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  1. Hard drive installation headache
  2. IMAP Folders
  3. Airport Extreme Card Compatibility With DI-524
  4. TidBITS#767/21-Feb-05 posted to c.s.m.digest
  5. iDVD Sound way off on photo slide show
  6. Open old Excel documents?
  7. Can Mail Save Addresses To The Address Book ?
  8. Installing ghostscript on Mac OS X without C compiler
  9. Can large hard drives cause G4 system to hang?
  10. Backup My User Directories How?
  11. iBook screen goes black
  12. Video input thru USB2 instead of Firewire
  13. MT-NewsWatcher Usage
  14. Best USENET Client
  15. Newbie to OS X
  16. How do I know if someone has hacked my Wireless Network?
  17. Printing not working and no Rendezvous printers?
  18. Which Applications Folder?
  19. Newbie Questions
  20. Install OSX on multiple powerbooks
  21. DVI -> S-Video -> ? -> TV
  22. virus, malware or system dysfunction ?
  23. Installing OS X on an external drive -- size?
  24. Scroll mouse for Classic?
  25. Apple iwalk new PDA?
  26. Did I Muckup In Single User Mode?
  27. Cannot set IP number, pizza wheel instead.
  28. Getting an item onto and off of the sidebar
  29. Some System Fonts Don't Display in Font Book
  30. Tiger Rumors
  31. Firefox dmg downloads don't mount
  32. Versiontracker problem
  33. CD won't eject!
  34. Viruses and the Mac FAQ
  35. OS X will not connect to 'specfic' XP PC
  36. terminal ftp
  37. Safari and garbled font display?
  38. Creating .pdb from Quicktime
  39. Terminal setting "Escape non-ASCII" as "Enable non-ASCII"?
  40. VPN connection question
  41. "Secure Empty Trash" app for 10.2.8?
  42. Dual layer burner for mac
  43. Sleep Question
  44. PowerBook won't wake up
  45. Lost finder in X38
  46. Re: how to run a shell script from the finder?
  47. Finder: configure the view the way I like it
  48. Looking to create simple games...
  49. Address Book's "sort" is for the birds
  50. Problems awakening from sleep
  51. Backing up "non-system" files only?
  52. Keyboard Problems
  53. Keychain Password
  54. Airport Express as a print server
  55. Any Gentoo Portage/OS X users out there?
  56. iTunes Music Store: not international?
  57. Looking for New Palm Pilot to use on Mac need help
  58. DAve 5.1, OS 10.38, I can see imac from PC side but not the reverse
  59. Compiling Samba 3.0.5 on MacOSX
  60. netscape 7.02 and OS 9.1
  61. Using xmkmf under Mac 10.3 to build xpm
  62. Upgrading hard drive need to transfer all files
  63. Deleting a Computer to Computer Network in 10.3.8
  64. Airport & WEP Password
  65. Get add. characters on a keyboard / Expert for *.keylayout wanted
  66. News.Individual.Net (£10 from April)
  67. OSX and NFS
  68. Any issues with SIIG USB 2.0 PCI card?
  69. Control-H problem
  70. how to run a shell script from the finder?
  71. e-mail stationery
  72. G4 iBook's won't connect
  73. iMovie - running another program while a movie is transferring.
  74. Myst 4 Graphic Problem?
  75. TidBITS#766/14-Feb-05 posted to c.s.m.digest
  76. Applications Hidden Files
  77. Help with iMac Partitioning
  78. X11 on OS X 10.3.7: running pseudocolor and 24 bit X11 in parallel
  79. Marine Aquarium Screensaver --> Panther issue
  80. Mail, Safari repeatedly ask for keychain access
  81. Text quality on iMac G5 20" ? - Just switched
  82. ignorant newbie RAM question
  83. Any good GarageBand sites?
  84. Mac Hard Drive icon displacement on Desktop after Reboot
  85. Screensaver disables Exposé
  86. OS 10.3.8 update killed our Blue & White
  87. Security Question
  88. G4 randomly unmounting/losing hard drive
  89. Solving a Tough Problem
  90. Updated to 10.3.8 -- now blank CDs don't mount
  91. G4 randomly losing System Folder
  92. reinstall system 9 with X
  93. Printing Problem
  94. Can't choose custom paper size
  95. afp connection error = -36
  96. Carbon Copy Cloner Tests?
  97. macosx 10.3 authenticate against WinNT PDC
  98. Obtaining System 7 and system 8?
  99. CPU making noise during animations
  100. Hotsyncing problems with Virtual PC in Mac OSX
  101. combining the firewall with "internet sharing" (Panther)
