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dual channel problem with Biostar M7NCD-Ultra

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      09-23-2004, 03:54 PM
Hello...I recently built a system built around the M7NCD-Ultra and am
having problems getting dual channel going. I'm running a Barton 2500
at stock speeds (166 bus, although I have also run it at 200fsb, but
that speed gives an occasional blue screen). RAM is two sticks of
512MB PC3200 from (bundled with motherboard). I have the RAM
installed on channel A and B per the instructions, but it still only
operates as single channel. A reviewer on Newegg suggests installing 1
stick on channel B, installing Windows XP and then installing a stick
onto channel A. This sounds crazy to me...anybody else have to do
this? What have you done to get dual channel working that maybe I
should try?
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