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  1. Software Installer and 98se
  2. CD-ROM drive not shown in Win 98 Explorer; "working properly" in Device Mgr; 390E
  3. ibm preps ?
  4. hal.dll missing or corrupt on T42
  5. Re: Thinkpad 600 - PCMCIA slot problem
  6. IBM T20 hardrive
  7. DVD-RAM not reading some installation CDs
  8. Re: Is it good to backup the C:\IBMTOOLS folder to a DVD-R and delete it?
  10. IBM T41 Left Mouse Button broken...
  11. how do I get 'ctrl-shift-b' back?
  12. Re: Is it good to backup the C:\IBMTOOLS folder to a DVD-R and delete it?
  13. ThinkPad T23 wireless
  14. 3000 N100 Comments and observations
  15. need help on T30 (fan error message)
  16. Rescue and Recovery 3.1 Does not work when needed
  17. Fn+F5 shows wireless, but can't change it
  18. IBM T20 display problem
  19. Laptops on "The West Wing"?
  20. Where can I buy a Hot Rod 600 X in NY?
  21. IBM A21m Network controller
  22. Wireless LAN not working with "rescue and recovery"software
  23. Diskeeper lite doesnt work - How can I get WindowsXP Pro defragger to run instead?
  24. cd\dvd not recognized by XP
  25. A20M New Hardrive
  26. UltraBay Slim 2nd HD adapter hard to insert and remowe in T43
  27. Access Connections can't switch IPs
  28. Warning: Lenovo sending battery free of charge!
  29. Where is the type/model?
  30. Any experts on the innards of an A22p?
  31. Battery recall - only one of two
  32. Need Computer Help?
  33. probems with setup the wirless adapter on T40
  34. problems with wireless adapter on t40
  35. Replacing Thinkpad A20M Floppy Drive
  36. IBM T21 screen problem
  37. IBM T22 and Win 98se
  38. Another Thinkpad 600x with 161 163 error
  39. swap t22 sxga+ lcd w/ T40 xga
  40. Thinkpad 600e ON OFF message
  41. 240x won't hibernate in Linux after X has been started
  42. A22p: CD-ROM DOA
  43. Where can I get a power "connector" that will fit my new ThinkPad T60? (to my Trust 'universal' power supply)
  44. ESN Number
  45. Wireless shuts off when closing lid, can this be disabled?
  46. Bug: UltraNav-Assistant VS Bios
  47. 9 cell battery for T40 series IBM versus ebay
  48. Toshiba Satellite M105 vs Thinkpad Z61m?
  49. CPU speed??
  50. Need to be able to switch on the Thinkpad with lid closed
  51. Access Connections is being used by another user - XP SP2, T20
  52. I cant get my Thinkpad T60 to take "screenshots" - any suggestions?!
  53. Access Connections, DHCP Network to Static Network
  54. Thinkpad X21. Battery ok, thinkpad does not power on
  55. Routers for Morons :)
  56. can't figure out t30 wifi settings
  57. IBM T42 Power Jack Loose
  58. ThinkPad i1720 - Should I fix it or toss it ?
  59. IBM T41
  60. Bloatware
  61. Access Connections Only Connects WiFi Automatically on Admin Account
  62. tightening hinges on an X22