  102. osx won't keep default email
  103. Getting Bluetooth devices rediscovered after sleep?
  104. startup items and system frameworks
  105. Can't mount a dmg file (err : outdated codec) ?
  106. Chopping up songs with Itunes?
  107. OSX questions
  108. Epson FX80 memories
  109. error code
  110. OS 10.3.6 Print Center crashing
  111. kernel panics while installing Panther on a new hard drive
  112. Printing Carbon Copy Cloner Help files?
  113. address book information lost
  114. FAT disk
  115. Safari and saving photos?
  116. Radeon 9600 XT & Dell LCD Monitor
  117. X 10.2.8: Smaller font for menu items?
  118. 10.3.8--no keyboard power startup?
  119. Will G5iMac 10.3 Disks Work On My Powerbook
  120. Help files giving trouble: possible reasons?
  121. looking for plotting package
  122. unable to get ssh from windows to Mac OS X to work
  123. Network os 9.x to 10.2 problems
  124. Removing old package receipts
  125. 10.3.8 and G5 fans
  126. unexplained shut down
  127. How to make skype wireless ?
  128. Are we doomed to see "%20" forever?
  129. http download trouble
  130. Problem with AirPort Express and Wireless Printing Problem
  131. After intalling 10.3.8 my Hard Disk get full!
  132. Personal details in system
  133. 10.3.8 includes which sec updates
  134. Need some Mac VPN advise
  135. Carbon Copy Cloner question
  136. Password Expiration
  137. old CD burner and OSX
  138. Running OS 9's Eudora 5 under X
  139. DVDs with OS9.2 ?????
  140. Network drivers in System 7.5
  141. TrackPad
  142. Problem having multiple connections From OS 9 clients to OS X.3 server
  143. OS X export X=bla equivalent ?
  144. X11 file invisible in Finder
  145. 10.3.8 does not fix this root exploit problem?
  146. 10.3.8 is out
  147. Another User Can Access My files!!
  148. Text smoothing in Terminal?
  149. Help: Finder widows have lost side bar!
  150. Is OS/X's 'terminal' app really as weird as it seems...
  151. Password protect a Mac folder ?
  152. How to change default apps on Panther?
  153. Panther 10.3.8 is now available.
  154. Messenger Mac
  155. Belkin F8E464 battery AA pack for iPod: "Not compatible with disk mode"
  156. Pages, Word, and Mail
  157. Macs in Amateur Astronomy
  158. Mac Network Speeds
  159. File Sharing with Macs and PCs on Active Directory
  160. PowerPC Register
  161. Finder FTP Fails
  162. Trouble formatting 300 GB drive
  163. "Device Busy" error in Disk Utility?
