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Browser connection problem

sarah rosen
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      01-20-2004, 04:22 AM
I have a win ME PC 733 Mhhz 20 G HD, 256K RAM.

Used to run smoothly.I have cable connection. I called the cable
company and they say the connection is fine.They say it is an IE

I cannot open IE or Netscape Browser.I get a white window with a blue
There is no window to type an url. I tried AOL ..same problem, The
browser won't open.

An error window opens up:
Explorer has caused an error in(unknown)
Explorer will now close.

Also I get another similar message

HotTray has caused an error in(unknown)
Hottray will now close.

How can I get IE back.
I tried repairing Netscape twice.
Also tried reinstalling it.

I believe I have a boot disk for win 95 and 98 on my pc.

I tried system restore but I get a blank page. it seems like is isn't
working either.

I do not want to lose my files and emails on my PC so I prefer not to
reinstall windows Me.
I did a scandisk too.

Can any one help me PLEASE

I am NOT Technical so please explain the steps in a little detail.

Thanks in advance.
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      01-20-2004, 06:27 AM
Many places say that this "Hottray" is a "spyware" program:

Try pressing the CTRL ALT DELETE keys at the same time, then closing
Hottray if you can. There is probably nothing wrong with your actual web

Put Ad Aware:
on your computer and scan it for spyware.

You may like to get The Cleaner too:
to look for trojans.

You can get an antivirus program from here:

These spyware programs tend cause problems such as you're having

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