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  1. Thinkpad Specs - What does WORKHORSE or GLOBAL mean ??
  2. FireWire-Add to T60.
  3. FireWire-Add to T60.
  4. IBM T60 -> Intel Core Duo..upgrade to Intel Core 2 Duo, possible?
  5. Problem with T60 and 2504 Docking Station
  6. Recovery Console on T60?
  7. Removing Stickers From T60
  8. Removing Stickers From T60
  9. Atheros wireless a/b/g/n card + T43
  10. python.exe
  11. Thinkpad 600 System-HDD not found
  12. Question about ThinkPad/Lenovo X60
  13. S-Video output on T22
  14. Problem with T-60 docking station VGA port
  15. installing XP from recovery discs on separate partition?
  16. I'm scrapping TP's unnecesarily...for bad video..HELP
  17. PCMCIA or USB to DB9 serial port adapter
  18. TP 755CD - strange post start error codes
  19. Err 1802 on R32
  20. Problem Ultrabay Thinkpad T23 / Windows 2000 pro
  21. Removing backup image from external hard drive
  22. IBM T60P & Vista- Wireless Configuration (WLAN) or Access Connections?
  23. IBM T60P & Vista- Wireless Configuration (WLAN) or Access Connections?
  24. Err 1802 on R31
  25. Welcome to 'all.navas.all.the.time'
  26. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  27. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  28. LAN Port is not picking up IP Address
  29. How to disable or remove phisically the modem on a T23?
  30. How to disable or remove phisically the modem on a T23?
  31. Thinkpad Recovery
  32. max memory on a T30
  33. Power lost when inserting into mini-dock
  34. wireless working?
  35. Various types of laptops
  36. LCD "wiggle room" on T60
  37. battery utility gone from status line .. how to get back?
  38. help for t21 w/ ubuntu 7.04 hangs on boot
  39. HD Swap - 600x to T23
  40. HD Swap - 600x to T23
  41. Upgrading WXGA to WSXGA - risks? technical advice?
  42. Hard Drive Password
  43. Any ways to prevent rust on the LCD hinges?
  44. no battery-indicator- light at all
  45. IBM T60 w/ x1300. Increase resolution beyond 1024 x 768
  46. Additional RAM
  47. changing hinges on T60
  48. Partnumbers
  49. Looking for a good used Thinkpad?
  50. Wireless not working Thinkpad Z61m
  51. IBM T41 Monitor starts getting Staticy
  52. A22m recovery
  53. Thinkpads still the way to go? Potential replacement for T23?
  54. a21m display bad
  55. IBM T23 - need help diagnosing problem
  56. Lenovo TP Labor Day Sale .. good deal?
  57. a21m ethernet driver Lenova website..no match
  58. IBM Thinkpad T40 - Predesktop area not working ?
  59. A22m
  60. IBM T21 display too dim see
  61. HDD compatability between various TPs?
  62. Thinkpad 755CE modem & serial problem - HELP!
  63. LAN port not working well. Any help?
  64. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  65. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  66. Re: Display problems afer replacing main board
  67. User Serviceable parts
  68. Help with TP 760E and Windows 2000
  69. How do I open up a 770TP?
  70. Battery not charging for a 770
  71. Taking apart the TP570
  72. ThinkPad 380XD BIOS Update Failure
  73. Computer sometimes fails to hibernate due to insufficient system resources
  74. Anyone have an A30 Restore Disk?
  75. Off-Price HD Upgrades for Thinkpads
  76. Fingerprint reader driver for Vista released already?
  77. Does Thinkvantage System Update have a known problem of not installing drivers?
  78. Default Printer changes unexpected after removing and re-connecting Laptop
  79. ISO version of ThinkPad Hardware Maintenance Diskette ?
  80. How to use an Ultrabay hard drive on a desktop machine
  81. New PC Help Forum
  82. z60t: external speaker
  83. external speaker
  84. Need advice diagnosing organ failure on an older ThinkPad
  85. z61m vista clean inst
  86. R60e: External VGA-Port TFT flickering
  87. Nokia suite 6.83 rel 14_1
  88. New X60 invisible to home network?
  89. X31 USB overspec current on 5v line
  90. Dead fan in T30
  91. Re: Welcome to ibm.ibmpc.thinkpad
  92. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  93. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  94. IBM T22 running Ubuntu, anyone?