  164. Can't install OS 10.3. MY G4 IS POSSESSED!
  165. OsX or MacOS - which should I go with?
  166. Re: Autologin with SSH possible?
  167. Fwd: SMC PCI Ethernet Card For Mac
  168. Mac Help problems?
  169. itunes gift certificate problem
  170. Shared USB Printer Unresponsive (Mac OS X) - Must Restart Mac To Restore?
  171. Re: memory vendors
  172. dhcp server setup on osx
  173. Will eMac OS 10.3.5 Disks Install on a G4 Quicksilver
  174. Setting up a security camera with retired Macs
  175. FS: Newton Messagepad H1000
  176. PCI-X Gigabit Ethernet Card
  177. Sidebar font in Finder
  178. OS X "Console" References
  179. Re: VM for Classic
  180. Is the Mac Mini a new burger at McDonald's?
  181. Help! Beige G3 PowerMac died after installing OS X
  182. Random Desktop Picture
  183. Anyone want a free iPod?
  184. RealBasic Olympics - official page is up
  185. Can the "Site" folder's name be changed?
  186. TV for a monitor
  187. VM for Classic
  188. Do G4's have hard drive capacity limit?
  189. Setting up new hard drive for Dual Boot
  190. Dual Booting For Dummies
  191. HELP Garage Band & iDVD gone!
  192. Disk Utility won't run
  193. Ghosting during DVD Playback?
  194. Bugs in OS X?
  195. Deleting duplicate jpg files?
  196. Removing "Internet Connect" VPNs
  197. In desperate need of permissions help!
  198. cpio-2.6 on OS X 10.3.7
  199. Can I *just* put OS X Panther on a tray-loader?
  200. How to format firewire drive for dual-platform use
  201. RFD: Password Protection
  202. Doc on specific plist contents?
  203. Formatting a Mini iPod for the first Time
  204. external DVD writer for Mac mini
  205. File ownership on raid over airport
  206. How to detect that the Mac just woke up
  207. The Mac is a system for little boys !!!
  208. Viruses and the Mac FAQ
  209. OSX stuck desktop icons
  210. printing from osx G4 to windows98 pc
  211. long term file
  212. Can I set up an icon that launches X11 and a remote app?
  213. Solved: Modem hangs on "Disconnecting..."
  214. Using installation disks from new machine on old one.
  215. Can't open PDF file
  216. iPhoto 5 & RAW mode
  217. Preview image in Get Info - where's it located?
  218. Permissions randomly interfere in Panther Server?
  219. share from client
  220. Resetting contextual menu
  221. Can you add OS X to a windowns 2003 domain server.
  222. Bluetooth Missing
  223. help! keystrokes to init an aten uc-100kma to connect a pc keyboard (datahand) to a mac
  224. Two monitors
  225. Scheduled backups: Must you leave the backup HD running 24/7?
  226. FR<->ENG ~ Let's talk using telephony or IM
  227. Upgrading from OS 9
  228. Webmail authentication with OSX Server
  229. Cursor readback on tektronix window under Mac OS
  230. Airport Extreme as an Access Point
  231. How to permanently "open" a Mac OS X folder package?
  232. Airtunes dropouts
  233. Spoof or a complete moron?
  234. Basic Hard Drive Question
  235. Syst Prefs->Energy Saver->Schedule - won't stick
  236. [vipw] pwd_mkdb: corrupted entry
  237. Help me preflight a HD repartitioning?
  238. iPhoto 5.0.1 is out
  239. Recording instrument to IMAC
  240. Energy Saver prefs
  241. Positioning icons on the Desktop?
  242. GNU Screen and Mac OS X : a bug...
  243. Help installing autocomf 2.59 from source
  244. keyboard and mouse preferences trouble
  245. RAID and OSX
  246. Anyone know how to set OS X 10.3.7 to use a UK keyboard layout?
  247. Will this Flash site operate for you?
  248. Norton util 8 uninstall
  249. Norton util 8 uninstall
  250. Re: Finder sidebar doesn't show proper icons
  251. Console log entry question
  252. Console log entry question
  253. Odd message in Disk Utility
  254. RAID ejected my OS. Why? HELP PLEASE
  255. (shell) top 'stuck' processes
  256. BottomFeeder
  257. Where is Sys. Prefs. app located?
  258. How to run applets in Mac OS?
  259. my CD wont work on my Mac OS 10.3
  260. No way to maximize preferences window in Panther?
  261. Cmd-Clicking on HTML links + Double-Command
  262. IP Over FireWire
  263. Extractor
  264. PB Backup to Another MAC?
  265. Highlight color for "Parent" folders in Finder window, Column view?
  266. iBook 12-inch + 17" Studio Monitor CRT with ADC Connector?
  267. Command-H not working
  268. HFS+ and hybrid CDs
  269. Dual monitor problem with OSX
  270. How to get "Replace" button as default in Finder?
  271. More than one system with the same users
  272. Print Web Pages with URL?
  273. gigabit ethernet recommendation?
  274. Roxio's Toast 6 - anybody here using it?
  275. Apple hardware tester stops
  276. TidBITS#764/31-Jan-05 posted to c.s.m.digest
  277. Switching - how to burn dvds from mpeg files?
  278. Safari HTML Incompatability?
  279. Safari HTML Incompatability?
  280. Question about the firewall
  281. Mac Tiger release date
  282. External monitor for iBook G4
  283. OSX Panther on a Graphite IBook SE
  284. is Bittorrent safe?
  285. ? Airport software base station with 10.7?
  286. Configuring AirPort Express
  287. ? Change Panther grid spacing?
  288. Help - Internet connection problems - Getting Can't find page
  289. "OS X on 333MHz anyone?" Redux
  290. 2nd monitor on Mac Mini with USB-VGA device?
  291. Networking the Mac
  292. Color Classic II or SE/30 for *nix?
  293. Running UNIX util under OS X?
  294. Networking Question
  295. Help! the saga of Mac OSX, smb, MS 2003 AD
  296. Finder: launch from terminal command line?
  297. Giga Designs Processor Upgrades
  298. Switcher-related questions
  299. Is this MCE ad misleading?
  300. iTunes Won't Launch When iPod Docked
  301. Spotlight and user defined attributes
  302. Spontaneous FireWire disconnects
  303. FTP server probs
  304. Samsung 711T or Sony HS74?
  305. ac OS X Login/Help start fast again
  306. Why does Safari bog down over time?
  307. Mike broke COPYRIGHT law DIAPER pictures claimed of me!!
  308. Re: Mac Mini - a real computer or a mere toy?
  309. Font Book refuses to put certain fonts into a collection
  310. Virenscanner der auch email eingang überwacht:
  311. digital streaming to mpeg conversion
  312. I am easily amused....
  313. reset AppleTalk Prefs?
