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[Ask] Android-based laptop + need to run Win XP apps

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      07-23-2010, 08:34 PM
Executive Summary:

* Unable to cross the chasm between Windows 7 to Windows XP, driven by
a business need. (see thread below for details) {what is means for me?
Answer: Think Android :-)}
* Exploring whether the following innovation exists:
* Laptop running Android OS.
* Android software that supports, via virtualization, running
Windows XP apps (Outlook, MS Office) [read: not Win 7 apps] as well as
Win XP-based VPN client to connect to a corporate environment that
still is running Win XP. Note that I am needing this type of usecase
for "demo" purposes but rather to do my work and earn a living
(without having to downgrade to a laptop running Win XP).
* Have a passion for drinking the Android coolade (rather than just
using it on a smartphone).

--------------original thread that started in Win*land that never got
a meaningful response*---------

[Ask] VPN connection to Windows XP environment (without blue
I have a laptop running Windows 7. I need to connect and use my laptop
(running Windows 7) in an IT environment which is still running
Windows XP SP2.

I have had some issues with running a Windows XP-based VPN client on
my Windows 7 laptop, resulting in a blue screen.

I'd like to figure out whether VMWare (or other) has a product that
will enable me to do the following:

* Establish a Windows XP virtualized environment on my Windows 7
laptop (64 bit).
* Note that I don't have a Windows XP license on my laptop (only a
Windows 7 license).
* Securely connect using Cisco VPN client to an IT environment that is
still running Windows XP SP2.
* Need to make sure that my Windows 7 laptop is unimpacted (i.e., does
not blue screen) by any Windows XP application that I launch within
the virtualized environment.
* My Dell-based laptop (Latitude, D620) is a 64-bit architecture
running Win 7 Enterprise.
* Need to achieve secure (VPN-based) access to Win XP environment in a
corporate setting.
* Not for demo purposes where I am "playing" with multiple OS'es.
* Will also need to use Win XP version of Outlook and run MS Office
apps within virtualized Win XP environment.
* Is there a way to leverage MS Office 2007 version of the apps
installed in Win 7 (within the Win XP environment)?

Can a business user (who is not technically savvy) install the product
(assuming one exists)? What is the cost of the product?

Thanks for any feedback.

Long Story Short: This question is still in "discussion mode" and
resolved as a "parking lot" issue in Win*land. The poor user (me) is
not exactly a happy camper. Can Android come to the rescue?

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