  63. Lenovo Return Policy?
  64. Anyone use the Midi port on a 760ED?
  65. IBM T30 bios problem
  66. Move "Rescue and Recovery" Back to HPA from Primary Partition
  67. Lenovo + Verizon EVDO -- what about Sprint?
  68. Replacing HDD on R52
  69. How to mount Thankvantage Secure Volume
  70. OT
  71. PRINTING with Z60t
  72. Can You Demand Lenovo Puts Peanuts In Shipping Boxes?
  73. Z60m: Memory Stick Compatibility?
  74. A list of Thinkpads with no touchpad?
  75. Re: A30 recovery partition information
  76. New T43 and Two Questions on Standby and Docked External Monitor
  77. Crackling Noise on New ThinkPad
  78. Cannot change resolution to 1280 x 800 in Z60M
  79. IBM T40 USB false again
  80. Wireless LED indicator doesn't work on my T40 + Cisco MPI350
  81. How do I disable Lenovo's Password Manager? (Or uninstall it?)
  82. Close the lid and the light goes OUT
  83. Who's The Winner 770X vs 600
  84. Bug Check 0xE0: ACPI_BIOS_FATAL_ERROR
  85. Drive is not FirstWare compatible (FWRESTOR)
  86. How do I disable/uninstall Lenovo's Password Manager?
  87. Fn/F3 "Choose a Power Scheme" has a rediculously long list of Schemes... How can we edit it/stop it from growing?
  88. A20M XP clean install & new HDD
  89. Ultranav is preventing me from going into standby
  90. IBM T60 will not boot from a DOS USB memory stick ??
  91. FA: 3 IBM PII 600 thinkpad laptop computers(need repair)
  92. Please help with older IBM Thinkpad 380ED
  93. How can I get an even MORE responsive "TrackPoint" ? (red stud in the keyboard)
  94. How can I get an even MORE responseive "TrackPoint" (red stud in the keyboard)
  95. Speed Stepping
  96. NEWS: Intel Wi-Fi update ate my CPU cycles
  97. Recommend a really good tablet/stylus (i.e. mouse-substitute)
  98. IBM SVM
  99. I have a admin account but no admin privliges at all
  100. IBM t40 Battery Issue
  101. IBM T20 lcd screen very dim
  102. Does R40 Series Support Hard Disks > 80GB?
  103. IBM T43 securedrive pasword
  104. Does Bluetooth stink on ThinkPads or is it just me?!
  105. Retailers that carry Lenovo laptops? (California)
  106. How to open BIOS menu on IBM Thinkpad Pentioum II ?
  107. Active Protection System with upgraded hard disk
  108. battery problems
  109. Disk problems with OLD Thinkpad
  110. Microphone functionality - T23?
  111. Can I use Motorola H500 bluetooth headset something other than "Audio Gateway"
  112. Bluetooth enabling for R50P
  113. Need Ink Manager Pro for Transnote
  114. IBM T41 wireless drops every few seconds
  115. my z60m keeps charging despite the threshold set in power manager
  116. Three year old IBM T40 - Black screen with slightest movements
  117. JOHN NAVAS: I should NEVER have taken your advice about CBK Batteries - AVOID AT ALL COST
  118. IBM T30 probs
  119. thinkpad 600 - error 178 , whats the fix???