  314. Safari worked fine, now it doesn't
  315. Index and string search for Mac OS X (no more Sherlock?)
  316. Removing or hiding unused apps?
  317. link_is_inline
  318. share folder: mac os 9 -> windows XP
  319. Question from UK
  320. Syncing Mozilla Thunderbird Addressbok with iPod
  321. Q: Can I Upgrade to Bluetooth?
  322. Oh no...iMac flashy flashy...
  323. iMovie updates?
  324. MTNewsWatcher problem ?
  325. Re: * Can you BOOT OS 9.2 from an USB Flash Pen Drive? And run the whole Mac from a USB Pen Drive?
  326. Lost drag 'n drop behavior to open files
  327. How to choose which app downloads a file?
  328. FREE MINI MAC Computer (From the same people who brought you FREE IPODS!)
  329. emac---what do we think?
  330. Need advice from net wizards!
  331. Re: good way to convert filenames from os9 to legal os x
  332. RAID In Final Cut Pro HD
  333. iMovie Problem
  334. Zombies Infest my Mac...
  335. OS X Panther Server down and CD 2 scratched! HELP anyone please!
  336. What Happens With I Select Quit From The Dock
  337. Where to put MD5.pm
  338. Is this a memory problem?
  339. How to manage the Managed Items in the Simplified Finder
  340. volume control keys not working
  341. HD Speeds on Mini Mac compared to Firwire IDE drives
  342. Scrolling in the Terminal
  343. Microsoft Word X opens a listening TCP port
  344. Snap To Grid
  345. Security Update 001-2005 details
  346. Off-Topic € NEED HELP: What's the best PAYMENT PROCESSOR similiar to iBill and CCBill?
  347. php broken after security update 2005-001
  348. Jaguar USB Kernel Panics
  349. Audible Books
  350. power button query
  351. Starter Mac Mini
  352. Odd Little Drag and Drop Glitch in Panther Finder
  353. Changing from a DSL to a Cable connection on a Mac G4
  354. Re-installing OS X 10.3
  355. Re: Key Caps
  356. Wireless USB Adapter for iMac
  357. Where is Help Viewer located on Install Discs?
  358. Cleaning up the Classic System Folder?
  359. iMAC OS problem - Please help !!
  360. Menubar duplicated on multiple displays?
  361. How to manage the Managed Items in the Simplifed Finder
  362. shell command and image ready droplets
  363. why are aren't there any (real) mac virusses arount?
  364. questions on joining etc.
  365. 10.3.7, NFS and file locking
  366. Re: Pray tell, what ***exactly*** is the Desktop DB file good for?
  367. Re: Moving home folder, how 2 hang on to prefs
  368. How to format external USB drive?
  369. Windows Sharing disks and folders
  370. Smart networking for laptop roaming?
  371. Can I use a Linksys BEFSR41 Router to file share 2 iMacs?
  372. TidBITS#763/24-Jan-05 posted to c.s.m.digest
  373. Icon identifying
  374. looking for alternative app Alert
  375. OSX accounts
  376. !For Jennifer Usher
  377. Executing a command-line server application by double clicking it...
  378. Mac fan dead or just frostbitten?
  379. Copy location manager settings to another computer
  380. Virtual PC Windows XP Pro and mapping a network drive
  381. Help! iDisk files gone missing
  382. apple.netscape.com
  383. Font management apps. Question
  384. Sleep mode not right after archive/reinstall to 10.3
  385. Re: Moving from Unix to Mac
  386. $100 worth the extra stuff in Mini Mac?
  387. FW: Re: bad RAM
  388. Upgrade rfom Panther to Panther Server
  389. airport trouble after sleep
  390. Skype on OS X ?
  391. Can I make the keyboard permanently "Unicode Hex Input" ?
  392. "Other" login
  393. How to Transfer Mail data from one old comp to new?
  394. Re: SuperDuper! Crash after crash
  395. Terminal man command
  396. CVS on OS X, Tortoise client on PC
  397. Toast 6.0.7 won't select DVD drive
  398. User forgets password, still logged in, can't switch back
  399. Re: Best PC Emulator
  400. Stepping backwards in 10.3.x?
  401. Booting an eMac in OS9
  402. Panther+iMac install problem
  403. ? User-specific address book?
