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Enermax EG375P-VE PSU

Jack Gillis
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      07-19-2005, 11:02 PM
My old PSU gave up the ghost a few days ago and I had to replace it. I
came across a flattering review of the Enermax EG375P-VE at and decided it
would do. I found one at a local mom and pop computer shop so I bought
it. It went in just fine and the machine fired up an ran with no
problems. The only puzzle I had was what to do with the FMC connector
from the PSU as there is no header for it on my Biostar MB (AMD Duron
1.3). Mom and Pop said just to secure it somewhere and leave it
unconnected. That I did.

There are two features that don't seem to work though. As I understand
it, both PSU fans (intake and exhaust) are supposed to run for a while
after shutting down the computer so that the remaining hot air in the
case gets exhausted. They don't. They shut down with the computer. Is
my understanding incorrect?

And, the fan speed potentiometer has no effect. The fans run at the
same speed regardless of the pot setting.

Perhaps both oddities occur because of not having the FMC connected.

Does anyone know what is going on here with the fans?

Thank you for your thoughts.

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