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  1. Help support the new Embedded Systems site on Stack Exchange! Committo help get it running.
  2. IXP435 networking MAC docs
  3. Multi Tech MT5656ZDX modem
  4. How to manage serial numbers
  5. Code coverage tools
  6. NE2000 NIC driver for Linux 2.6
  7. Compass chips
  8. Re: PPC 440 Boot UP Issues
  9. Networking Problems with Telnet
  10. Daylight savings date identification over the net
  11. Z85C30 D/C (Data/Control) pin
  12. Blutooth Stack(lwbt Stack)
  13. mb-gnutools
  14. Where are device drivers with respect to HAL?
  15. (OT?) A comment question about correct English usage
  16. Re: OP-Amp with output clamp
  17. STM8S programming.
  18. Your favorite protocol for transmitting big files
  19. Your favorite protocol for transmitting small files
  20. Board with min 8k RAM
  21. Absolute addressing on the ARM
  22. Atheros wifi card and extended range
  23. Small / cheap micro family with MMU for running Linux
  24. Re: Semi-OT: PCIe Hotplug
  25. 20 Freescale employees confirmed aboard missing jet
  26. What is this data structure?
  27. Arduino users?
  28. running the linux on STM32F407VGT6
  29. Single Chip PWM decoders?
  30. Best tool to compare two linux source codes
  31. STM32F0x1 Sleep Mode Conundrum
  32. Thuraya XT satphone - what USB chip is used?
  33. Load testing and Abraham Lincoln
  34. How data processes in microprocesser ??
  35. How to create a backlight for a capacitive touch keypad
  36. PC transfer Zero padded data to device through USB 2.0
  37. Verify execution speed - "cycle counting" etc?
  38. Certification of embedded cellular devices (specifically PTCRB)
  39. powerpc emulator
  40. C cross-compiler for 6800 (yes, you read correctly)
  41. Cortex M0 vs. M3
  42. Why is STMFD equivalent to STMDB?
  43. Question about ARM execution cycles
  44. Re: Help: Infineon C167CS CAN controller
  45. Interfacing CAN directly to PCIe bus
  46. Tutors / study materials to quickly ramp-up Linux kernel / Linux device drivers for non-Linux embedded experts
  47. Bootloader
  48. How much RAM can I embed inside an ASIC design today?
  49. gui
  50. i find difficulties to write this below code to embedded matlab function..help please
  51. YAMI4 MISRA-C 1.2.0 (with UDP support)
  52. hex file download problem to card
  53. DS89c450 times access problem
  54. Understanding Coplanar Waveguide over ground impedance
  55. Qestion about cycle count in ARM Cortex-A8?
  56. Ground Fill and track impedance
  57. CAN bus confusion - bus disconnected bad behavior...
  58. Where is "uint16x8_t" defined?
  59. DDR2 Skew Constraints
  60. Unfamiliar code construct
  61. ARM, Single-Chip PC, or other architectures for audio stuff?
  62. Question about inline asm for ARM
  63. HP 64000 development system
  64. A $3.2 billion* thermostat....
  65. What is "4 supported data types" below?
  66. Several problems in porting/runnig Qt/Embedded program on/toFriendlyARM Board
  67. Where is ne10_qMaskTable32 of NE10 library defined?
  68. RS485: when should I consider it a "transmission line"
  69. asflags while cross compiling a kernel module (wind river linux v4)
  70. What is arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc flag -lm for?
  71. What does 'm' mean in this cmake file?
  72. How to understand this definition: "void ne10_fir_float_neon (constne10_fir_instance_f32_t *S, ne10_float32_t *pSrc, ne10_float32_t *pDst,ne10_uint32_t blockSize) asm("ne10_fir_float_neon")"