  404. SD Card is now "Read Only"
  405. New to OS X, some questions
  406. Mac mini headless screen resolution
  407. iBook battery will not charge
  408. Wake from sleep
  409. Buyng a mac mini
  410. Kensington vs Apple Wireless Keyboards and Mice?
  411. Can I put os 9 on after OSX
  412. Re: Using free RAM testing util "memtest" (summary)
  413. button-down has no visual feedback
  414. ipfw command changed?
  415. Mac Mini Pics & Linux Boot Result
  416. Volume Works
  417. Jaguar file association problem
  418. Converting HFS+ to HFSX
  419. Protecting Innovation
  420. get a free mac mini
  421. SuperDrive reluctant to accept CDs on PowerBook
  422. internet sharing via Airport in command line
  423. Viruses and the Mac FAQ
  424. Analysis: Bush sets out to free the world
  425. Seeing what the "sense lines" say about a monitor - How?
  426. USB2.0 Ethernet prohibited in OS/X?
  427. The New Mac Mini is All About Movies?
  428. Mystery (mac?) memory
  429. OS X Dock Resets to Default
  430. Best way to Xfer files, prefs, etc. from old comp?
  431. polish chars into terminal
  432. Firefox: printed table rows appear as single column.
  433. Capture audio data on MacOS9
  434. Can e-Mac install CDs be used on iMac?
  435. Looking for solution: from Classic, get AppleScript script to run in OS X ?!
  436. The Mac is like a modern day Betamax
  437. Re: Trying to run free "memtester" RAM test util
  438. iPhoto slideshows with .jpg & .psd photos
  439. need help to install OpenOffice
  440. Audio interference on startup (os9)
  441. OS X Boot sequence
  442. Sending an iTunes song list from a Mac to a PC: How to?
  443. iMovie no longer suppots pass-thru capture!!
  444. Can't upgrade OSX. Help!
  445. Funny......?
  446. BOMArchiveHelper Supported Formats
  447. os9 fonts under osx
  448. exporting iPhoto
  449. External HDD help for novice
  450. bad RAM
  451. Indexing HD. Strange
  452. Re: Remote to iMac from Windows PC - How?
  453. "file not found" error
  454. free mac mini
  455. is os x slower on an external drive?
  456. Restoring after disc crash
  457. Macintosh Email Application is clearly the worst ever.
  458. erasing or burning CD-RW on Superdrive?
  459. Terminal defaults
  460. Open an App with F key?
  461. Bootable external drives
  462. Bootable external drives
  463. new install of 10.2
  464. Activity Monitor/CPU
  465. Can safari block images?
  466. TidBITS#762/17-Jan-05 posted to c.s.m.digest
  467. disabling auto dial-up on osx.3.7
  468. Simple Steps to Create an OS 9 only image
  469. how to install Open Directory Assistant
  470. iDVD clips
  471. Legacy apps: Classic on new G4 vs. File Sharing or Timbuktu to old G3?
  472. Looking for 20G 40G photo iPod cheap? In 2 clicks you find what you want.
  473. The Incredible Shrinking Menubar
  474. Extending RAID Array
  475. Permissions for /Library/StartupItems on 10.4
  476. Mac User "Zips" and sends to PC user.
  477. FS: More NIB Apple Software and NIB & secondhand third party creative and design Mac software, Adobe, Quark, etc.
  478. Is there a Terminal command that will release and re-establish anIP address?
  479. iMac DV refuses to boot into OS 9
  480. A bootable OS9 on G4(APG)
  481. Is Apple Thinking About Mac TV?
  482. FS: NIB Apple Video, Audio and Server software
  483. How to add a PC to a Mac ethernet router net?
  484. PowerMac G4 MDD 1GHz doesn't wake in the morning...
  485. Clicking on URLs in MT-NewsWatcher sees or doesn't see Netscape
  486. Bad iBook Hard Drive?
  487. Logitech MouseMan not honoring preferences
  488. Software Challange
  489. iDisk won't connect - Safari doesn't work properly either
  490. G3 running 9.2 freezing when retrieving email
  491. Weird Multicast/Rendezvous problem
  492. DVD burner for a B&W G3 - Recommendations?
  493. ipod battery dies and then comes back to life
  494. Mail won't load after upgrading to 10.3.7
  495. Diagnosis of a sick Pismo
  496. Crash different. ;-)
  497. read-only network disk
  498. "Bookmarks bar" drop down menus
  499. Possible iMac G5 problem....
  500. Question on PCMCIA slot