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Can I Sync Two iPhones To Two Separate iMacs Using The Same MobileMe Account ?

Kurt R. Todoroff
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      05-07-2009, 11:07 PM
My wife and I have our own separate iMacs at home. We are considering
purchasing a couple of iPhones for ourselves.

We use the same Address Book database on our two iMacs. We have
different Safari bookmark sets, different iCal calendars sets, and
different Mail account sets on our respective iMacs. ie. She has her
stuff on her iMac. I have my stuff on my iMac.

I manually sync MobileMe to my iMac's contacts, calendars, bookmarks,
and email accounts. I sync her iMac to MobileMe only to make her
Address Book contacts identical to mine.

Using only our one MobileMe account, can we sync her new iPhone to her
data sets on her iMac, and sync my iPhone to my data sets on my iPhone?
This way, she won't be bothered with seeing my email accounts, my
calendars, and my bookmarks on her iPhone, and I won't see hers on my
iPhone. Both of us would see the same Address Book contacts on our
respective iPhones.

We would also like to have the same MP3 collection and playlists on our
two iPhones.

Thank you.


Kurt Todoroff

Markets, not mandates and mob rule.
Consent, not coercion.
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