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Choice of media *IS* important (was: Burning iTunes songs onto CD problems)

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      01-10-2004, 03:24 AM
Tacit <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> There is a BIG difference between different brands of blanks!
> Verbatim and TDK blanks are among the most reliable; Memorex, the worst.

Just chipping in here, I will agree that the brand and type of media you
choose is very important - you buy cheapie no-names, you get exactly
what you pay for, crap.

Verbatim / Datalife Plus / Mitsubishi Chemical "AZO" (Metal AZO or Super
AZO) blue-dye discs are nonpareil -- there really is nothing better. If
you want the best, Verbatim's CD-R Audio AZO discs are only rated at x16
speed burn, but they use the superior dark-blue dye, resulting in a disc
that can be played in absolutely anything. The CD-R Audio also has a
double-coating of crystalline epoxy, which means they are incredibly
resistant to scratches and UV effects.

Verbatim Datalife (non-AZO) and TDK Gold are the best of the p-cyanide
(very light green) dye discs.

Memorex and BASF are *the* worst of the big-name brands -- never trust a
CD blank you can read text through!


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