  95. Boot off CD trouble
  96. To delete the recovery partition or not?
  97. Cannot reboot the machine immediately after shutdown.
  98. Can a TP 600x run XP?
  99. WinXP on a 600X
  100. access connection problem
  101. USB differences
  102. IBM T40 + Docking Station + Widescreen TFT
  103. New discussion forum now open
  104. thinkwiki.org
  105. Is system update reeeeally slow for you?
  106. Re: Can't cross reference my A21m to IBM's part list
  107. Re: Can't cross reference my A21m to IBM's part list
  108. screen artifacts
  109. vlock / laplock and suspend to ram problem
  110. How to copy/transfer MBR and Hidden Partition "ibm Access" to new HD
  111. IBM T23 problem while startup
  112. Battery runtime on T43p running Linux
  113. wfi 54.g via 11.b card
  114. IBM T30 hardrive ghost
  115. Sticky Shift Keys On External Keyboards (Lenovo)
  116. 600E Serial Port Grounding?
  117. 600E Serial Port Grounding?
  118. Re: Replace T40 mobo?
  119. Getting 'Keyboard Customizer Utility' to work w/ external PS2 keyboard
  120. Getting 'Keyboard Customizer Utility' to work w/ external PS2 keyboard
  121. Free Vista Upgrade Program over?
  122. Wiping Data from T40 hard disc
  123. X31 Wireless - Dll moved by Windows Update
  124. TP X40 - Rescue 'n Restore Me, Please!
  125. Z60m / Z61m versus T60
  126. Noisy fan
  127. Access Connections question
  128. Access Connections question
  129. Re: T40 GPU/Motherboard problem
  130. Re: Replace T40 mobo?
  131. A31 Internal Wireless Card Upgrade
  132. A31 Internal Wireless Card Upgrade
  133. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  134. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  135. IBM T40 with Vista (Wireless Drivers)