  120. fs: 11 older thinkpad power supploes / ac adapters $45
  121. NEWS: 'Zippo' battery recall could cost Sony $430m and a truck
  122. IBM T20 random power off
  123. Restore T43 to native XP
  124. Clock - Battery?
  125. A30 Dock doesn't read floppy
  126. Overheating lithium batteries
  127. IBM T60 battery rattling
  128. IBM T60s and matched pair memory?
  129. FS: Thinkpad T21 with lotsa goodies
  130. How to stop the browser back key (Thinkpad T30, UK model)
  131. Battery - What price should I ask?
  132. Should my Bluetooth headset be able to connect to my Thinkpad T60?
  133. Thinkpad model numbers explained???
  134. Adjust Fan Speed on T42?
  135. Bluetooth - how do I switch it on? (new T60)
  136. IBM T23 video card
  137. IBM T42 dead
  138. IBM T40 Wireless connection keeps dropping, sometimes not even connecting
  139. My mouse keeps SELECTING THINGS things even when I dont want it to... Any ideas?
  140. IBM T40 systemboard in a T41 ?
  141. Linux CD that works on R50e?
  142. OS only recovery CD?
  143. Motorola HT820 Bluetooth Audio on T43
  144. Cant get the 'ThinkVantage System Update' utility to run - "Unable to connect to the Package Content Server"
  145. Is it safe to buy a Thinkpad (T60p) sourced from Germany?!
  146. Silent Media Player 10 on T22
  147. Re: USB ports going south?
  148. IBM update connector 6.1
  149. IBM T43 14 vs 15 display
  150. Recommend a good (high resolution) laptop for webmaster-ing?
  151. NEWS: Lenovo moves into the black
  152. IBM T20 LCD Display intermitent???
  153. Q: Lid Latch Replacement on T20
  154. IBM T20 LCD Inverter replacement?
  155. IBM T41 Multiple Monitor Problem
  156. A22M cpu running slow
  157. Thinkpad T60P Expansion Rom problem
  158. Automatic wallpaper change?
  159. Thinkpad X60s
  160. IBM T21 Intermittent Power Loss
  161. Change a Thinkpad 600 to a 600 E
  162. Power-on via external keyboard?
  163. When I dock my thinkpad I lose my IP address
  164. IBM T21 - hard drive failure and rebirth
  165. Thinkpad T40 Video card problem
  166. PCMCIA/USB question T23
  167. Small Thinkpads - any alternatives recommended?
  168. Swapping memory between laptops
  169. Please help with an old 380xd thinkpad
  170. IBM T23 Hibernate speed/ mouse switching
  171. Rescue and recovery
  172. wireless auto power off
  173. Fingerprint reader locking me out during initial installation
  174. Need info about upgrading hard drive for T22
  175. Re: The mouse pointer of my X41 weights a lot!!!!
  176. Intel 3945abg software installs too many items
  177. IBM T60 making Access Connections work for 3945abg wireless in Windows 2003
  178. IBM T60 3945 wireless drops connection
  179. IBM T60 3945 weak
  180. Can't Install Sound Driver for T42
  181. Keyboard Customizer on 600X
  182. Startup problem.
  183. The weird thing, any help?
  184. no-1802.com
  185. IBM T21 lockup/freeze
  186. Re: How to simulate the Windows Keys on a Thinkpad X41?
  187. Re: How to simulate the Windows Keys on a Thinkpad X41?
  188. Re: How to simulate the Windows Keys on a Thinkpad X41?
  189. The perfect external DVD burner?
  190. Spontaneous reboot with T22
  191. IBM T23 record now software
  192. IBM T23 not charging battery
  193. mogo mouse purchase online now
  194. IBM T20 fails after backup battery replacement
  195. r51 bluetooth WIndows XP Sp2
  196. IBM R40 factory restore
  197. IBM T40 Problem -- Long start up time
  198. Shift key detached - HELP!
  199. New IBM's w/o SATA drives?
  200. Ibm T20 and t22 will not post no display not even with external monitor
  201. IBM T43 stuck keys
  202. IBM T42 Display
  203. Ghosting Thinkpads with hidden partition
  204. Wheel mouse won't work - help!
  205. IBM T23 usb question
  206. IBM T42 Goes Dark
  207. Software for Fans
  208. compatibility question - DVD drives
  209. Who to contact at IBM re parts purchase?
  210. mouse not working on my IBM thinkpad 600x
  211. Re: FA: IBM ThinkPad X60s 2GB RAM, 100GB 7200RPM HDD - upgraded through the roof!
  212. IBM T23 Display closed problem
  213. sata laptop disks compatible?
  214. D-link AIRplus
  215. 600X boot errors
  216. Can't enable hibernation on T30 under generic XP Pro
  217. Rescue and recovery...
  218. wmiprvse.exe - consumes a lot of CPU - T20 - XP
  219. Firmware updates for ThinkPad hard disk drives
  220. XP SP2 starts only after many no-start cycles (T20)
  221. problemo with my R40
  222. Re: Which is the small connector under the left USB connector on the X41 TabletPC?
  223. IBM R40 - USB Flash Drive
  224. Re-attaching key
  225. IBM T40 in Spain...Power Brick and Line Cord?
  226. Wireless Access problem with Lenovo 3000 N100
  227. help! T23 powers but won't boot
  228. IBM T23 display help
  229. IBM T60 Advise
  230. findthis.info
  231. Why suddenly 'unauthorized network card is plugged in - remove the mini PCI...'?
  232. Why suddenly 'unauthorized network card is plugged in - remove the mini PCI...'?
  233. Thinkpad Trackpoint Scroll
  234. 600X Technical Manual?
