill into unused program space on ARM7.
  288. Re: ZIP Algorithm on PIC 16F/18F ?
  289. Re: ZIP Algorithm on PIC 16F/18F ?
  290. Re: ARM9 STR912 IRQ woes (GCC/Eclipse/OpenOCD)
  291. Re: ZIP Algorithm on PIC 16F/18F ?
  292. ANNOUNCE:-- TimingAnalyzer Free Version -- Draw timing diagrams
  293. AT91SAM7S64: flash programming
  294. ideas for a BASIC compiler
  295. Re: TCP/IP Stacks for STR9
  296. Linker/loader directives
  297. Material Choice for Portable Sound Player
  298. Low Cost arm chips to offload TCP/IP stacks
  299. Programmer / Evaluation Board / Development Board
  300. Any recommendations for audio player microcontrollers?
  301. Stack Overflow Detection
  302. Driving tri-state LED matrix
  303. Recommend open source graphics library
  304. Re: FTDI2232D & SPI
  305. Journal Special Issue on Software Development for Multi-Core ComputingSystems
  306. gcc-toolchain for freescale's MC9S12X (68HCS12) ??
  307. Re: MC68020 Embedded System HW Reset Problem - Need Help
  308. More than 500 free webhostings
  309. Kernel starts dropping incoming ping packets
  310. Re: TCP/IP Stacks for STR9
  311. New STM32 families
  312. CodeWarrior for HCS12X - ANSI-compliant??
  313. scripting language for automated testing?
  314. Re: TCP/IP Stacks for STR9
  315. DSP Libraries
  316. Re: RS 485 wiring with CAT5 cable
  317. DMA issue while recording data on SATA HD
  318. Porting Contiki
  319. Voltage from high impedence? (Newbie)
  320. Free pascal compiler for the 8051 family of microcontrollers
  321. Re: Most suitable driver chip
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  323. open source project.
  324. LCD interfacing Tutorial
  325. question about ARM
  326. Re: eCos Message Queue
  327. read floppy problem
  328. incredible psychic picture!--------the world of super photos
  329. Embedded systems recruiter in LA?
  330. Xilinx EDK inferred dual port BRAM unconnected clkb
  331. RE: Embedded Product ESD failure questions for the list
  332. Linux for MediaTek mobile-phone processors?
  333. J-Link Errors
  334. video over ethernet
  335. microscope recommendations
  336. Most suitable driver chip
  337. Force high-speed (480Mbps) with Cypress FX2
  338. Extended burst with ADNP with CY7C1386C/CY7C1387C
  339. Inplementing calendar in 8 bit micro
  340. Loading TMS470R1B1M with IAR Workbench through JTAG
  341. Any serial analyzer recommendations?
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  344. USB sniffer?
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  346. Sharing the timeslice
  347. Scheduling between threads of a same process
  348. Scheduling between threads of a same process
  349. Compact Flash interface with MPC8313E
  350. Re: Switching device types in a USB device
  351. IBM announces PowerXCell 8i, QS22 blade server
  352. Writing to file delayed with Linux 2.6.10 & NFS
  353. Re: Is GoAhead software still alive?
  354. M16C29 Beginner
  355. FREE Tutorials on HTML XHTML CSS JavaScript XML XSL ASP SQL ADOVBScript, SAP - ABAP
  356. iMX31 ARM Processor
  357. Re: Looking for a tiny WAV player
  358. Re: Is there any software emulator available for 80c186 microprocessor?
  359. FPGA file formats
  360. Message Queues (2.4 vs. 2.6)
  361. NSbasic Franson CUWIN3500
  362. Perfect hash for 32 bit integers
  363. Resetting FPGA without Watchdog timer.
  364. about vfd
  365. I2c slaves at different clocks
  366. Embedded Software Developer - GoAhead - Interested?
  367. quick logarithms
  368. Computer
  369. Re: OrCAD PCB Editor (Alegro) question
  370. Posix Regexp library
  371. What's the relationship between these terms
  372. scheduler
  373. zero latency context switch - The Best Methods !!
  374. Re: MPLAB IDE
  375. Open Source (re)implementation of D2XX drivers for FTDI chips?
  376. adding USB Flash feature to existing product (Vinculum? experience?)
  377. Blank Piece of Paper: Bluetooth Controlled Motor
  378. Socializing site EXCLUSIVELY for TECHIES
  379. Best way to get 2.5 volts from somewhere? (Vcc = 5 volts)
  380. A different program
  381. So, you wanted a cheap notebook?
  382. My idea of fully-portable C code
  383. 5 ebook abaout Embedded Computer System
  384. ARM cache misses and performance
  385. J1939 CAN bus help
  386. Looking for skills to develop consumer device
  387. Re: PCI interfacing
  388. Renesas 6N4, 6NK CAN Problem
  389. Re: Timer Calculation
  390. Pull up resistor on the gate of a PMOS
  391. newbie on ARM
  392. Special INFORMATION a must read
  393. [EE] GPS logger with voice recording - Wear balancing for SD/MMCcard needed?
