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Default Plug Names Don't Match The Audio Header?? plz help!

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      03-13-2010, 09:01 AM
Hello All

I have a Asrock 4core1600-GLAN motherboard and i'm trying to connect individual header plugs for the microphone and headphone sockets on the front of the case. For some reason it is not a complete plug as it is normally.

The problem is that none of the plugs from the case match up with the motherboard 9-pin diagram:

the plugs from the front panel read R-Out, L-Out, R-In, L-In, GND, GND, MIC-BIAS, MIC-IN

The motherboard 9-pin diagram (from bottom left and back accross top) read: MIC2-L, MIC2-R, OUT2-R,J-SENSE,OUT2-L (RIGHT TO LEFT GOING BACK): OUT-RET, SPACE, MIC-RET, PRESENCE#, GND. ??

Hope this makes sense to someone.

The case is for IDE drives so may be slightly out of date (2007).

Can anyone tell me where the plugs go in relation to the motherboard map?

Your help would be soooh appeciated

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