  73. HCS12 Tx problem:
  74. Binary protocol design: TLV, LTV, or else?
  75. Catch-22 (?), interrupt driven serial Tx, HCS12
  76. Re: RS-485 -----> converter -----> USB --------> Linux
  77. Re: RS-485 -----> converter -----> USB --------> Linux
  78. Re: RS-485 -----> converter -----> USB --------> Linux
  79. Re: RS-485 -----> converter -----> USB --------> Linux
  80. Re: RS-485 -----> converter -----> USB --------> Linux
  81. Re: RS-485 -----> converter -----> USB --------> Linux
  82. C++/QT/ARM Processors Cross-compiling/Programming Problem
  83. UDP timers
  84. Need Small Motherboard with mini PCI
  85. Advantech PCD-897 configuration issues
  86. Extracting structure elements address and types from elf file.
  87. Certificate compromises?
  88. A $5 Arduino?!!
  89. An efficient way to implement bluetooth for an embedded product?
  90. Parser, again!
  93. Contacting mSATA disks in small space
  94. Decompiling "MS" drivers
  95. FINAL CfP Ada-Europe 2014, Dec 15 submission deadline
  96. Certificate Management for Embedded Devices
  97. fet for automatic gain control?
  98. "RJ45" crimp connector flavors
  99. Announcing new Electronics, Hobby, and Embedded Systems Site Launch www.iC0nstruX.com
  100. IVR et al. in the 21st century
  101. C++ hardware library for (small) 32-bit micro-controllers
  102. USB 2.0 Host Ic's
  103. Three PhD positions in self-adaptive systems at Linnaeus University (Sweden)
  104. "Stable" time references
  105. Ada-Europe 2014 EXTENDED 15 December submission deadline
  106. [raspberry pidora-18 ]
  107. I am using ARM controller having 32k RAM and it is not sufficient for me
  108. SPI on Kinetis K60
  109. "scrubbing" below the FTL
  110. Ada-Europe 2014 submission deadline approaching
  111. Microchip PIC32MZ Flash Microcontroller is the World's Fastest 32-bit MCU
  112. wget'ing complete web pages/sites
  113. Robust user interface requirement
  114. P1010 QorIQ from Freescale - any experiences?
  115. Infineon XMC1000, XMC4000
  116. Pointing devices et ilk
  117. Press Release - Ada 2012 Language Rationale Published
  118. Preferred LiFePO4 USB charger/regulator IC
  119. STM32 power consumption
  120. MODBUS RTU: should the master retransmit on timeout?
  121. C++ syntax without C++
  122. Automotive MCUs
  123. HDLC Normal Responde Mode implementation
  124. inverse time relay
  125. Managing "capabilities" for security
  126. Startup problems, Olimex LPC-L2294
  127. ds18b20 invalid CRC problem
  128. "Design investments" for the Future
  129. problem with python-ctypes on embedded systems
  130. TFT LCD controller
  131. kmalloc()ing HUGE buffers in excess of 1Gb - bigphysareaalternatives?
  132. timeouts and keeping the user informed
  133. Re: Need opinions on Scope4pc Computer interfaced Oscilloscope
  134. Zynq devices, boards and suppliers
  135. Ethernet questions
  136. Soc with SLIC/PCM (Codec) interface.
  137. Blur Image using OV9655 camera module on LPC1788 Board
  138. OT? PSP development
  139. Re: MIPS + Linux Development Kit
  140. Deployment vs. Development Costs
  141. OT? "Alternative" business models
  142. Cortex M3/M4 with bootloader ROM
  143. Installing a JTAG interface under Ubuntu
  144. Help on unprogrammable Kinetis,pulse on RST pin
  145. Sensor wiring
  146. Wayne Green
  147. OT: Inhibiting persistent changes to a workstation
  148. Please provide me some project ideas using RL78 Micro Controller reg.,
  149. OT: Disk "imaging" SW
  150. Tasking debugger "realtime watch"?
  151. Counting 2ms long pulses on several input pins
  152. Looking to work on some embedded projects as a volunteer
  153. Lithium batteries for embedded systems
  154. 3.5-6 inch TFT display with touch screen
  155. Developing Embbeded Driver board for ATIK314L+
  156. Mature TCP/IP Stack for STM32
  157. OT: Cloud IT structure for a start-up?
  158. Programming the FT230 Chip
  159. Small, fast, resource-rich processor
  160. STM32F4 DMA question
  161. ISO: UI/UX issues forum
  162. Cheapest Microcontroller or Module Running Linux
  163. Autodetect slave devices on a bus network (RS485)
  164. "short" pointers
  165. Stack after reset for STM32F with gdb
  166. 3D printers for small run boards
  167. Editor recommendation
  168. PoE/PoE+ PD controller recommendations
  169. stm8 development board with at least 4KB of RAM?