  235. Re: t40p having issues recognizing Brother USB printer "usb devicenot recognized" error
  236. IBM T22 bright and contrast comtrols
  237. IBM T22 power adaptor requirements
  238. Current Thinkpads will run full-feature Vista? Will you update?
  239. Opinions needed on the G40 Thinkpad (price)
  240. Can A31 Boot From USB Drive?
  241. IBM T23 PCMCIA dumb question time
  242. Problem reading DVDs on IBM T41
  243. Mouse (mice?) With 600X Driver Woes
  244. Wanted: LCD for T40/T41/T42
  245. Wanted -- LCD for T40/T41/T42 Thinkpad
  246. left overs from Ghost 10.0 - T43
  247. Thinkpad T22
  248. R50 battery won't charge
  249. IBM T30 (It's Dead Jim: followup)
  250. ibm r31 thinkpad not recignizing battery is inserted
  251. Help_got V92 command set for A21M modem?
  252. HELP! Thinkpad A21M hooked to TV
  253. IBM T60 - can't connect to wireless router
  254. TP600 Screen has pink light red tinge instead of white??
  255. Removing driver's store
  256. mouse button loose
  257. 240X PortBay 2000 on XP
  258. Thinkpad Not recognizing DVD Rom
  259. A20m internal speakers just stopped working?
  260. XP pro install
  261. Re: limited or no connectivity?
  262. mini PCI card source
  263. Barely any Sound -- ThinkPad r50e
  264. Replacement keys/keyboard for X40?
  265. IBM T43 does not recognize PCI slot in Dock II
  266. IBM T23 LAN/56k modem
  267. Deleting IBM service partition on R31
  268. A22M display problem
  269. New(er) Thinkpad
  270. Linux drivers for Lenovo 3000 N100
  271. how to key in special characters on thinkpad laptop
  272. Q883517, Q883523, Q884020, Q884868, Q885894, etc.
  273. 2GB in a R40e - am I crazy?
  274. resolution change when lid first closed then opened
  275. extended display X40
  276. Windows Vista B2 on ThinkPad T21
  277. Lenovo C100 & N100
  278. IBM ThinkPad T60p Docking Station problems
  279. IBM T20 DVD-ROM died; Toshiba model SD-C2302
  280. ThinkPad 600 battery stops charging at 65% (won't fully charge)
  281. Report on using EZ Gig II to upgrade T40 hard drive
  282. Public Wireless Access in U.K.
  283. those with DD-WRT, does it SLOW things down for you?
  284. IBM T60 japanese XP
  285. thinkpad R40e keeps turning off
  286. thinkpad 600 screen problem ???
  287. problems reading video media
  288. max hard drive for old 560X?
  289. dust ( :/ ) in LCD panel
  290. IBM T43 Bluetooth not receiving files.
  291. Thinkpad warranty extensions?
  292. XP hangs at boot ; Lenovo care button wont work
  293. IBM Networking
  294. Which hard drive for my t22 notebook.
  295. ThinkPad T23 wont boot!
  296. IBM T41: Auto/Air Adapter
  297. IBM t23 - unidentified pci device
  298. FA: thinkpad 600 parts and a complete 600 / hard drives ram
  299. New Z60t will not charge while using
  300. Proper hardware for using T21/T22 fan in a T20?
  301. IBM T21 shutting off unexpectedly
  302. Linux WiFi Drivers for X31?
  303. Need 2.5" Sata External Sled/Case & other SATA worries
  304. IBM T40 Upgrade
  305. Help. T30: It's Dead, Jim
  306. 390X Display blinking..
  307. TP 570/570E LCD Query
  308. IBM T40 battery won't charge
  309. IBM T21 LCD mystery
  310. Help finding computer
  311. IBM Thinkpad R40 LCD Darkness Problem
  312. Hot-swapping with a Win2000 600X?
  313. How to fix broken trackpoint button?
  314. CDROM
  315. 240x freezes when picked up
  316. IBM T43P 2668-G1U Screen?
  317. Hardware specific OS fixes???
  318. Z60 Fingerprint error
  319. Wi-Fi for T30
  320. A31 Laptop
  321. IBM Thinkpad Laptop Removed CMOS Battery | Now Black Screen
  322. IBM T21 shutting off without warning....HELP!!!
  323. WTD 760 ED AC adapter??
  324. X-300 Video card memory
  325. System Update 2.0 can't install - cant find a supporterd .NET Framework
  326. IBM thinkpad R40 powerup problem
  327. Thinkpad T42 w/ Dual external LCDs
  328. Client Security Password Manager donīt work with Internet Explorer v. 7.0 beta 2.
  330. "Hotkeys" balking after re-establishing.
