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ATA-1: PIO 0, 1, 2, 3 Timings versus CF I/O and Memory Space Timings

Tim Clacy
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      10-13-2003, 10:29 AM
A couple of CF+/ATA questions:

1) PIO timings versus CF+ timings
How do PIO cycle timings relate to CF+ address space timings? It seems the
former is simply a cycle time, whereas the latter is device specific and has
numerous components (address setup, command assertion, hold etc.). For
instance, PIO 2 has a cycle time of 240ns, but the 1GB Microdrive has
different address setup, command assertion wait and hold times for each of
the three CF+ spaces (attribute, IO and memory).

2) Using PIO in CF Common Memory Space
Does I/O in CF common memory space use WAIT? In other words, is the PIO
protocol always an asynchronous protocol regardless of the name of the space
(attribute, IO, memory).

In summary, I'm unclear about the relationship between the ATA PIO protocol
timings and the Bus timings for the different CF address spaces.

Many thanks in advance for any illumination an/or links to information.


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