  170. linking libraries to banked segments with cosmic c
  171. What's the maximum RAM size that can be embedded in an ASIC today?
  172. ISO "privacy" forums
  173. Routing signals under crystals
  174. OFFTOPIC?: arm-linux-gnueabi-gdb error with cortex-m3 code
  175. AREF bypass capacitance on ATMega2560?
  176. Freescale 9S12 Shared I/Os
  177. Longshot: TI-500 Series Indicators firmware
  178. Tone Deafness
  179. 68hc05 705
  180. Simple protocol analyzer?
  181. Cortex R4 Tools and Processors
  182. Comparing phase of physically distant signals
  183. PTP and its ilk
  184. Avoiding PCB stress from connectors ?
  185. Cortex M4 Floating Point Size
  186. problem in reading the 2nd data from PCF8563 real time clock by i2c
  187. ARM Cortex dev kit with 3 axis Gyro + 3 axis accelerometer ?
  188. Wanted: Lauterbach LA-7707
  189. Microcontroller True RMS in Noisy Waveforms
  190. Bluetooth LE Modules OLS425/426
  191. Resource revocation
  192. Cutting panels
  193. Plumbing
  194. How do I design and implement SNMP?
  195. Can gateway controller detect all controllers present on CAN Network?
  196. Two EIA232 ports, Ethernet, 24V inputs, custom programming?
  197. Easy embedded GUI
  198. usb bios on Dell's Latitude D600
  199. Best Scripting Language For Embedded Work?
  200. How to assign modbus addresses to slave devices?
  201. Please explain "Encapsulated Interface Transport" from modbus spec.?
  202. OT: WTD: Cheap Android tables w/ Bluetooth
  203. USB Logic Analyzer
  204. LPC2362 Not entering ISP mode
  205. Controlling embedded devices from tablet apps
  206. How to configure application properly?
  207. *Cheap*/lightweight IDS algorithms/strategies/policies
  208. Suggestions for training courses
  209. Where is __main?
  210. [OT] Good Qt Book
  211. Should I really increase OS_MUTEXCNT to exit forever loop?
  212. Should I really increase OS_MUTEXCNT to exit forever loop?
  213. Should I really increase OS_MUTEXCNT to exit forever loop?
  214. Should I really increase OS_MUTEXCNT to exit forever loop?
  215. Preferred MCU manufacturer selection
  216. Smallest physical GPS module ?
  217. Best WSDL client framework for small embedded Linux system ?
  218. The Embedded Heap
  219. OT: Old google groups gone
  220. Simple I/O on Windows PC
  221. Re: OT: ARM vs. x86 SBC
  222. [OT] 8-bit vs. 32-bit
  223. New Atmel SAMD20 Cortex-M0+ Microcontrollers
  224. US Regulatory
  225. Silicon Labs Buys Energy Micro!
  226. Zilog Buys Microcontroller Product Lines from Samsung Electronics
  227. XRite i1
  228. [ANN] XMODZ-Fast modulo reduction VHDL IPs
  229. Which AVR Studio and C compiler for AVR 8-bit microcontroller and JTAGICE?
  230. How to load bootloader(using debugger) in ARM7 based target?
  231. Two-wires RS485 single master multi slaves: how to define the receivingbuffer
  232. ARM compiler
  233. RFID tag EM4100: strange protocol
  234. Using a Li_Ion charger with Ni-MH
  235. Please, suggest a SPI EEPROM programmer with SMD socket
  236. OFF TOPIC: good blogging websites ?
  237. What happened to RFID readers IC U2270B from Atmel?
  238. Microcross X-Tools license help?
  239. Re: Bar Code Labeling Software
  240. The UK Device Developers' Conference - Last call
  241. MSC embedded systems or MSC microelectronics system design
  242. Full stop mode with Freescale MAC7121
  243. Smallest embedded processor with built-in bluetooth
  244. Power Gating Devices
  245. Rowley Associates and OpenOCD
  246. free software 1-wire (DS18x20) library (AVR, ARM)?
