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Duron 1400 Applebred

Lee Hancock
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      11-04-2003, 08:18 PM
I first brought this chip for a secondary machine at 29.99, trying to see
what features this chip has I ran CrystalCPUID. To my amazement a saw the
following results...

Current Original
Clock: 1396.83 MHz 2083.33 MHz
System Clock: 133.04 MHz 166.67 MHz
System Bus: 266.09 MHz 333.33 MHz
Multiplier: 10.50 12.50
Data Rate: DDR

I though this was wrong, so I decided to search Google to see if anyone
else was seeing this. I found this article
( after reading
this I connected the L2 bridges and swapped it into my MSI kt4 ultra board
(the board I was originally using it on was a Jetway 266b, no overclocking
potential.) Bumped up my system bus to 166 x 12.5, and increase the vcore
to 1.55v, and saw it post as an AthlonXP 2600+ .The system has been running
stable for two days now. Temps are 35 idle and 44 load.

I've benchmarked the chip in sis Sandra, and scores about the same as the
example. Now I've swapped my athlon 1800+ (running @ 166 * 11) for this
chip. NOT BAD FOR 29.99.

Has anyone else tried this? what is the max you've got out of your?

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