  394. Re: code optimiation
  395. Re: code optimiation
  396. USB host on VxWorks 5.5 PPC 5200
  397. Re: code optimiation
  398. ANT Pack wireless modules - getting started?
  400. more SDIO - master + free CRC7 code
  401. Programming the Coldfire V2 Flash module
  402. LARWE's dosfs
  403. Re: firmware
  404. shopping to get beijing2008 tessera hap
  405. Re: firmware
  406. Re: firmware
  407. Clock and Asynchronous Reset with just one pin
  408. ANNC: FPGA Design Software Webcast
  409. Re-launch of The Gadgets Forum
  410. Auto Mirror Manufacturer
  411. PMOS in parallel with NMOS
  412. The worlds largest FREE jobs and resume database!
  413. Choosing Bi-port Ethernet Chip
  414. AVR Assembler (Mega8) - Test if a value has changed more than a given amount
  415. CCD Chips
  416. Re: Integer Square Root Algorithm for Processor with MUL, DIV
  417. Loss of synchronisation: Are the chips reliable?
  418. TFT driver
  419. how to open include file in system generator
  420. Power Quicc 3 problem HW/SW ??
  421. Multiple error detection and correction
  422. OT.keyboard from PC/mac to embedded thingy
  423. Ethernet over servo motor control lines
  424. Looking for places to get certified in?
  425. Just assume that it's not in a defined state?
  426. uC Slection for a learner project
  427. Simple Clockable Decoder Chip
  428. Inputs left floating at the very start
  429. AHB and APB generator
  430. Ethernet in its most basic form
  431. Re: migrating from 8051 to AVR!
  432. A few novice questions
  433. ADC/DAC combination with serial interface
  434. "Change your language and you change your thoughts."
  435. Microcontroller USB interface chip
  436. Zigbee Sensor Network
  437. Re: Integer Square Root Algorithm for Processor with MUL, DIV
  438. Re: Integer Square Root Algorithm for Processor with MUL, DIV
  439. Powerpc I/O memory, linux, mmap and eieio
  440. Join in to discuss Yagarto, a free but powerful tool chain for ARM7,combining GNU and Eclipse
  441. Re: ASCII Text to I8HEX Format Converter
  442. FREE (old) Pentica Emulators and pods
  443. looking for AES-128 encryption routines
  444. Byte for byte copy of PCMCIA linear FLASH?
  445. Embedded flash memory issue with Linux 2.6.10 kernel....
  446. Anyone out there using Ada ?
  447. Re: doubt with OV3640 RGB888 format
  448. MMAP for accessing Binary files
  449. Recomendations for document control software
  450. Driving a led without a series resistor (PWM technique)
  451. Re: What Microcontroller can be used with inductive loop sensors
  452. Debugging: Am I a dreamer. . . ?
  454. HP Pavilion Desktop with 17 inch LCD Model No: 6310
  455. Task priority for UI task handling menus and other controls
  456. Touch screen PENIRQ problems with AD7843
  457. About mov instruction and gs register
  458. Generate DTMF
  459. How to embed Time and Date in Xilinx FPGA?
  460. PCI BAR0 with 8349
  461. IAR ARM Assembler
  462. Virtex4 PPC405 FPU problem
  463. Camp26 Studio Template - Special Free Template from Camp26.com
  464. Re: FFT timing
  465. Bug in latest IAR MSP430 compiler optimization???
  466. Which board..
  467. Fixed point numbers in C
  468. msp430 gnu debugger and usb support
  469. WebGoo 4.0.0
  470. HD66760 example init code?
  471. Multiple program counters
  472. Had an interview
  473. Hard & Soft Parts Available Here X
  474. Latest PC Parts In Small Price U Nid Contact Mi!!
  475. One object file per symbol
  476. Luminary Cortex ARM toolchain thoughts?
  477. Advice on uC selection wanted - driving microsteppers etc
  478. Consequences of Embedded Systems for Reductive Quantum Architectures
  479. Saelig uDrive module
  480. Floating point numbers and endian ness??
  481. Re: Porting (uITRON )TOPPERS/JSP on MCB2100
  482. AC spike go pass XFRM and regulator to reset CPU!!??
  483. Doubling car mileage secret!!!
  484. Re: need older versions of ocd commander
  485. C and MISRA, blues... (arithmetic shifts)
  486. ANNC: Digital Power Management Webcast
  487. recommendation for dual core RISC/DSP and tools?
  488. Calling conventions
  489. Re: ATA Protocol
  490. silRTOS Port on ARM9
  491. Large Wireless networks?
  492. Re: STMicroelectronics Introduces ARM9 Microcontroler with 2.1 MbytesFlash
  493. Re: OEM Drum Microphone - Chinese Drum Microphone Manufacturer
  494. Intel Larrabee - Rasterisation Focus Confirmed - Not just forRaytracing
  495. Microblaze start up code
  496. Getting fit with embedded systems
  497. Re: TFT contrast problem
  498. Re: TFT contrast problem
  499. Monochrome LCDs
  500. Any low cost solution for flash programming on PowerPC 405GP JTAG?