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ECS 848P-A7 No Boot

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      12-12-2005, 06:22 PM
Have an ECS 848P-A7 V1.0 (socket 775) Mother Board with Pentium 520 CPU
that will not run the Power On Self Test (POST), or allow me to edit the
BIOS configuration. When I power up from the front panel switch, the
monitor resets, the Hard drives spin up and lights flash on and off,
then nothing. No monitor progress display, no beeps. Nothing.

Does not respond to DELETE key to update the BIOS config, and resetting
the CMOS by removing the CMOS battery or the RESET_CMOS jumper has no

Slimmed the system down to the Motherboard (removed from the case),
power supply (verified OK with VOM), and P4 CPU. Still does not POST.

Sent the MB back to ECS warranty repair depot. They reported "no problem
found" and shipped the same MB back to me.

Reassembled the system, and it worked OK for about 3 days, then the
system would occasionally only boot in Safe Mode, and now today has
failed again with the same symptoms (Monitor resets on powerup, HD spins
up, HD light comes on, goes off, then nothing).

Installed HMonitor yesterday and it reported a Vcore of 1.26-1.3 VDC. Is
that an acceptable voltage for a Pentium 520 CPU? Where is the voltage
regulator for Vcore - on the MB or in the Pentium chip??

Short of turning the thing over to the "Geek Squad", and more
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