  247. Low power embedded Bluetooth
  248. Very small microcontroller that does BT SPP
  249. cheap USB-capable MCUs: ARM 32 or AVR 8?
  250. http://www.atmel.com/Images/ PDFs
  251. arm instruction query
  252. RS485 bus and auto-addressing
  253. Tool for Automatic Testing of Embedded SW
  254. Linux on ST Microelectronics SPAEr320
  255. 14th international CAN Conference
  256. debugging arm executuble with gdb
  257. The UK Device Developers' Conference - May
  258. KiCad - how to protect project against changing symbols in library?
  259. Wrapping function calls using Diab compiler
  260. Low cost mains power supply
  261. OT: Recommend a decent news reader?
  262. Debug Speed of ETM Trace for Debugging IO
  263. Embedded Code Snippets
  264. A C++-Language Question (Maybe C, too)
  265. Call for Papers - IWOMP 2013 - International Workshop on OpenMP
  266. Bluetooth SBC encoder (file conversion)
  267. RS485 bus with "non-true" fail-safe transceivers
  268. High speed PCB design tools
  269. Name this design pattern
  270. booting the Linux on bare metal board.
  271. start whit micro
  272. Market size of new, non-legacy, 5V ICs ?
  273. Ancient Philips MCU query
  274. IAR 8051 ver 7.51 Compiler
  275. atxmega32a4u programming manual
  276. arm scatter file
  277. STM32F2 series users group
  278. Proposed Usenet newsgroup about the Raspberry Pi
  279. The UK Device Developers' Conference - May 2013
  280. Working principle of a Desktop environment
  281. Mult-core simulator, emulator advice
  282. (Very) moronic OT: Gollum-ish plurals
  283. HT Inbuilt AVR
  284. LPC1788 versus LPC2478
  285. Really tiny microcontrollers
  286. The end of an era: TI Launchpad now costs $5?
  287. Small controller with good on-chip oscillator
  288. how to integrate hyt-221 with msp controller
  289. Eclipse setup for STM32F
  290. SATA power for embedded widgets
  291. CFP: EBW2013 Technically Co-sponsored by IEEE - Thailand
  292. FOSDEM 2013 - Presentations Ada Developer Room on-line
  293. Graduate Research Assistantship at the Department of ComputerEngineering, Hallym University, Gangwon-do, Korea
  294. Atmel ATTiny 861 Frequency @ 3.3V
  295. debugging problem
  296. USB and UPnP Tutorials
  297. DeviceNet and ASi stack recommendations.
  298. Interfacing 3.3V SPI devices to a 5V MCU
  299. Non Standard Ethernet pass through connector
  300. Methods for Reading a Positive to Negative Range on an ADC
  301. Simple cPCI question 6U/3U
  302. New Atmel SAMA5D3 has a cool Linux Trainer!
  303. large microprocessors?
  304. Generating Accurate Timestamps While Capturing Sensor Data
  305. Microcontroller power drain
  306. Non-text format for source code
  307. Re: Analog-to-digital converter discussion groups?
  308. Let Us Sing the Song of the FAE Part 2 - Feel Our Pain!
  309. ATXmega16A4U runs happily at 64 Mhz
  310. FTDI4232H & DAC problem
  311. Looking for 1.8V shift register
  312. Are real programmers a dying species?
  313. Embedded C Programming with ARM Cortex-M Video Course
  314. Let Us Sing the Song of the FAE - the Good Ol Days of Semis
  315. Olimex alternative for PCB manufacturing
  316. Smalles Ethernet (no TCP/IP) implementation, even 10Mbps
  317. SOIC8 marked as M9KA2: what is it?
  318. LPC21XX and FreeRTOS - Debug, Timing, or Stack (?) Problem?
  319. Free Renesas RL78-G14 Microcontroller Demo Kit is a Neat Tool Toy!
  320. SSD1963 LCD controller PWM output failure
  321. Wiznet W5200 Ethernet is not detected by PC...
  322. OT Macbook to replace PC notebook?
  323. Re: Parallax Propeller
  324. 1st call AC 2013 (Fort Worth, Texas, USA) submissions until 28 February 2013
