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connecting intel standard 10 pin audio connector to P41875P Dragon 2 V1.0

Raj Manohar
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      11-18-2004, 04:33 AM
I am new to building a computer on my one and have a question in
connecting the
front panel audio connector from an Antec Sonata case to the J30 (MIC
& Led connector) on the Soyo P41875P mobo.

The pin outs from Antec seems to be a intel 10 pin connector which
does not match exactly with the mobo J30 connector. Is this the right
connector ?

On Antec, I guess I can connect the FPOUT-L to Pin 1 on mobo (Out_L)
and FPOUT-R to pin 3 (Out_R), pretty obvious so far.

Questions are

1) Which ground pin on J30 to be used to connect to a single gnd
connection to the front panel on antec

2) MIC-BIAS connector on Antec to be connected to MIC-BIAS on mobo,
but i don't see a MIC-BIAS on soyo. Where should be this connected ?
From what i have read so far, MIC-BIAS is to power passive mic and I
am guessing the MIC-BIAS from Antec should be connected to pin 8 on
mobo (3.3V VSB). This is just guessing, and would appreciate any help?

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