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      08-19-2010, 07:18 PM
i have a ati chipset 478 board acer t350

which is really a GA-8TRS350M Gigabyte retail board

than i have a ASRock P4VM800 via chipset retail board

trying to decide which one to use for a p4 for my little kids (i know its old)
the acer had dual channel memory for ddr400
the asrock is a single channel also when i use both sticks of memory it runs it slower 200 mhz one slot 166 other slot. i have two sticks of 1 gig ddr 400 dual channel memory this was how the board was made reading the manual so no problems

the acer has no good bios options but runs memory faster. also cupid will not show memory info so im left to wonder if it even running in dual channel or not my ? is whtch one would you guys use if you were me. thanks

had links but had to take them out fourm rules
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