  325. Last call: Information Systems 2013 submissions until 25 January 2013
  326. SENT J2716 Protocol example strings ?
  327. FINAL CfIP, Conf. Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe 2013
  328. Re: Puzzling power results STM32F4 FPU test
  329. Re: Puzzling power results STM32F4 FPU test
  330. Re: Puzzling power results STM32F4 FPU test
  331. Re: Puzzling power results STM32F4 FPU test
  332. Re: z8671 basic chip
  333. Did anyone wrote a slave device
  334. Looking for ARM system with RTOS
  335. STM32 and CyaSSL - Hardware Crypto and RNG Support
  336. Optimize a serial protocol between two applications
  337. USB power and debug signals on micro USB connector
  338. Help with Exposed pins protection
  339. Re: Need porting of German AI into Java
  340. how GCC decide to use which level instruction set?
  341. CPU's and boards for hobbyists?
  342. Call for participation: ADAPT 2013 @ HiPEAC 2013
  343. Extended assembly in GreenHills compiler
  344. Announcement: Generate code from Modelio state machine diagrams
  345. how to find network available on telit ge864-gps.
  346. baud rate autodetection on AVR 8-bit?
  347. Getting started with AVR and C
  348. Purchasing memory DIMMs for embedded projects
  349. Is there anybody that had succes in waking up Kinetis K20 fom VLLS3 mode?
  350. Reverse current into a lithium battery
  351. Video Controller :: Best Practices
  352. Help with AR7 and embedded in general
  353. matlab code for modulation
  354. Infineon C164CI -word accesses on 8-bit bus
  355. CPU's and boards for hobbyists?
  356. microcontroller in SPI Slave mode when clock is continous and no SSEL
  357. EADOGM LCD interface with STM32
  358. ghs multi ide in windows environment executable?
  359. Cal Ohne (FPP for i8008): Who was [s]he?
  360. CyaSSL embedded SSL now available for MQX!
  361. Debugger Design
  362. ARM modules for automotive.
  363. Culham Centre for Fusion Energy - Recruitment Fair
  364. Looking for a switch
  365. 802.15.4 RF issues
  366. Tequipment.net bleh.
  367. Compiler bug or my mistake?
  368. Synchronising two voltage regulators
  369. Embedded linux and achievable timer rate
  370. codewarrior p&emicro error:"Can only debug one program at a time."
  371. "El. Design" '96-'2002,is it worth scan or is everything on line yet?
  372. how to let the gcc compiler optimizer know that my GCC inline asmcode is using stack?
  373. Help with PIC32 Virtual Ram pointer
  374. Error Logging
  375. Seeking more input on hobbyist demo/educational stuff
  376. Using a TVS as a zener, bad idea?
  377. Somewhat OT: Efficient timing under Linux
  378. Laying out ddr traces
  379. Where to add new block in NVM?
  380. Seeking input on hobbyist demo/educational boards that have been successful/enjoyed/valued.
  381. Nulling a long-tailed pair
  382. what should i see in ngw100's serial port in the first boot (using buildroot)?
  383. EWSTM8 of IAR - problems with breakpoints
  384. Quick Connect Contacts
  385. Can't profile functions with STM32 and SWD
  386. Looking for USB hub with ULPI upstream port
  387. Simple, Passive Interface from 1.8V Output to 3.3 volt circuit
  388. Looking for sample codes toward HCI/SWP
  389. How a function could crash the program which is not called
  390. FAT32 implementation on at91sam9260
  391. How not to be a mouse?
  392. Visual Source Safe like revision managers for linux
  393. simple thermal diode probe
  394. Abusing the MAX232
  395. Neil Armstrong, 1st man on the moon, dead at 82
  396. Totally off-topic, Cray-1 Hardware Reference Manual
  397. Accounting for memory use in a running embedded Linux process
  398. Better C-Language Implementation of Multi-Word Addition
  399. WAS:anybody know a good C compiler....
  400. compact-flash/ide adapter
  401. anybody know a good C compiler for pic10/12/16 ??
