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      12-28-2007, 03:11 PM
Alright so for Christmas I got a new case for my computer but it didn't come in until today so I have spent most of today hooking it all up. Now after I hooked up everything I hooked up the front panel (the power light and power button) to the motherboard. The set up was different from the last case I had so it took me along time to get done but when I went to go boot the computer the button didn't do anything and the light wasn't on so I assumed that I had wired it wrong. After trying to rewire it for a long time I decided to use the button from my old case to try and boot the computer. Just to make sure everything works. So I hook up the front panel and the power button immediately starts glowing so happily I push it and I hear the fans start but not even a second after I push it all the fans stop and the power LED goes dead. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting it but to no avail.

I know its kinda hard for you guys to tell me whats wrong but any suggestions/solutions would be greatly appreciated.
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