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Biostar M7VKQ PRO shutdown after 5 sec?

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      09-25-2003, 11:47 AM
I have a Biostar M7VKQ PRO mainboard that shuts itself off
after 5 seconds. The board is on an insulated pad, on a bench,
and not in a case. I have swapped cpus, power supplies, cpu fans
and tried powering up with/without the hard drive and ram installed.
The board will not stay running. I am going to try a different monitor
and keyboard today as I am trying to run it from a KVM switch.
(Digging up a pc speaker to hook up would be a grand idea as well)

In the event this solves nothing, does anyone have any ideas what
may be causing the board to shutdown like this? Oh, this is
the second board from the retailer -- I have yet to have two
broken components in a row :/

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      09-26-2003, 02:17 AM
Just for anyone interested, the problem was the jumper
I had over the power leads so I could start it out of the
case. ATX power supplies turn on with a momentary closure
of the power-button circuit. Leaving the jumper over the
leads makes the power supply think you are holding the power
button in to turn it off. I found the answer here:

To get the board powered up, I removed the jumper right after
the cpu fan started spinning, and the board stayed powered-up.
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Dan Chatten
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      09-27-2003, 12:53 AM
I just noticed your post here in google, and it is a similar problem I
am having with my new BRISTAR M7VIG MB. I hope you/somebody might
lend some input.

I have the board in the case (300 watt ps), nothing connected but the
power supply, and on/off power buttom to the MB. When I turn on the
power, the PS fan runs for about 5 secs and stops. I'm stumped !

When I hook and old board that I have up to it the PS runs fine, so
I'm sure the PS is ok.

I am interested in what you think this could be? Boy, I would love to
get past this.

Thanks in advance.

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