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Computer doesnt boot blinking yellow light

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      09-03-2011, 12:26 AM
When i turned on the computer it doesn't turn on instead the power button blinked yellow over and over.

My pc is a Dell XPS 410
here the part
1DJ301Kit, Mouse, Universal Serial Bus, 2BTN, Optical, Lead Free Black1DT240Card, Graphics, 7300, Low Encryption, MRMGA10, 22X8388Dual In-Line Memory Module, 512667M, 64X64, 8, 240, 2RX81HF730Display, Flat Panel Display, 20W2007WFP, Black, Dell Americas Organization1KJ293Assembly, Panel, Filler, Floppy Drive, TANK, Precision Workstation1DY654Kit, Software, Works, 8.5, Office TRIAL, English1JF495Modem, V.92, Data Fax, Internal SON2, Lead Free, Dell Americas Organization1MY531Assembly, DVD+/-RW..., 16, TSST SATA, Black1JX718HARD DRIVE..., 250G, S2, 7.2K, 3.5, WD-HAWK0149DFINFORMATION..., PREPARATION MATERIAL..., DEVIATION..., PRECISION WORKSTATION..., INCREASE..., #21TH659PLACEMAT..., GETTING STARTED..., DIMENSION..., EXTREME PERFORMANCE SYSTEM..., 4101YH251GUIDE..., OWNER..., DIMENSION..., EXTREME PERFORMANCE SYSTEM..., 410, ENGLAND/ENGLISH...1HU608Kit, Software, Norton Internet Security, 2007, 15MTH, English1RH659Keyboard, 104, UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS..., UNITED STATES..., Black, DARFON ELECTRONICS, CORP...1JW762Kit, Software, Overpack, VHP32 Digital Video Disk Drive English1UH837Kit, Speaker, 12V, AS501, Nmb Black001323INFORMATION..., NO ITEM1DH108ASSEMBLY..., CHASSIS..., DIMENSION..., 9200/410, PWA INTEGRATED...1JX144Processor, 6300, 1.86, 2M, Core Duo-conroe, Burn 21NJ131INSTRUCTION..., DEVIATE CHAS L6 TO L5.51XP850Assembly, Heatsink, Shroud, MATRIX TANK DESKTOP...
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