  136. Re: Lenovo Thinkpad R32 Modem????
  137. Thinkpad depot advise
  138. Re: Lenovo Thinkpad R32 Modem????
  139. Re: Lenovo Thinkpad R32 Modem????
  140. Installing XP Problem
  141. 760e problems
  142. 760e problems
  143. Re: G40 maximum hard drive size ?
  144. X24 Hard Drive Capacity
  145. Thinkpad i-Series -HDD-
  146. WTB: DVD Drives for the 600x
  147. Use a T40 keyboard on a T22?
  148. IBM T42p keyboard and mouse gone....
  149. Will pc133 ram work in a 600x ?????
  150. Are Any Thinkpads Vista Aero Glass Capable?
  151. Are Any Thinkpads Vista Aero Glass Capable?
  152. IBM T60 Memory Issues
  153. Re: Flickering screen T40
  154. thinkpad for college student
  155. What the deuce is SysPrep2.0?
  156. Debian Sid on a Thinkpad Z61M
  157. can't get ThinkPad out of hibernation
  158. Thinkpad 760e manual?
  159. Thinkpad 760e manual?
  160. Enabling ThinkPad 600 for WiFi
  161. Re: What PWMIDTSK.EXE does?
  162. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  163. USB power drain
  164. display size increases if LCD screen is closed
  165. IE7 click issues
  166. X60 and X60S owners - Need some empirical data!
  167. Windows XP reload issues
  168. Does Vista run on a T42 with ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7500?
  169. T 23, how long memory without Cmos battery?
  170. Thinkpad t60 vs t40p
  171. IBM T40P vs T60
  172. Thinkpads for music editing
  173. Advice please.
  174. HELP with 600X and otherwise simple Bios codes
  175. HELP with 600X and otherwise simple Bios codes
  176. Warranty Extenion value revisited
  177. ThinkPad 600 keeps going and going and going and ... :)
  178. Help: Thinkpad T42P + Dock II + Multi Monitors
  179. how to diagnose quality of used T40
  180. Thinkpad 760e specifications?
  181. Thinkpad 760e specifications?
  182. Lenovo 3000 C200 Linux Debian Etch
  183. Source for XP SP-2?
  184. X30 Wireless
  185. IBM T60 vista upgrade
  186. Problem Finding Presentation Director for A20M Running XP
  187. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  188. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  189. IBM T30 Fresh Install
  190. LCD inverter from T20 To T23
  191. IBM T41 HD in a T43
  192. Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad X41: external USB2 DVD drives as useful as those in dock?
  193. DVD R/W for T40
  194. LCD inverter T23
  195. Lenovo 9 Cell Battery Recall Update
  196. Lenovo 9 Cell Battery Recall Update
  197. IBM T40p and SATA hard disk drive
  198. help on keyboard
  199. help on keyboard
  200. IBM T41 and new hdd, not working..
  201. Strange Hard Drive Behavior on Thinkpad USB Port
  202. Lenovo Recalls 208,000 Notebook Batteries
  203. Lenovo Top Vendor
  204. Battery connections
  205. Disks and Displays: IBM ThinkPad T60 vs T60p
  206. Disks and Displays: IBM ThinkPad T60 vs T60p
  207. A21e display/Video
  208. FIX for IPCONFIG failing with Unknown media status code error
  209. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  210. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  211. Dual boot: Linux, XP and R&R questions
  212. Memory upgrade for Thinkpad 240x
  213. ibm t23 hard drive capacity
  214. Problem is keyboard shortcuts
  215. Problem is keyboard shortcuts
  216. Problem is keyboard shortcuts
  217. Problem is keyboard shortcuts
  218. New Customer Trying to Find a ThinkPad to Look At
  219. need help getting back to factory defaults for r51 thinkpad
  220. boot recovery CD over network?
  221. IBM t30 screen came back from the dead !
  222. Extended warranty seems like a good deal
  223. Every 2nd TFT-column of R40 is black with new MoBo's different graphics chip
  224. Every 2nd column on screen is black after changing of mainboard with different graphics Chip (Rad 7500 -> Rad M6-C16H)
  225. Re: Used IBM Thinkpad decision to keep or remove the security chip?
  226. C:\Drivers folder
  227. Used IBM Thinkpad decision to keep or remove the security chip?
  228. Client Security Solution 8.0
  229. End of "Two IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads over a wireless network"?
  230. battery life - used when plugged in?
  231. Removing Symantec Software
  232. Free Laptop Repair Manuals and Support
  233. security, antivirus question
  234. Product Recovery not working - f11 key
  235. dead T43p -- what next?
  236. Suspend2 on T43p
  237. Thinkpad R60E FN-Buttons
  238. Looking for a Thinkpad 240Z
  239. key not working
  240. bypassing backup battery?
  241. booting Win XP from grub on X60s
  242. install a 100gb or 80Gb drive into T43
  243. Trackpoint Mouse
  244. Quality control at Lenovo?
  245. Change to a new disk - getting W2K installed..
  246. Making a Windows XP Install disk
  247. Making a Windows XP install disk
  248. Two IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads over a wireless network
  249. IBM ThinkPad T40 LCD Problem
  250. Replacing a iBook - R60E or refurbished T40?
  251. thinkpad r60 without operating system or with linux?