  331. Making a bootable USB stick
  332. Installing Win2K on a 600X?
  333. IBM T43 Bluetooth and stereo head set.
  334. Thinkpad 2644 Hard disk problem
  335. What keyboard was in R31 or A30: NMB, Alps or Chicony?
  336. Power for X60/T60
  337. Security disability
  338. Unable to go to standby after after OS upgrade from 2000 pro to XP pro
  339. Re-enabling Recovery buttons after clean install
  340. Anyone tried this with XP??
  341. Client Security Solution 7 - Password Manager
  342. Wireless Router Reboot
  343. IBM t30 Western Digital WD800UE does not power up (spin)
  344. 7592-PF!--4180171
  345. X31 & Bluetooth?
  346. Thinkpad X60s?
  347. Thinkpad R32 - which minipci network cards?
  348. I'm looking for system software
  349. Reformat T41
  350. presentation director + vbscript
  351. IBM T40 RJ45 connection /not
  352. Thinkpad R40 LCD problems
  353. Help_got V92 command set for A21M modem?
  354. IBM T42 Won't Boot From USB Drive
  355. What is TPHKMGR.exe?
  356. ThinkVantage (TM) Access Connections
  357. IBM T42 network drops
  358. R40 battery
  359. Selectadock III + USB Ports
  360. How to build your own UltraBay drive (Ultrabay Plus too)
  361. USB Not Working in XP?
  362. New hard drive in T22 won't boot - HELP!
  363. Can I put a Toshiba 60gig HD in T30 model 2366-91u?
  364. Re: R40 USB Port - does it have user resettable fuse on power contacts?
  365. IBM T41 Brightness/Volume Bars
  366. IBM T41 Battery Problem
  367. IBM T42 screen goes blank after every few secs after i press the sensor button
  368. Thinkpad 570 unstable - BIOS update?
  369. IBM T43 vs. Z60t
  370. IBM t43 upgrading harddrive from 80 gb 5400rpm to 7200 question
  371. IBM T60 Question
  372. Quiet HDD for 600E
  373. Making Rescue and recovery discs
  374. Power button replacement on a thinkpad a20
  375. safe mode
  376. IBM T43 Screen resolution
  377. IBM Restore Disks for T21/T22/T23 Series
  378. Newbi HELP
  379. IBM T4x vs. T60
  380. LCD screen problem
  381. IBM T40 USB 2.0 External HD Problem
  382. R40 problem
  383. IBM T23 multiboot problem.
  384. Re: want to remove the back from my I series thinkpad
  385. IBM T30 Bios Upgrade Wreck
  386. IBM T42 Higher Screen Resolution
  387. Where Are RRU Backups Held?
  388. X31 ghost HDD problem?
  389. Where is the backlight on an IBM ThinkPad A31p?
  390. IBM T21 USB not recognized
  391. IBM T43 Access Connections Upgrade
  392. wheres my 10GB
  393. CD-ROM can't see the new CD! (i.e. a cached copy of files is getting in the way!)
  394. IBM T40 Failure Rate
  395. IBM Update Connector - does it still work?!
  396. Error when (re-)formatting ThinkPad
  397. A22m screen problem
  398. How do I repair Windows XP on a ThinkPad? (without a CD-ROM)
  399. IBM T23 - interrupt flood?
  400. USB drive only recognized, when plugged in after startup...
  401. IBM T43: Wireless takes a long time to connect after start up
  402. IBM T30 problem
  403. screen wont shut off
  404. X22: Compact Flash Slot
  405. Reformatting my think pad
  406. Tech Support Site!
  407. IBM T23: Recovering Standby Function after new hard drive installation
  408. User Verification Manager
  409. 365E Question
  410. IBM T22 DVD decoder
  411. What if battery dies while in standby?