  402. Recommendations for cheap 20 pin micro with serial port bootloader.
  403. Electronic Guitar Tuners
  404. Google swings the axe at Motorola
  405. News from Uvalde: No power !
  406. I2C devices with unique identifiers.
  407. Some very old, expensive, and interesting computer items on ebay.
  408. DIY avionics (Was: Micro with CAN + drivers)
  409. nasa-celebrates-successful-mars-landing
  410. PUC!
  411. Initializing UDP Connection
  412. India: Electricity theft & inferior equipment?
  413. Silicon Labs Precision32 Family is LOW power ARM Cortex-M3 andbleeding-Edge Analog
  414. Set up Omnivision sensor OV10630 using SCCB protocol
  415. AC 2012 (Madrid, Spain): last call: until 31 August July 2012
  416. Micro with CAN + drivers.
  417. Indian power loss, leakage?
  418. Strange non-standard C syntax?
  419. Multi-Core Computing Systems (MuCoCoS) at the SupercomputingConference SC12
  420. Maze InfoTech Software Solution
  421. Certified Automation Course
  422. source code analysis tools
  423. Library of ISIS. Proteus Tool
  424. Prototyping and simulating embedded software on Windows
  425. Embedded NTFS
  426. LCD instruction
  427. Fault injection using Practice script in Lauterbatch
  428. help me!
  429. Atmel Studio 6: local variable not shown at Locals Window
  430. TC1796 disable/enable interrupts
  431. USB-Communication Device Class-Virtual Com Port
  432. EuroForth 2012
  433. MPC5xx exception table relocation
  434. Detecting/handling stuck keys
  435. FreeBSD vs. Linux for embedded
  436. CodeWright Error
  437. atomic test_and_set on ADSP21020
  438. another weird USB thing
  439. RealTerm Spy Mode
  440. Searching for webserver board/module with some I/O
  441. need ARM dev kit - please help
  442. I2C code not working for LPC2138
  443. LPC1768 USB hangup
  444. Ram disks/interfacing to commodity memory
  445. Code Red for ARM Cortex M3 development - any good ?
  446. Review My Book
  447. Linux + Control bus?
  448. EuroForth 2012
  449. STM32F152 question
  450. scheduling discipline for packet transmission
  451. [cross-post] nested interrupts
  452. Equivalent magjacks
  453. ARM-JTAG Pinout
  454. Controlling 230V 100W Electric Bulb using 8051 microcontroller.
  455. One pin, one component oscillator with GA144
  456. Power Line Communication
  457. ARM Cortex M3 compilers - gcc vs arm-cc ?
  458. how to use volatile key word?
  459. Cheap GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem ?
  460. South African Power Supply
  461. Freescale 9S12X:I'm not able to route interrupt to XGATE
  462. FT2232H - what is the state of pins in channel B, when synchronousFIFO mode is used?
  463. A Sign of a Real Engineer
  464. DMA losing sync on ST ARM processor
  465. Looking for an information source for innovative software applications
  466. Sr. Embedded Linux Developer for a Fortune 200
  467. Open source writswatch ?
  468. metal dector for barbed wire fences
  469. Re: Olimex-iMX233-OLinuXino-Maxi Linux SBC
  470. Re: Olimex-iMX233-OLinuXino-Maxi Linux SBC
  471. How to get user inputs from an ordinary phone
  472. Network choices?
  473. OFFTOPIC: Greek Financial Crisis Explained (very funny)
  474. Image Processing and send data to the web server
  475. Telerobotics---force feedback master-slave manipultor
  476. syntax for asm in sdcc
  477. syntax for asm in sdcc
  478. 6800 Assembler for Windows 7
  479. help about OV7620 i want to interface it with spartan 3
  480. OFDM synchronisation
  481. Sugestions on how to make a water resistant device with external world connection
  482. MPC5566 boot code
  483. Tv Tuner
  484. Code size reduction migrating from PIC18 to Cortex M0
  485. startup of the bare hardware metal
  486. Error in compiling mpc5500 init_code project
  487. Re: using picc on a pic1f627
  488. USB/SCSI-2 interface chip ?
  489. MIPS Introduces Aptiv Generation Cores
  490. porting
  491. Altera Cyclone Processor
  492. C preprocessor magic to put a define in a string
  493. DC Drive
  494. Pronouncing numbers
  495. CAN <--> USB Adapter
  496. Any very low power SPI flash?
  497. Building the Board Support Packages
  498. OT: A "decomposed" business structure
  499. integration testing framework
  500. Alternative sources for MSP430 CPUs ?