  252. Thinkpad R32 Ultrabay Problem
  253. Thinkpad R32 DVD/Ultrabay Problem
  254. Welcome to ibm.ibmpc.thinkpad [was: Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!]
  255. Re: Software Installer Doesn't Track Installed Software, How to Re-Inventory?
  256. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  257. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  258. ? about 120mb supperfloppy drive
  259. Problem with reinstalling IBM Thinkpad R32 2659
  260. Problem with reinstalling IBM Thinkpad R32 2659
  261. Several Thinkpad security questions, TPM and fingerprint reader
  262. Hidden partition usage
  263. IBM T60p third trackpoint button as regular middle mouse button?
  264. IBM T60p - two speakers or three?
  265. 3rd antenna vs. "VBB NO INT.WIFI WL 3RD ANTENNA"?
  266. Hard drive active protection system effectiveness
  267. CPU speed control in BIOS vs. in OS
  268. Thinkpad Vista Premium Ready: exists?
  269. ? about thinkpad 600
  270. ? about thinkpad 600
  271. Same problem as yours
  272. IBM t40 battery problems with hibernate
  273. BringingT43 laptop out of standby
  274. IBM T22 critical low battery error
  275. Re: R32 missing a file in setup
  276. Problem with ThinkPads in a wireless network...
  277. Overlay display problems
  278. Re: Geek Squad?
  279. Quality of Lenovo vs Old IBM
  280. Linux on a T23
  281. Lenovo warranty services ( Is There Life After IBM)
  282. Re: Bios Battery Where????
  283. Thinkpad to lcd tv
  284. X60 vs. X60s
  285. Z61m Scrolling in Outlook
  286. Enhanced video adapter drivers needed - 770X
  287. R40 Pentium M Banias to Dothan upgrade?
  288. Re: Where is BIOS Battery Located
  289. A31 Wireless Mini-PCI With WPA
  290. Fingerprint software...need to send more than user/password
  291. Re: Thinkpad R50e Non Wireless
  292. Help with reformatting Thinkpad X41
  293. T-43 hibernation file
  294. Mini PCI Wireless Card for A31
  295. Orange squash vs Thinkpad 1160. Jury still out...
  296. X3 Ultrabase with X31, no information found in Access Thinkpad
  297. External mouse and trackpoint/touchpad on T42
  298. Re: Thinkpad R50e Non Wireless
  299. IBM T30 build quality
  300. Re: This Newsgroup
  301. Disable power management on T42
  302. 15inch flexview sxga+ vs. 15inch flexview uxga
  303. Upgrading A31 Wireless To WPA
  304. IBM T42 hard drive take out for repair
  305. IBM T42 Wireless Card FRU 91P7301 Wireless Card Drivers
  306. ThinkPad T42 and FRU 91P7301 802.11a/b/g Wireless Card Drivers
  307. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  308. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  309. IBM ThinkPad 600e motherboard
  310. IBM T42 with ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 and Ubuntu: dual head monitors
  311. Boot from CD
  312. Arrancar Windows XP desde CD
  313. Netgear WG511 v2 on T22 - confusion
  314. Coexistence of IBM/Lenovo HPA and Acronis TrueImage SecureArea?
  315. wireless shuts down for no reason
  316. A Simple Question (Really)
  317. PMTask
  318. IBM T43 - hibernation file
  319. TP600 Error codes
  320. IBM T22
  321. ThinkPad Rescue
  322. How to call the IBM easyServ?
  323. Dead battery
  324. A31 lid switch: how do I bypass it?
  325. want to repair T60 in Cleveland
  326. X60 Tablet - Remove User and Fingerprint Still exists
  327. Wireless IBM-T41 Linux
  328. direct connect 600E to NOMAD
  329. ThinkPad X31 "no infrared adapter installed"
  330. IBM T30 Memory Problem
  331. Oh, the shame! (re FnF5)
  332. 600e serial driver update
  333. IBM T42 and Windows Vista
  334. Hard Disk Upgrade
  335. IBM T770X battery goes dead
  336. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  337. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  338. Replacement laptop
  339. ibm exams ?
