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Bad Biostar MOBO experience

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      03-16-2005, 11:41 PM
Well, I recently upgraded my server, and just in time.
The board that was in it was sht. Once I shut it down,
It would not power back up. After looking at the board, I found the
problem- swollen, leaking capacitors around the CPU (VMR). BTW: it's
a Biostar M7VKD.

Biostar refuses to help despite to track record this board has (they
have had several fail due to this issue). I have had the board almost
two years, but can't locate the invoice, so they won't warranty it.

I guess this is the last Biostar product I ever buy. I got almost two
years out of it, so I should not complain. However, in my opnion this
problem should not have happened.... period.

Check out:

Oh well.

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