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Epox 8K7A+ / Windows 2000 160 GB HD

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      12-01-2006, 08:50 PM

I have an Epox 8K7A+ motherboard with the onboard Highpoint HPT370 IDE Raid controller.
I'm currently running Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4.

Few days ago I have installed a Western Digital Caviar (SE) 160 GB hard drive. Sadly, both the Highpoint Bios and Windows didn't recognize the drive as 160 GB but rather as 128 GB.

I then installed the most up to date bios for the Highpoint Raid Controller which is version 2.352

Now the Raid Bios is recognizing the hard drive as 160 GB but Windows doesn't.

If I plug the hard drive directly on the motherboard, Windows will read it as 160 GB.

Now, do I need to do something in order for Windows to read it properly when plugged to the Raid Controller ? Re-install Windows, re-format or repartition the drive ?

Any input would be REALLY REALLY appreciated.

Thank you

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