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Falcon Northwest vs. Velocity Micro

Star Gazer
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      01-25-2006, 09:41 PM
For the lack of better terms - which one is "better"? I am mostly
interested in personal experiences folks may have had with one/either
of these fine systems. I now I could build one myself in theory - but I
am not so confident in my abilities in practice to put together top
notch gaming machine with optimum performance. So, for me it is down to
these two names - FN I knew (and drooled over) for a LONG time.
Velocity micro came into my focus a short while ago.

Both seem worthwhile companies, that offer US assembly and US tech
support services. Both got great reviews, etc. Price wise FN maybe like
$50 more than VM for almost identical computers. I am not going for
Mach V, btw on FN side - too expensive. Talon is more within my price
range of 2k for a system (without monitor).

One thing that makes me cautious towards VM is that I am beginning to
see their boxes on display in Best Buy... I am afraid once they go
mass-mass production, they will get like Alienware - used to be great,
almost hand crafted boxes, now it is getting to be more like DELL/HP
garbage - built in China, supported out of India, etc. I have DELL, and
I have HP at home (woe is me), so no more of that junk :-)

So, please - anything you can offer on this subject would be greatly
appreciated. These two companies seem so close

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      02-24-2006, 01:54 PM
I just bought a Velocity Raptorô 64 DualX (AMD-FX 60 + 2 GTX 512).
I must say I was a little disappointed (but not much):

1. I did not ask the configuration to be overclocked ... but I sill
attempted overclocking. Any attempt to do so even by 1% results in an
immediate crash. I am not really concerned with not having the ability
to overclock but I am worried the components that were put in my
computer are close to specs because they reserve their better
components for overclocking customers (I admit I might be
misinterpreting the situation).
2. The computer was delivered with one drive disconnected. The drive
was part of a mirror raid array and I did not notice the fault
immediately. They asked me to fix it myself when I realized I had to
remove the two graphic cards, I decided to ask them to send a
technician. They accept immediately but their guy took ten days to show
up. Finally the problem was fixed but when the array was reconstructed
.... all my data was lost - so much for redundancy!
3. Final, this is just cosmetic but I was unimpressed by the set-up
instruction that came with my computer. They are just a bunch of loose
sheets printed on a poorly maintained inkjet printer.

This being said they customer service is very reactive; I do realize
that because my configuration comes with all very recent components, it
is prone to bugs. I am confident that whatever problem shows up, they
will help me with.

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