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best Linux distro for Intel Macs

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      06-19-2006, 04:39 PM
Hello all,

Please read on before telling me that I'm posting to the wrong

When getting my new MacBook Pro next week, I am going to install
Parallels Desktop and some form of Linux. OS X will remain my system of
choice, I only want Linux for MATLAB (until the universal binary is
released), some non-commercial scientific simulation programs and maybe
other open-source stuff. My experience with Linux is largely positive
(only exception being a virus), but limited.

Are there any Linux distributions that are close to the OS X (vs
Windows) mindset? I probably won't need to do anything too unusual with
it, stability and ease-of use are therefore more important than zillions
of features.

Parallels lists some tested systems. The most obvious no-show is Ubuntu.
(Any reasons...?)

Has anyone here installed any distributions on their new Macs? Which
were successful and commendable?

If you do know of a better suited, lively newsgroup, you may of course
tell me ...

Many thanks in advance,
remove underscore and six from my email address
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