  340. 560z Win98 Recovery Disk Needed
  341. Adding firewire to an R51
  342. IBM T43 Password solved
  343. Error on Boot "PXE-E05"
  344. blank MaxiMiser gauge?
  345. Old IBM Thinkpad type 1171 and Compact Flash to IDE adapter.
  346. Battery 2 "Not Installed"?
  347. IBM T42 goes to blank, need data from the computer
  348. IBM ThinkPad A30p display defects
  349. Lenovo and IBM Warranty Services
  350. PCMCIA problem
  351. New Thinkpad battery won't hold charge
  352. White vertical line in LCD screen of A20m
  353. IBM T60P wake monitor from sleep
  354. A21e battery not charging?
  355. Thinkpad R50 Display and boot problem
  356. CD-ROM drive stuck in A22m Ultrabay
  357. Thinkpad A30 scroll button
  358. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  359. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  360. Is Vista coming soon?
  361. A31 volume display
  362. X40 Wifi Drivers?
  363. Undo a battery gauge reset - possible?
  364. TP600e trackpoint error 08611
  365. software installer started failing
  366. changing mini-pci wifi cards on an A31
  367. changing WIFI mini-pci cards in an A31
  368. IBM T43 resources
  369. IBM T22 - built in wireless?
  370. R52(s) Randomly Hang on Shutdown, Randomly Hang on Wakeup from Sleep
  371. Whats going on during hibernate?
  372. Whats going on during hibernate?
  373. unable to load win 2000/xp on my 600e
  374. delayed video on thinkpad T42
  375. Bits of keyboard
  376. Controlling power on Intel 2915abg in ThinkPad T42
  377. IBM T20 RAM upgrade?
  378. IBM T22 Diagnostics on CD??
  379. IBM t20 thinkp supervisor password removal
  380. is the T23 cmos battery soldered in?
  381. R40 battery rundown
  382. R40 battery rundown
  383. Secure Chip T4x
  384. TrackPoint utility
  385. IBM T23 CMOS Battery - Date Time
  386. NEWS: Toshiba intros 'world's most capacious' 1.8in HDD [100 GB]
  387. IBM T41 ThinkVantage Access Connections v4.21drops constantly
  388. Thinkpad T42 High Pitch Buzzing Noise
  389. Swapping keys on foreign keyboards.
  390. Thinkpad T43
  391. X40 SD card capacity
  392. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  393. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  394. FA: IBM Thinkpad Laptop 570 366 PII 13" WiFi CD-RW with ULTRABase and...
  395. some problems about installing debian on T60
  396. Dead R40 - Need HDD - Have password
  397. Can some one suggest, How to disable the Onboard mouse,on IBM THINKPAD 600E
  398. IBM T40 needs device drivers?
  399. Re: Does somebody know where to get a disk drive larger than 60 GB for my X41 Tablet PC?
  400. 600E: 24/7?
