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Aspire 5601 unknown mobo part...

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      02-21-2008, 09:44 PM
I'm looking at the motherboard on my Aspire 5601AWLMi (mobo id "31zb2mb0091" ) and I see there's four places where can insert cards. Two are the RAM chips, those are labeled DDR RVS 1.8V with "tyco" written on the other side of the plastic bracket, there's wireless card slot not really labeled with anything conclusive over near the Lan and Phone port, and then there's another slot labeled "0624n3" on the left side of the plastic bracket and "-+AMP" on the other side of it. I have absolutely NO idea what that last slot is for, and I'd like to know, if anyone can figure it out.

To describe it, pin wise starting from the left it has 1 pin, a divider, then 61 pins in a row. I think it's 61. I'm not willing to recount :P
It's physically shorter than a ram chip, but not by much more than 3/4cm is my guess.

You can see the slot itself in this picture:
The slot is sitting just above that big red..knob..thing.

I figure that should be enough of a description ;;>_>
Thanks in advance =D

EDIT:: Also, I found this page, but it didn't tell me anything useful, I think. The mobo is flipped over in the diagrams..

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