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D330m Win XP Pro Intermittently Losing LPT Port

Tony M Condon
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      07-22-2004, 04:31 AM
I have a new D330m running Win XP Pro for which loses connectivity to
its LPT port after approximately 1 day.

The workstation is relatively new (4 weeks) and is part of a batch of
workstations for were built from an imaged build. Only this one
workstation has this particular fault.

The printer is connected directly to the LPT 1 port and the printer is
an HP LaserJet 1100.

The following tests have been performed in an attempt to resolve the

1 - Stop and start the Spooler Service. Issue persists.
2 - Send a print job via DOS "DIR >PRN". Performing this after
restarting the spooler the workstation returns "The system cannot find
the file specified" Issue persists.
3 - Cold booted the printer. Issue persists.
4 - Cold booted the workstation. Issue persists.
5 - Without rebooting the printer, connected to another workstation
and sent DOS print job to unit. Printer performs print job.
6 - Re-attach the printer to the problem workstation and perform DOS
print. Issue persists.
7 - Remove and reinstall LPT 1 Port. Printer functions correctly for
approximately 1 day before failing.
8 - Replaced systemboard. Issue persists.
9 - Updated BIOS. Issue persists.

My next plan of action is to locate the printer onto another D330
workstation and see if the fault occurs on this machine.

If anyone has had this or a similar fault then I would appreciate any

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