  401. WTB: R32 XP pro recovery disk
  402. System upgrade on i1400
  403. IBM T23 Battery cycle counter gone
  404. New T60 advise
  405. Lenovo laptops any good?
  406. Error 8611 on Thinkpad 600X
  407. Re: What is the problem with dead IBM ThinkPads?
  408. Slackware 11, recommended partitioning on T30 Thinkpad, 40 GB
  409. Slackware 11, recommended partitioning on T30 Thinkpad, 40 GB
  410. IBM T40 fails to reboot during restore to factory defaults
  411. Question after using recovery disks to wipe R32 laptop
  412. IBM T41 vs. non-Windows vs. BIOS hibernation
  413. Battery/Power problems
  414. What are the audio jacks used for on a G40?
  415. ThinkPad i1500 Boot Issue
  416. IBM T41 - any good?
  417. connecting stereo to mini dock T43
  418. Fingerprint Reader with Vista RTM on T60p?
  419. Thinkpad won't boot unless battery is 100%
  420. Error 1516 and 993 -- Partition problems
  421. Re: Please, recommend me a good IP switcher for my Ethernet network.
  422. Upgrade of a iSeries 2611-412 Hard Drive and Windows XP Pro SP2
  423. Operating system not found
  424. miniPCI LAN/WiFi for t22
  425. Rescue and Recovery: which version is the latest?
  426. Snug case for T40/T60?
  427. Re: Power connectors -R40
  428. R52 won't come out of standby
  429. R52 won't come out of standby
  430. Problems from upgrading
  431. Welcome to comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad!
  432. some problems about installing Linux on ThinkPad T60
  433. chance of preventing somebody from driving group unreadable
  434. 2nd try: memory upgrade R40 - which modules?
  435. memory upgrade R40 - which modules?
  436. Re: T42p - what software to remove for more disk space
  437. IBM 100GB SATA Disk
  438. X13000
  439. IBM t60 and memory upgrade...
  440. wireless card: 3945ABG OR ThinkPad 11a/b/g ???
  441. Re: Big problems with IBM-Lenovo's updated software
  442. 163,164 loosing time on 600e
  443. This Newsgroup
  444. problems uninstalling Access Connections
  445. FS: Office 2003 2000 and 97
  446. Access IBM missing; Create Recovery CDs for ThinkPads preloaded with ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery with Rapid Restore
  447. thinkpad x30 unintentionally powers up
  448. IBM 100GB SATA Disk
  449. Memory for Thinkpad 755CV
  450. Software Installer Doesn't See Installed Software
  451. lenovo button appears in IE 6
  452. battery charge
  453. A21m shuts down without warning
  454. Docking for the T43
  455. ThinkPad X60 Backlight Flickering -- Battery Power Only
  456. 600E external floppy
  457. Re: RESULT: comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad will be created
  458. hangs right after power up
  459. ThinkPad R 60 - UL154PB
  460. Eliminar copia de restauración de IBM Rapid Restore Ultra 4.0
  461. Difference in memory model? Micron ending in 10EE4 vs. 10EB2
  462. Two Beeps on Boot After Replacing LCD
  463. Re: How Bad Is It
  464. Worth upgrade to 7200rpm Thinkpad hard drive ?
  465. Re: How Bad Is It
  466. Need Rapid Restore Ultra
  467. Display issues?
  468. TP-2x series cpu cooling fan
  469. WTD PC133 Sodimm for T23
  470. 600e USB nonfuctional
  471. Re: Installing XP on X-60
  472. password problem
  473. password problem
  474. R60 Purchase - Initial Experiences
  475. IBM T60 takes long time to shut down if NOT connected to network
  476. 2nd RFD: comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad
  477. Anyone know?
  478. Native Resolution
  479. MWave Enthusiast Rambling Thread
  480. Great service from IBM uk
  481. Paraphrase Does Not Work Coming out of Hibernation
  482. IBM Thinkpad R51 battery charging issue
  483. Next-Generation Laptop Computer Systems
  484. ibm.ibmpc.thinkpad is not available on SuperNews (supplier to DSLExtreme)
  485. Replacing the hard drive of a Lenovo T60
  486. Laptop cooler - which one to buy?
  487. R60e - is a very low volume normal?
  488. IBM T21 battery meter problem
  489. NumLock Enabled Just Prior to Logon
  490. some errors about recovery CDs of T60 2007
  491. IBM/Lenovo 3 yr warranty
  492. Why won't my X60 read my Digi Camera SD Card?
  493. Kathmandu: Thinkpad Laptop 390E
  494. Re: Where to find 80 GB 1.8" hard drives for the Thinkpad X-41 Tablet?
  495. IBM T23 screen replacement
  496. R51 Hard disk upgrade guidance
  497. Just bought R60e - should I bother buying games for it? :-S
  498. Re: thinkpad and unix
  499. RPC8394 TPM reader
  500. A22m CPU speed