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ATI TV completely locking up PC

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      01-06-2006, 07:51 PM
I know this is a common problem, but I'm not sure how to fix it. I'm
using an AIW 128 Pro PCI.

Keep in mind this is for an EMBEDDED SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER, not a
normal PC. The specs, therefore, are very slow because I wanted to
unload some of the MPEG recording and processing onto this card:

Aaeon PCM-4896 Geode-Based Embedded PC
Cyrix MediaGX-MMX 233mhz processor
Windows XP (stripped of all unnecessary drivers)
All In Wonder 128 Pro 16meg PCI Version
64mb ram
125watt PSU
2.5" 30gig laptop HDD
Slimline IBM DVD drive
ATI DVD Player 5.0
ATI WinXP Display Driver 6.13.3279
DirectX 8.1

I'm having trouble getting an IRQ assigned to my VGA card because the
bios doesn't have an option for it. It is an ACPI PNP bios, but ACPI
won't work with WinXP - just 98. I'm not sure if the IRQ thing is
what's causing the problem, though. Also, the DVD player will only play
about 1 frame/sec. I realize that with a 233mhz processor the playback
should be choppy, but at 1 frame/sec it would seem to me that the DVD
decoder on the AIW isn't working at all.

I'd like to keep using Win XP because I have software that requires it.
The stripped down version is running very smoothly on this machine, but
I'll switch to 98 if I have to. That's my last option, though, since
I'll loose a lot by doing it.

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