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Creative VIA Velocity pci and old 370sea mb

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      08-06-2005, 03:57 PM
Just bought Creative VIA Velocity pci network card based on vt6122
chip - put it into my old PC (year 1999) SuperMicro 370sea - and it
doesnt boot (no fans spinning - assumed no power from PS). Removed the
NIC - it boots again.
When put the NIC into "new" soyo sy-p4rc350 - the "new" PC is working
with the NIC.

I searched for PCI specs and found vt6122 is PCI version 2.2. Specs for
370sea PCI are Not found.

Did the same test with "old" fica cw33 motherboard, which is stated PCI
2.2 and the NIC - the PC starts booting, but beeps and dosnt finish the
boot procedure.

I'd guess the NIC is of some higher PCI standard (voltage ?).
Please, advise.


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