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Default administrator password?

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      03-17-2007, 02:20 AM
I'm fixing a friend's Gateway 835GM. I had to perform a full
(destructive) system restore from the CDs. One system file
(msgina.dll) would not install correctly. Unfortunately this is
required to get into Win XP.

I am comfortable installing this file via the Recovery Console, but
when I try to access the c:\windows directory, I am asked for the
Administrator password. Since this is a fresh installation, it must be
a default password. I've tried just hitting ENTER and also all the
logical default passwords I can think of. Can anyone tell me the
default Administrator password?

(Lest anyone ask why don't I just do a repair installation since I
obviously have an XP CD, my CD is for XP Pro, and the Gateway has XP
Media Center Edition.)


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