  412. IBM T23 - will not bot, fan spins fast and slow
  413. More Democratic efforts to stop Hillary's traction
  414. Help_got V92 command set for A21M modem?
  415. Z60m Thinkpad
  416. IBM T20 heatsink fan
  417. IBM T60 and WPA2
  418. Thinkpad T43 Power On Password reset
  419. Identity of keyboard tp 570
  420. What thinkpad series is the most rugged?
  421. A30 battery that works with recent Embedded Controller versions?
  422. T, Z, R - which one to choose?
  423. ACNotify.dll Access Connections on T60p
  424. Re: Adjusting pressure for trackpoint - more?
  425. networking an old thinkpad 310ED
  426. R40 Systemboard swapping
  427. WTD 512Mb PC133
  428. lenovo quality
  429. X22 hard drive failure.
  430. PCMCIA Wireless Card Not Working
  431. Crucial vs. Memory Ten TP600 PC66 sticks
  432. How good is the ThinkPad R40e 2722?
  433. AC Power Loss => Laptops for kiosks
  434. Re: Dead 380XD?
  435. thinkpad 600 disasembly???
  436. problem in booting ibm t43
  437. IBM T42 Recovery disk
  438. Turn Off ThinkPad messages
  439. Norton Ghost 10.0 and T 43
  440. Detecting number of empty RAM slots on T43
  441. IBM T23 Vertical and Horizontal Sync
  442. FA: IBM Thinkpad 600X SPEEDSTEP 650MHz 20GB DVD 256MB Wireless (Syd. AU)
  443. Fedora 5 on T22
  444. How to detect if its a refurbished laptop?
  445. Turn Off Wireless Networking?
  446. Re-attaching Keys
  447. External monitor, close the lid?
  448. Cracking Rescue and Recovery Password
  449. IBM T20 Display
  450. Symbols on 360CSE
  451. IBM T22 will not start
  452. Backup CD T60
  453. IBM T23 Display
  454. IBM T23 Lost Standby/Suspend capability with new hard drive install
  455. IBM T22 Pause key fell off
  456. Help: TP x21 resolution only 800x600 max?
  457. Thinkpad Question
  458. Thinkpad A22: POST to Immediate Hibernate
  459. IBM t60 recovery cd or english
  460. Ubuntu Linux on 600X
  461. What is the best Thinkpad for graphics?
  462. ibm t43
  463. Stupid 380ED question...
  464. 600X - New CMOS Battery?
  465. error 2010 when upgrading internal hdd T43
  466. Recognition of external HDD
  467. External CD/DVD read/write drive for Thinkpad T-series
  468. Using two external monitors
  469. ThinkPad 600E Win XP and wireless networking Dlink 650+
  470. IBM Thinkpad 600 (error 191)
  471. Using an alien TP in the USA
  472. Thinkpad R31 Fn-F7 Display
  473. 800MHz cpu chip
  474. IBM T43 desktop
  475. Wireless problem for T41 with Intel 2100 3B Mini-PCI
  476. Well I bit the Bullet and tried XP
  477. Thoughts on the ThinkPad R50e?
  478. thinkpad 600 help!
  479. IBM T60 out of stock??
  480. Hard drive error on T23
  481. Cloning T40 HDD with HPA intact
  482. Need Help With a Thinkpad T21
  483. New Thinkpads?
  484. Thinkpad universal power supply
  485. viewing from s-video
  486. IBM T20 with reddish flicker
  487. Curious Incident on ThinkPad 600E
  488. WPA on Windows 2000 r31?
  489. Thinkpad r40 Power up - HELP
  490. IBM T42 Bluetooth software...
  491. Replacement Drive For T40
  492. Noisy IBM Laptop (T30)
  493. wireless switch
  494. Power Up
  495. 2k or Xp that is the question?
  496. How to obtain lost Recovery CD
  497. Weird desktop problem on R40
  498. Re: 128 Bit WEP on Thinkpad T40
  499. Access connection profile
  500. IBM T23 won't start up